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My favorite things! June Edition

so, just because Oprah and I are basically the SAME thing, I give you THIS: the new edition of my favorite stuff, where you discover new things you might like  or tell me you’ve been using that old trick for 5 years, and quickly unsubscribe from the blog. 

In no particular order:

DONA JO Leggings

I am always looking for colorful tights (and any sort of apparel, clothes, dishes, towels, etc!!) because, you know, colors are awesome. Also, you want a nice material: something light, flexible, moisture wicking, all the good stuff. Check out the DONA JO leggings. Obviously you can tell they’re colorful enough. But the material is quite giving and super comfortable. These are my go-to tights now. I got a 20% discount code you can use too!!! It’s runningandthecity. Try them and let me know what you think of them!!!

2016-06-05 14.07.23-2-1

Cozy Phones

I don’t know that I would wear these for running in the summer or in the rain. They’re not supposed to get wet and I sweat a lot. You can definitely use them for other sports or just for whatever when it’s cold to keep your ears warm! I do LOVE them for travelling. I am super super noise-sensitive so when I have to sleep on a plane I put on ear-plugs but what am I supposed to watch then? I put these over the ear plugs!!!!!!! They’re loud enough that you can hear through the ear plugs and the movie noise will cover ANY 2 year old crying bloody murder! OH YEAH. And you can get comfortable: they won’t fall off!!!!! Perfect!

Sorry for the stock pictures: I AM NOT PUTTING A PICTURE UP OF ME SLEEPING: that’s where I draw the line people!!!!

iRelieve – Dual Channel TENS & EMS

Last year I spent a few hours (weeks!) at the PT. My adductor was a bit sore and needed some T&C. you know when you go to those places, sometimes, after the exercises or massages or whatever they plug you into these machines that accelerate recovery, right? Well, you could buy one. There’s some for $20 and some for $6000. Juan and I decided on this one, it’s small around $60 or $80 (can’t remember) off Amazon and does the work. There’s many frequencies and this one has two, one for recovery and one for strength. It’s small enough that you can put it in your pocket (and go to work with the electrodes on!!! I do!). I haven’t used it on EMS mode, just TENS, but do some shopping around as I found over 7 different types of frequencies you could choose from.



I’d say this is such a cool gift (if you can guesstimate properly the size of recipients behind!!! if you can’t, it can be funny).

2016-05-19 16.22.24-2

They come in a few different types, and they’re super comfortable. They’re great for when you need coverage, hey  hey summer dresses, and a fun note in case the summer dress flies up! Oiselle also has a pack of 7 with all the different days of they week, ehem: rest/tempo/long run/fartlek/race/easy 6/track. These can be very useful when ordering lunch if you don’t have time to check your running schedule to see what’s on tap! (thanks Caro -pictured- for the gift!)


Questions? Anything you discovered this month that you love and couldn’t live without???? Share!

My favorite things! April Edition


It doesn’t really feel like Spring…

so, just because Oprah and I are basically the SAME thing, I give you THIS: the new edition of my favorite stuff, where you discover new things you might like  or tell me you’ve been using that old trick for 5 years, and quickly unsubscribe from the blog. 

In no particular order:

stink free sports detergent

wow. seriously. there’s some gear I am careful with. Like my 2014 (neon orange) Boston jacket (because I RUINED my 2010 boston jacket, ha). I love this detergent! Try it (also check that site as they have other amazing things!).

What I love more than this detergent? The mini version of this detergent!! I travel super light I usually bring 1 pair of shorts, 1 bra, etc, so I just leave my clothes on the sink with this for a bit, and voila, ready for the next run!!! Won’t travel without it! WHY RISK IT, right?

fitletic double pouch

fitletic double pouch belt review product review running gear running belt this thing is my house. I have SO many belts (I’ve literally haven’t touched the other ones in years!) but this one is my favorite. Because it has TWO pockets! one is always pre-loaded with my keys, a tissue, some cash, sometimes a gel, whatever! The big one is for my iphone (currently a 6).

I usually add honey sticks in there and what not. I like that the phone is separate as I was always worried, when you take your phone quickly, that all the other crap (keys!!) would fall out! That’s not a problem here! You know we take stuff out without stopping the run!!! I’ve had it for over 2 years and it’s still in top shape. I just did a get new one because my dad sorta “claimed” my old one when he saw it…! check it out here.

