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when did February happen?

February was weird. I happened so quick I barely noticed. Instead of ice-fest, we had a few meltdowns (all kinds of meltdowns!) and even one day in the 70s… OH OH what are people going to use now to discredit “””global warming“””? I feel so bad for those polar bears, and hey, we won’t be moving to Venice anytime soon. Glad I live in a 2nd floor too, but I digress… Anyway, my body decided also to have a meltdown and I had a couple of stooopid issues (my hormones have decided they need more attention than any Kardashian!) and even some very very easy runs where my heart rate was about 50 over the usual… anyway, I was signed up for the NYRR Al Gordon Brooklyn 4M, and I was literally too tired to get up. Of course, I ended up running 11 miles in Central Park instead but my pace was 10:00 and my heart rate was at 82%. Insane. You just can’t win them all, can you? About two weeks ago, I spent the husband and I spent two hours shopping for half marathons for me… I came up with not a lot. If you have any ideas, let me know. Also, my running is so up and down I’ve started questioning if I should try to take some weeks/months off so my body doesn’t feel pressured and maybe that would help?

ha, I was just kidding! I’d be super hyper and way too annoying after just two days and waaaaay unhappy. So, let me just slow down, do it when my body is ok with it, and just enjoy it with no pressure. Deal?

So, I had a few awesome runs, still.

Plus it was Valentine’s Day and who thinks we’d let any reason to celebrate pass by? any excuse works!

Also, I got to spend some quality time at work (at NYRR) with some people you might know… Meb and Jenny. Do you even need last names? Don’t think so! Meb is now a Team for Kids Ambassador and Jenny is a Rising NYRR Ambassador and both were in town to run the Virtual For the Kids 5K race. If you haven’t check NYRR’s Virtual Races, you should.

Anyway, it all went waaay too fast!


  • Total Miles: 124, emmm, got lazy a bit!
  • Races: big old zero for the year
  • Ups: weather got surprisingly “hot”. 40s and some 50s even.
  • Downs: not feeling my best.
  • Balance: i am getting a bit frustrated. cause, wtf.


was really cold. The first two weeks we set cold weather records. It was awful. Running was awful. I started the year working at the midnight run and it was really really cold. I wore everything and it was still crazy cold. But it’s a super fun race!

It was so cold that the races on the second weekend of January got canceled. I managed to run both Saturday and Sunday but it was insanely cold. Everyone kept asking me what I was training for, as most people assumed I had to get the miles in for some marathon or something. I am not really training for anything, just trying to not let the winter win. I can’t say I loved it, but I got out there.

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As you can see there was a couple of blizzards in there, snow, ice, and all the layers. Luckily we had planned a trip to Mexico for mid-January to escape the cold. The vacation part was uneventful but we had a few epic runs with Juan (the husband!).

First night in the hotel, a guy who worked there came up to talk to Juan as he was wearing his 2017 TCS New York City Marathon shirt, to ask him if he had run the marathon. Turned out that Armando, our new friend at the hotel, was a runner too and invited us to his team’s workout the next morning. So, at 6:30 am we went out to meet up the Red Runners, who were having a special run as one of their teammates had passed that week. There was a half an hour of a warm-up, everyone in a circle, probably around 130 people, and the coach had a microphone and big speakers. Before we headed out, we all got one white rose to carry for the memorial. We all run together to a gorgeous lighthouse I never would have seen, we got there with the sunrise, there were speeches, even a triathlete pastor, there were prayers, and we run back with the boombox in tow. Everyone was together. It was very moving. And everyone was so welcome to this stranger. It was very special.

When I travel, to me, the best thing EVER is to hang with the locals. Nothing could have beat that run.

Juan and I did have a few osom runs. The day after the run with Red Runners, there was a race in town, which we didn’t sign up for because registration was miles and miles away but we run to the start and finish to cheer/spectate. Funnest part: Kukulcan road (the main drag) had no traffic for the race. Quite FUN!

The next few days we did great. We did a tempo together and we run back to the lighthouse so Juan could see it. We managed to get the sunrise too.

And like that, we were back and the month was over!


  • Total Miles: 140
  • Races: not even one. But we spectated at one..!
  • Ups: the runs in Mexico!
  • Downs: running in the sub 10 temperatures (which is like minus 20 in Celsius). NOT FUN. WITH WIND!
  • Balance: can it be June now? I really miss racing a LOT.

