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If you need the NYRR New York Giants Run of Champions 5K elevation profile, here

I haven’t done this race before so I had to do some major FBI-type search!

Found this link, and it looks preeeeety flat! A few turns, that, if you play it well, can act like a slingshot!


And, if you haven’t yet, guess my finish time: Who Will Win a great ESD piece? Guess my Finish Time at the NYRR New York Giants Run of Champions 5K this weekend!!

Good luck to us!

Mini 10K elevation, so you can strategize!

I’ve done the Mini six times, I have lots of data…

Here is the motoactv screenshot of the course elevation:


If you want to see more details, click here and you can zoom in each mile, really close. Just pick Elevation on the left where it says Pace, and then Laps/Stages on the left (below) and see each miles elevation on top. I promise you it’s very helpful and easy.

If you want the Garmin version, here:


and more details on the garmin site here.

But I think the Lap view in the motoactv link is better, because you can zoom in and separate each mile. If this is too much, just watch it for the reverse climb of Harlem hill (at around 2.2) and then the climb pretty much all 3 to 4 miles. And there are a few rolling hills on the east/south side of the park. So, hills and then some hills: good luck to us all!