I am so comfortable with it that I’ve run many races with it, including the Boston Mary.

runinkspired running tattoos

umm. yes. motivation? check. fun on the road? check. badass look? check. Temporary??? YES! easy to put on, what else do you need to know??? They are awesome. They are here. I got a bunch and been using them when it’s hot out. Love them!


Designer fitness apparel hand picked just for you. I stole this text from the website because how I could I say it better? Basically you create your own profile, pick what sort of sports you do, what you like (patterns, colors, etc), what sort of stuff you need more or less of (tops, bottoms, accessories, etc.) and then… you get a lovely package with things they select for you (and a return envelope to return what you don’t want to keep). Just like Stitch Fix for sports!

I like this sort of stuff because, let’s be realistic, we’d all be buying the same exact crap into eternity. It’s like when an ex (years years ago) gave me a light tan max mara cute little bag… ugh, TAN? YUK. Does he not know me at all? Every purse I own is neon!!! Anyway, because it WASN’T just like everything else I had, I ended up using it a LOT. I still have it actually. My point is that, because WE didn’t pick it, it might actually fill some hole in our wardrobe.

So, in my first shipment I got TWO things I NEVER would have bought, or really, even bother to look at a store. And I am obsessed with them!!!!! Worn them SO much already in two weeks! I even wore the tights in my race this past weekend! The top has three things I’d usually HATE: white/kangaroo pocket/mesh fabric!!! And, I LOVE IT. The tights… omg, they’re so soft and comfy… For anyone who’s ever tried to buy a present you know I am IMPOSSIBLE (my bday was two weeks ago, I returned most of it!) so this is a miracle.

under armour anything studio lux shoes

It’s not a secret that I am obsessed with all the UA gear. Want me to tell you again? Their infrared shirts have changed the way I approach winter now! but this is my obsession of the month!!! these shoes are SO COOL, and LIGHT, and COMFY, and BENDY. It’s a go.

I included some vacation pictures so you can see how I wear them with ANYTHING. It’s shocking I haven’t worn them to bed yet.

I also got a bunch more stuff from Under Armour in the last months. These blue tights are amazing (besides cool), super thin and soft. I wore them once and then to the NYC Half (that’s how much I trusted them!). Ps: they have a side pocket that fits my iphone 6, with a little hole for the headset!

The shell storm jacket, OH, obsessed, best top layer ever. And the shoes, those are the new record-equipped Gemini 2 that connect via bluetooth to a phone and track your mileage. Even when you run without your phone. I still have two Geminis (1) that I love and these feel quite similar, but it’s fun to think about going out without a gps watch!!!!

Questions? Anything you discovered this month that you love and couldn’t live without???? Share!

2015 Boston Marathon – as a very wet spectator

Just click, it’s a crazy slideshow

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I’ve counted, and I’ve been to the Boston Marathon 5 times, 2 to race and 3 to spectate, including this past Monday. I think I’ll be in the spectating side next year too. As I was busy Sunday pacing the NYRR More Fitness Half Marathon, I didn’t decide to go up to Boston to cheer until the last minute… which means, after running 13.1, I slept a few hours and woke up at 5 to make it to Boston at 11 am. By 11:30 Lauren and I were at Mile 25, where we had planned to watch, and we merely caught the elite women by 2 minutes! Talk about perfect timing!!! Soon enough, we caught up with Daphne and we settled a bit before the Citgo sign, by the water station, it was empty there and we had a great visual, lots of space, and music. We saw the elite men go by and then the rest!!! We saw so many Whippets on the course (lots of them with sub3s), Carolina, who waved her arms telling me WTF, and then I’d get the same confused reaction from everyone on the course looking at me like who the hell are you? well, I was wearing 100 layers so I apologize that I confused you all!!! It was cold and rainy… what could I do?

I have to say, all morning I felt awful about the weather and wondered what would I have done if faced with that weather? It seemed AWFUL. It wasn’t just cold or wet.  It was 40s AND pouring rain, AND wind. WTF!!!!! For what I’ve been hearing since then, “it wasn’t as bad”, “it was better than it looked”, “I am sure it was worse for the spectators than us”, which makes me feel really good. And no, I have no idea what I would have done. Why worry with things I don’t have to deal with? Plus, many many friends had insanely huge PRs so maybe I’ll believe them that it wasn’t so bad…

It was a spectacle to see those runners right at Mile 25. Some looked really bad (HEY, Mile 25!!!!) but some people looked strong and happy. The disparity was insane. I also wondered for hours what would I have worn… why am I overthinking a race I didn’t do?!?!? I am weird. I am sure you’re too, so shut up.

We then walked all the way back to South Station, yes, from mile 25, like 3 miles, because the T was major chaos. I got my little backpack checked 72 times, which was amazing. The finish line area wasn’t crowded at all, it actually seemed really peaceful. The one other thing that I thought about that shocked me was this: every time I go cheer at a race I feel like a stooopid idiot that should have signed up and raced. Always. Always. I always feel race-envy when I am a spectator. I didn’t this time, at all. Maybe I am really over the marathon. Or maybe it was the dreadful weather. Nah.

Good job guys, I am SURE it was tough out there… and no matter what, training through this past winter earns you all the virtual PRs and BQs the course might not have brought, I say! GREAT JOB RUNNERS!!!!! ENJOY THE SPOILS!! (donuts?)



2014 – Looking back and forward

And there goes another year. It was quite full of experiences. There were a lot of great things, lots of love, friends, big family visits, all exciting, but not all sunny and happy, of course. I think it was one of those years when you’re supposed to grow a lot. Running-wise, it was probably my worst year; I lost motivation and failed miserably (but with dignity!) in most races. I don’t see that as a particularly bad thing, it’s a learning process and we can’t always win them all. And off-the-track, it was amazing. We just can’t have it all, can we? 2013 had been a big year. BIG BIG and busy. I met Juan in January, he moved and we got married by September, I changed jobs, PRed at the Half and got a few AG Wins. Then I got an ulcer and it all went downhill, including my 5th NYCM in a row (a blah 3:49). 2014 started weak…


You can imagine how weak it started that I didn’t even had resolutions or goals. I wrote tips to run in the winter because I was having issues with it myself! I was signed up for the NYC Half and the Boston Marathon and barely run. The cold just got to me and I lost a lot of will. Then, I fell again for the 3rd time in 5 weeks. A mess. I started to fear running. COLD and SCARY: little running. Total Miles: 77

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Juan and I showed up in the Runners World feature: Valentine’s Day “Romance Found on the Run“, and I was Women’s Running Blogger on the Run. But, we moved out of my studio into the penthouse.  I felt like I spent all winter hiding from the cold. I trained little. Very little. Total Miles: 87

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I had a slooow NYC Half but it was quite photogenic, fun, and really well run, progressive-splits run all the way! I was still struggling with motivation and goals. I also had a fun trip to SoulcycleTotal Miles: 105

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I had an ok Scotland 10K, though I had no interest in racing. Soon enough, we shipped to do the Boston Marathon, here are the Saturday pictures, which are awesome, and the Sunday pics, also awesome. And then there was the race (race report here), slow (3:48) and painful but oh so inspiring and uplifting. Glad I was there for the race (not for my legs or ego!). Total Miles: 80

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By now things were looking awful, I hadn’t PRed in a YEAR. A YEAR. So depressing. And I kept struggling with motivation. I decided to stop running completely. I still showed up to the Brooklyn Half Marathon, not knowing if I’ll even run it, and ended up having a great (and slow) time, seems like it’s all about the context for me! Total Miles: 41

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This month was also quite running-free and my parents came to visit so I was pretty entertained and didn’t even notice. Still, I did my 100th race, the Mini 10K, as they wanted to see me race in Central Park. This was literally painfully slow. I did run it with 2 friends but it was so slow, I didn’t even run that slow years ago when I started running! And, a fun picture. I took my parents to Bear Mountain and Connecticut and run a bit there, and a bit in the Fort Lauderdale heat, so cute. Stuff gets bad fast when you don’t run, how do non-runners live like that? Total Miles: 30

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In July, I saw Daphne, an old friend, running, and basically latched onto her. For Dear Life. I started training again. Good, because I was signed up for a few halfs and the NYC Marathon. Total Miles: 111

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Did some wonderful running in the always great Summer Streets, worked and cheered at the NYC Triathlon, then Juan had an awful bike crash in Central Park, which messed up our lives for a couple of months, poor thing. I barely left his side, only to train or work. The running was going fantastic though, fast long runs… who would have thought? Total Miles: 152

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I cheered at the 5th avenue mile and took lots of pictures, here and the pros here. The running was going great until we left for our delayed honeymoon in St Croix, there was no running there (but lots of snorkeling!) Total Miles: 116

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and we came back straight to racing! First, the, Grete’s Great Gallop, in 1:44. Still, slooow, but getting here. The week after, I did the Staten Island Half, in 1:43 (it’s a bit flatter). Consistency and good predictors for the marathon in 3 weeks. Then the week before the marathon, I did a 5 mile race in Central Park, the Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff, in 37:17, average pace of 7:28. Far from a PR. Still. By then it was a year and a half. But feeling GOOD. Total Miles: 132

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November was BUSY. I started it at the NYC Marathon Expo, which was all loads of crazy (even if smaller compared to previous years) and an Under Armour Party. Worked all week and then did the marathon, here is the race report of the #marathornado. I struggled to stay focused (in 3:49) so I just chilled, slowed down and tried to enjoy it. oh, whatever!!!! I ended up in the Asics  homepage, I tried one of those treadmill studios, I kept Juan company at the Rocky Balboa run and got many pictures, and I bought a million of really-cold weather running gear. And I raced some more!! I did the Race to Deliver 4 miler in Central Park, which I enjoyed, and then a 5K on Thanksgiving, where both Juan and I came first on our AG. Winning! November was rock solid! Total Miles: 88

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Seems like the year just picked up at the end! December was great too. I spent .0005 minutes detoxing from Thanksgiving and 2 weeks eating my way through Buenos Aires. Even though I was a bit overweight and slow, I did ok (21:04) in a hot 5K, where my 67 year old mom joined. What a thrill! As soon as I got back to NYC and got a reminder of what last year’s winter tasted like, I got a bit depressed. Somehow, I’ve been running quite a bit in December, even capping the year of with a holiday pictures themed run, and watching the year close with fireworks at the NYRR Midgnight RunTotal Miles: 87

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And there you have it. Though the running was QUITE blah, the rest was wonderful, so I’d say it’s a win! What awaits in 2015? I have no idea, not signed up for anything, thinking about not signing up for NYC Marathon this year, and maybe focusing on the half marathon. I am turning 40 in a few weeks and I am just trying not to push anything. Whatever will happen, WILL happen. Right?

Best Races to Qualify for Boston Marathon 2015

This list is for people who want to qualify this year, in 2014 and run in 2015. (Boston Qualifying Rules here, your qualifying race needs to be on or after Sept 14, 2013)

The CRITERIA I am using: up to September 7th, 2014 (registration opens in September 8th, 2014), fast, flat or downhill, still open, good reputation as a BQ. Feel free to send me races to add, or to tell me if these need to be edited!

Ordered by upcoming date:

Run for the Red Marathon, 5/18, Pocono Raceway, Long Pond, PA

Buffalo Marathon, 5/25,  Buffalo, NY

Mountains to Beach Marathon, 5/25, Ojai, California

Newport Marathon, 5/31, Newport, Oregon

Grandma’s marathon, 6/21, Minnesota

Run Charlevoix, 6/21, Charlevoix, Michigan

Foot Traffic Flat Marathon, 7/4, Portland, Oregon.

Light at the End of the Tunnel, 7/13, North Bend, WA. 

Chasing the Unicorn, 8/17, Bucks County, PA.

Santa Rosa Marathon, 8/24, Santa Rosa, 55 miles N of San Francisco, CA

Pocatello Marathon, 8/30, Pocatello, ID

Lehigh Valley Hospital Marathon, 9/7, Allentown, PA

Skagit Flats, 9/7, Burlington, WA

Sioux Falls Marathon, 9/7, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

(too late) Big Cottonwood Marathon, 9/13, Utah

(too late) Erie Marathon at Presque Isle, 9/14, Erie, PA

(too late) Top of Utah, 9/20, Cache Valley, Northern Utah

(too late) Fox Cities Marathon, 9/21, Appleton, WI

 What else? Any marathon I should add here?

-If you want to compare marathons, I’ve used this website before, just choose two and compare hills, course, temperature, etc, very useful.

—-Comment happily: you won’t be asked to create an account!

Boston Marathon Notes: what to do/not do next time

Before this one:

Guess my Finish at the 2014 Boston Marathon and win a prize
We are shipping up to Boston…!!! 
2014 Boston Marathon Pictures – Saturday! 
2014 Boston Marathon Pictures – Sunday
The day before the Boston Marathon…
2014 Boston Marathon: in the books! 
2014 Boston Marathon Race Report: The Best and the Worst of Times  

We all know the “no new shoes on race day” and hydrate before and all that. I decided to write this down because I KNOW I will forget… and if you ask me, it’s here:

Train for the course. Do long runs that are hilly. You need ups and downs: BOTH. Training on a flat terrain will not work. Build your eccentric quad muscles by running down a steep downhill, increase your turnover, and work on hill form (up and down).

Hotel: if you can, get a hotel that is close to the finish area. If not (because they are a tad expensive), NOT to worry, pick one on the red or orange line, avoid the green line, it gets CRAZY busy the whole time you’re there. We got a place in Charlestown, and it was perfectly close.

Expo: handle with care. In my opinion it’s the biggest/best one but it’s SO crowded, I tend to get really crazy stressed out. Keep an eye out on your excitement level. Don’t forget to get the poster from Adidas: YOUR NAME IS IN THERE! Do go to the Runner’s World seminars, mostly the Legends one, to hear the most inspiring stories you couldn’t even believe! If it’s your first or second time, DO watch the video of the course a couple of times, will get you super prepared for what’s ahead.

If there is a bit of a hint of sun in the forecast: SUN protection on the back, shoulders and the right side is a MUST, visor or HAT, and sunglasses. The sun will be on your back/right side 98% of the race. It can get quite annoying.

Name on the shirt, ALWAYS. Music: you will not need it. If you have it, you won’t hear it because the crowds are SO loud. I couldn’t even hear my silly watch yelling my splits at me even covering my ears!

Get on the portapotties before getting on the bus, as soon as you get out of the bus, and then wait for the portapotties going into the corrals: they’ll be on your left and they’re almost empty!!!

Go out slow. No, slower. Not, slower slower. We ALL fall pray to this course, no matter how slow we “think” we are going.
If you have issues staying on pace in the beginning, start a few corrals back. That helped me a few years ago (when I got to the Start super late!) to stay put behind “slower” people. Couldn’t have dreamed of better pacers! Weaving NOT allowed!

What else?

—-Comment happily: you won’t be asked to create an account!

2014 Boston Marathon Race Report: The Best and the Worst of Times

Before this one:

Guess my Finish at the 2014 Boston Marathon and win a prize
We are shipping up to Boston…!!! 
2014 Boston Marathon Pictures – Saturday! 
2014 Boston Marathon Pictures – Sunday
The day before the Boston Marathon…
2014 Boston Marathon: in the books! 

and here we go!

Wow, I stared at that for two days until I decided I had to write this post. That took a while…

If I had to sum up this race, it’d be easy: it hurt like HELL, I suffered every step of the 26.2 but OMG was it worth it… it was FANTASTIC and during the whole race I had to deal with my uncontrollable body and the crowds making me cry and dry-heave all the way into Boylston… it was pure insanity in the streets!!!!

boston marathon 2014 photos (4)

Early, sleepy face! Ah, shoes!!!!!

As I was on the 2nd wave, bus loading was 7 to 7:30, I met some friends and team mates at 7 in Boston Commons so we could all get to the Athletes Village together (once there it’s so hard to find anyone!).

boston marathon 2014 photos (5)

I know, I know: SO SECSY

Boston Commons was quiet and super organized, we even went to the portapotties before loading. The main thing though was that you had to check your bags there, so you wouldn’t be bringing anything to the AG, so strange. So, for the first time in my life, I had to decide what to wear very early before the race and I would run a marathon (my 9th, or 11th if you count the ultras) with a phone… So weird. But I have photos!!!!!

boston marathon 2014 photos (7)

Francesca and I. Francesca pretty much won the race.

boston marathon 2014 photos (6)

Roll Call front left: Tessa and Andrea. Second Row, from left: Tommy, Sky, and Emily. Last Row, left: Katie, Kara, and Francesca.

Anyway, we all hopped on the bus and just made sure we talked about everything! We ate, got our gear in order and tried to stay loose. I was freaking out a bit. I knew it was going to hurt. NYCM in November had HURT and now I was in worse shape and a *bit* heavier… I was really scared…!

boston marathon 2014 photos (10)

The Athletes Village was bopping!!! It was sunny and WARM out!!! We sat down and could feel the warm sun in my back… I started to worry I had worn the wrong stuff. I had shorts and the Argentina t-shirt I always wear and I have always been fine for all my marathons but the forecast said 60s…  I figured I’d be okay but who knows. Nothing to do now!!!

We tried the portapotties again and lines were LONG. Like… you’d miss your wave long! And we were being called by waves, and then by corrals. The corral area is small so they call you in, when you’re ready to go, and there you just go…

boston marathon 2014 photos (14)

Security EVERYWHERE. I felt soooo safe all along the course, the expo, the AG, everywhere you turned there was police, HS, it was fantastic. And they were ALL SO NICE!

boston marathon 2014 photos (15)

towards the corrals!

boston marathon 2014 photos (16)

boston marathon 2014 photos (17)

Loved this shirt!!!

boston marathon 2014 photos (18)

I took many of these pictures because, if you haven’t run Boston, you wouldn’t know how suburban this race and its start is. You are in someone’s front lawn most of the race.. these are people’s homes and they are ALL OUTSIDE!!!! It’s such a town-party… They all come out to celebrate, put signs up, hand you SOMETHING. Seriously, everyone had something, whether it was tissues, orange slices, cups of water, beer, kitchen rolls, vaseline, ice in plastic bags, Twizzlers, or high fives… The town was out there to help the runners. And they ALL had a sign. Boston  Strong was on everyone’s t-shirt, banner, tattoos, and balloons. I was walking to the corral and I was already crying. I knew I had to start controlling my emotions now or it’d be a mess!!

boston marathon 2014 photos (27)

Note to remember (because I always forget): there is an amazing amount of portapotties  right before the corrals. EMPTY. EMPTY!!!!! Heaven…

boston marathon 2014 photos (19)boston marathon 2014 photos (20)boston marathon 2014 photos (22)boston marathon 2014 photos (24)boston marathon 2014 photos (28)boston marathon 2014 photos (30)
And that is what most of the first 24 miles looks like!!!! small town vibe, friendly folks handing out stuff and celebrating us, trees, some trains and fire trucks and a lot of blue and yellow love. Which, btw, was freaking me out, because my team’s colors are blue and yellow!!!!! So… it was hard not to think it was someone I know as soon as I saw ANYONE! It really drove me mental.

Time to put the phone away… em, I was right at the start and forgot to turn my GPS on!!!! FFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!! So… I waited for a few minutes (seconds? hours?) and decided to go! Run NAKED yeah… (emm, I wasn’t ready for that! Dumb idea!), which is why at no point in the race remembered where I was and my splits looked like this:

messed up splits

pace is around 22… okay then!

So, I went! About a minute later, FREAKING KID YOU NOT, I was too hot to live!!!

I couldn’t stand it. I considered dropping out and going back. Seriously. I was so upset!!! I decided to drop the shirt, somehow, unpin all the bib stuff, somehow take it over my headband, headphones, watch, pace bracelet and what not, and bunch it up inside the back of my bra. That pissed me off, and it wasn’t an easy task, while running, while in such a crowded start, while being SO hot. I could have done this 5 minutes ago when I wasn’t running!!! Ugh, I tried to repin the bib in the shorts and made a few holes on my fingers. Eventually I went to the side, stopped and took care of it all. Still, my first mile was a ridiculous 7:57!! Major OY.

The plan was to go easy, and last. I estimated anything between 3:50 and 3:55 so I had a pace bracelet for 3:50 (which is 8:47 pace), and oooooops, I messed up BY A LOT. CRAP. I am the one telling EVERYONE to go slow and I do this. PFFFF. Of course, I am also a twice certified coach and decided to do this marathon (and my last one!) without any training whatsoever too, but okaaaaaay. So, people, stop reading. Or, better, PLEASE DO LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES (you’ll see a lot of screaming in this post, I am upset at myself!).

Took the shirt off: still hot! WTF?? I then realized I’d have the sun at my back for 4 hours and I had no sunscreen on… UGH. BAD. And my heart rate was high… I tried to relax and go easy. It didn’t work. Mile 2 and 3 were 7:57 and 7:56 and my first 5K was 24:42, which is a 7:58 average. NO NO. CRAP. Okay, let’s not freak out!!!

Besides that mess I was doing… the course was quite entertaining… There were TONS of people cheering, spectating, with banners, with stuff, all the houses were decorated on some form… I saw a big house on the right all decked out by Skechers and Go Meb signs… It was pretty cool. I am going to blame them all for making me too excited and going to fast. Hopkinton, it’s ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!

I was hot and drinking like I had just finished the marathon… I was taking Gatorade AND water at every mile. And then I’d drop a cup of water in my head. I was burning up. I realize it was a lot hotter two years ago and 60 to 75 (people can’t seem to agree on what the temperature was) is not the worst it could be (Ironman husband kept telling me later all his Ironman marathons are over 80! ugh!) and, most important, I always DO GREAT in the heat… I just couldn’t handle it for some reason, maybe it’s the lack of training, maybe it’s the extra weight I put in, I de-learned how to sweat efficiently.. I don’t know. I was sweating and melting all over the course. I was a hot mess!! I was drinking and I couldn’t drink enough. It was painful the whole way. My legs felt like jelly, my feet were hurting, my lungs were burning. I wasn’t just undertrained… I was just NOT trained. AT ALL. I shouldn’t have been there and I knew it at mile one, with the heat, the legs, the course’s ups and downs, my quads, my lungs, my burning skin… I was a mess and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I think I run too fast to just get it over with. I was exhausted, I was tired, sore, even hopeless at some points… I did the unthinkable: I walked. Twice. I had never walked in a marathon, even in NYC when I was a lot slower and in more pain than this. I walked. I had given up. I was so upset at myself for putting myself in that situation. Why would I just not be willing to do the long runs anymore? Why did I care so little??? I love running but the marathon love is slipping away but I keep signing up for them as a tick I have. I swore I wouldn’t do this again, please help me!

Anyway, I told you how amazing the crowds were? I kept focusing on that. But only a little. As soon as I’d go to the side and see people, I’d start crying. People were AMAZING, I had never seen anything like that!!!!! So I was in and out of the crowds to keep myself from dehydration from tears!!!!

At Mile 10 I saw the Hoyts and peeled my phone off my fitletic (which, by the way, was SO comfortable!!)… I HAD TO!

boston marathon 2014 photos (33) boston marathon 2014 photos (34)

So amazing… I saw more signs for the Hoyts than for anything else!!! Things like these, so fantastic, were ALL OVER the course… how could I give up??? I didn’t, I was enjoying this love-fest and ignoring the rest!! I knew I’d see Juan at mile 16 and that is all that kept me going. I’d finally hand out the t-shirt and lose 3 pounds there! Wellesley was loud and then see a gentleman getting lots of smoooches, then I realized I knew him… (no, won’t name names!!!!). I passed Sarah Reinertsen around there too… Soon, I saw Juan… in his amazing yellow wig that helped me spot him a block away!!!

boston marathon 2014 photos (3)

too cute!

Apparently, the wig had gotten him in all sorts of trouble, but he made it… I waved, handed the shirt, he got a couple of shots and stopped for some kisses too!!!! Ah, well, gotta stop for the hubs!

boston marathon 2014 photos (38) boston marathon 2014 photos (41) boston marathon 2014 photos (42)

He’s the best… it made me feel so good to see him!!! And then, I just had 10 miles to go! On top of this, I had no clue what my pace was but I had an idea I was under 3:50, more like 3:45, but it was quite strange to not see the exact numbers…

Then the hills happened, and they sucked the life hope out of me. They really felt like dementors. That is when I walked. Luckily, at 17 I hear someone scream my name. And after a second, my fuzzy brain realized I wasn’t wearing my shirt with my name on it (which I missed so much… doing a marathon without your name on your shirt makes no sense people!!!), it was Simon!!  I stopped for 1 second again for a hug. I shouldn’t have hugged him. I wanted to stay there so bad…  thanks Simon for running up the hill like a maniac with me! And he got this pic:

boston marathon 2014 photos (74)

my right arm can’t possibly be that much longer, right?

I kept chugging. Every mile felt like forever. I walked twice, I drenched myself in water all I could, at mile 16 I had an s-cap, and was having a gel every 5 miles. I was hot, tired, sore, lifeless… but gosh the crowds… and then…!!!! My FAVORITE PART OF THE RACE..!! Yes, sorry Juan… Boston College ALWAYS takes the cake for me. I said it before and I’ll say it again, they’re louder than the girls at Wellesley and way crazier… I LOVE THEM.

Eventually, I see the Citgo sign. I know Juan will be right there. I turn from Beacon, spot him a block away again with that wig! He takes more pics…

boston marathon 2014 photos (46) boston marathon 2014 photos (48) boston marathon 2014 photos (49)

That’s me blowing kisses to him so I wouldn’t stop this time. I knew that if I stopped… I might not care about the remaining mile… One more thing you might be noticing is I’ve put on some weight (ooops just weighed myself, there’s 10% more of me! ). If you didn’t notice, then unread this. I did though, I know what I weigh, and what I look like: it’s not pretty, but I am ok with it. It is not ok, but I am ok with it. I will burn it off in a few weeks now that the weather is nice enough again to run. It’s stoooopid, I know, but I never cared about the abs and how vain all that crap about being lean is. I just can’t run well like this and it’s unhealthy but I really don’t care about my weight and what I look like. I don’t. I can’t. Life is too short and I like food.

Then the underpass and then there is turn on Hereford and we’re on Boylston, and you see the finish line. With just the .2 to go, it seems like it’s 2 miles or more. I always feel like they’re pushing it back away from me…! Why does that stretch feel SO LONG???? Every time.

But, I lost it.

All that emotion and love and tears I had held on to during the race… I let it all out. I started crying. I started dry-heaving. I run by the two explosions sites. I started screaming at those people standing there, telling us they weren’t afraid like we weren’t afraid. To those people standing right there, on the same block, telling me with their eyes, this is OUR CITY, and in my heart screaming THIS IS MY SPORT , no one is going to mess up with something as pure and free as running… to those people I shouted, I cried, I screamed this is for you, and I am sure I looked crazy, and I cried all the way to the finish line while looking all of them in the eyes, this is for you, I kept screaming, just like you’re here for us, we’re all here running for you, for Boston, for the innocents, for the kids, for the freedom of the sport, for the history of this race, for the love of your people you came to support, to take back the city, to take back the marathon. We were all together on Monday, runners, spectators, volunteers, police, neighbors, everyone was getting this race up to make the city move past the horrible acts of last year. We left our fears on the door on April 15 and we all took on this race as if all had a part on helping the city heal. I swear, I felt like everyone in the city was holding my hand through the race. I really needed that, but I know they needed it more. That’s why I, and pretty much everyone racing on Monday, were there… It got done. We all walked away with a lot of love, with a sense of community you don’t see too often, with a sense of accomplishment: we are stronger together. We are. Adidas had the perfect slogan: We All Run Boston. On Monday we did. We all did. Everyone in the city did. You all reading and tracking and stalking from work did run Boston too. We all felt it there. I have to stop crying now. again.


I finished. I cried some more… I was SO HAPPY TO BE DONE. And, all of a sudden: nothing was hurting.. WTF! Of course.

9 boston marathon 2014 photos (54)

boston marathon 2014 photos (53)

LOVE. Kissing the finish line. ❤

boston marathon 2014 photos (55) boston marathon 2014 photos (56) boston marathon 2014 photos (57) 8

I instantly had 6 cups of Gatorade, two bottles of water and a protein shake. And then I heard Meb had won. I was in such shock… I was SO SO SO SO happy about that! Then I grabbed the poncho and headed out to meet the hubs, having the phone makes it all SO much easier!!!!

11 boston marathon 2014 photos (60) boston marathon 2014 photos (59)

I was walking soooooo slow it was funny… The poncho was actually warm for the train ride –I was in a soaking wet bra, not fit for train rides!

boston marathon 2014 photos (61)

Our landlady had given us a really nice exception to let us check out at 4, so we rushed back to the apartment (SORRY EVERYONE!!!!!!) to shower before we had to rush back to our transportation back… I was in PAIN already…

boston marathon 2014 photos (72)

weirdo. how long until I can wear a backless dress and not look like THIS?

boston marathon 2014 photos (62)


We dressed and headed out for food before rushing back to the city. NOW I can wear my jacket. Had the best burger, and fries, and pizza.

boston marathon 2014 photos (64)

Results…! The official time was….

boston marathon 2014 photos (68)

baa splits

My splits, as sent from my sister as soon as I finished… (she is very well trained…!!!!) ARE HORRIBLE. DON’T LOOK. boston marathon 2014 photos (67)

Pretty much the same crap I did in NYCM2013. I am starting to think that it’s not that I start fast (I don’t!), I just 1. can’t hold it (because I am not trained), 2. have no idea what marathon pace should feel like (because I am not trained), 3. I have no idea what I am doing (because I am not trained). All those. Plus the heat. I blame the crowds for getting my excited to keep going instead of dropping (!!!) and the orange jacket (which looks like the hot-sun-drenched-road, and MY BACK!). Adidas, this is on YOU!

Well, so another marathon in the books. Not the slowest, but around there… and 21 minutes slower than my qualifying race…  I really can’t keep doing this to myself, it’s NOT enjoyable to run like that. I’ve had marathons where I run fast and enjoyed it the whole way, next one is gonna be that way or NO marathon!!! deal, elizabeth?? Sign here, you lazy fair-weather runner!


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