Gossip from Meb -from the #RunningStrong talk

OMG, so last night a really good friend offered Juan and I tickets to go see Meb at the 92Y (a fantastic gym a few blocks from us that holds these sort of talks every day, with mega stars like Hillary Clinton or Neil Patrick Harris, same level, right? shut up, I love NPH SO MUCH!). Aaaaanyway, we got there early and we were the first in the premium tickets line. Met my friend Carolina there and we all set up in the first row. YEY, score!
running strong meb keflezghi jordan metzl 92Y (3)
So, here’s a few notes my phone took, because, MEB.
–Because of the war, they moved from Eritrea to Italy when he was ten, there’s no running there, so he played soccer: In Italy, they called me Pele.
–Talking about goals and how he’d been able to stay competitive for s long: I am really looking forward to May 6 when I turn 40 and no one is looking for me to do much! No more pressure!
— He talked about injuries a lot, how anything bad that happened was there to make you work on that part of your body/training so you could come back stronger: Experience is the best teacher there is.
–He also talked a lot about the importance of plyometrics, and how not even elite athletes are doing enough of them. He thinks that’s what sets up him apart, how he’s always thinking of new ways to work or stretch his body: When was the last time you went backwards?  (little sidenote, I was the only one who said “today!!!” Patricia and I had done plyos that day and we run backwards a lot, if you need help with these, here)
–Talking about pre-race rituals: “90% of training is physical and the 10% is mental. On Race day, it’s 90% mental. There is a lot of decisions that are made on the course and you have to be prepared, look at your competitors form, check their breathing, know that their flaws are...”
–When asked if he liked to run with other people: “It’s hard to train with other runners because there’s always drama. Sometimes they want to drop you, sometimes they want to push you, I gotta keep watching my watch! But what happens in Flagstaff stays in Flagstaff”
–When asked what was his favorite marathon: New York City.
This man is so so inspiring… he talked a lot about the hard work it took for him to get over every single injury, hours and hours of PT, you know, things we might not have the patience with… all over OVERCOMING.
Jordan Metzl was there too, with his doctor point of view and his message that exercise cures everything and every doctor should prescribe more of it, which, you know, I agree with 500%  HELLO
And, emmm, Malcolm Gladwell was there… I had no idea who he was (shhh don’t tell him) though his name sounded really really familiar. I have to say, now, I am OBSESSED with him. He’s super funny. Funny and Smart and funny AND smart…! and a Runner obviously, so I’ll have to go check out his books ASAP. or in YouTube or whatever, anywhere. I might start stalking him. He is amazing. I might buy him a sweater.
The host/moderator was great too Jacob Weisberg, probably the best job I’ve ever seen anyone do at something like this, no lulls, no awkward moments, all fun and friends. It was a great night!! PLUS, I was in bed by 10!
Get their books people, they all seem worth it!!!

running strong meb keflezghi jordan metzl 92Y (1)

running strong meb keflezghi jordan metzl 92Y (4)

Photo Credit: Jordan Metzel from twitter

2015 Boston Marathon – as a very wet spectator

Just click, it’s a crazy slideshow

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I’ve counted, and I’ve been to the Boston Marathon 5 times, 2 to race and 3 to spectate, including this past Monday. I think I’ll be in the spectating side next year too. As I was busy Sunday pacing the NYRR More Fitness Half Marathon, I didn’t decide to go up to Boston to cheer until the last minute… which means, after running 13.1, I slept a few hours and woke up at 5 to make it to Boston at 11 am. By 11:30 Lauren and I were at Mile 25, where we had planned to watch, and we merely caught the elite women by 2 minutes! Talk about perfect timing!!! Soon enough, we caught up with Daphne and we settled a bit before the Citgo sign, by the water station, it was empty there and we had a great visual, lots of space, and music. We saw the elite men go by and then the rest!!! We saw so many Whippets on the course (lots of them with sub3s), Carolina, who waved her arms telling me WTF, and then I’d get the same confused reaction from everyone on the course looking at me like who the hell are you? well, I was wearing 100 layers so I apologize that I confused you all!!! It was cold and rainy… what could I do?

I have to say, all morning I felt awful about the weather and wondered what would I have done if faced with that weather? It seemed AWFUL. It wasn’t just cold or wet.  It was 40s AND pouring rain, AND wind. WTF!!!!! For what I’ve been hearing since then, “it wasn’t as bad”, “it was better than it looked”, “I am sure it was worse for the spectators than us”, which makes me feel really good. And no, I have no idea what I would have done. Why worry with things I don’t have to deal with? Plus, many many friends had insanely huge PRs so maybe I’ll believe them that it wasn’t so bad…

It was a spectacle to see those runners right at Mile 25. Some looked really bad (HEY, Mile 25!!!!) but some people looked strong and happy. The disparity was insane. I also wondered for hours what would I have worn… why am I overthinking a race I didn’t do?!?!? I am weird. I am sure you’re too, so shut up.

We then walked all the way back to South Station, yes, from mile 25, like 3 miles, because the T was major chaos. I got my little backpack checked 72 times, which was amazing. The finish line area wasn’t crowded at all, it actually seemed really peaceful. The one other thing that I thought about that shocked me was this: every time I go cheer at a race I feel like a stooopid idiot that should have signed up and raced. Always. Always. I always feel race-envy when I am a spectator. I didn’t this time, at all. Maybe I am really over the marathon. Or maybe it was the dreadful weather. Nah.

Good job guys, I am SURE it was tough out there… and no matter what, training through this past winter earns you all the virtual PRs and BQs the course might not have brought, I say! GREAT JOB RUNNERS!!!!! ENJOY THE SPOILS!! (donuts?)



and then, there was Meb

photo (3)

yes, yes, nothing new, but had to post this, run into him on Saturday morning and I just had to share! What a day.. I went cheering for the 10K, got some amazing videos of the leaders running form, got the bf to do a time trial, and run into my bf and running partner Patricia on her first run in 4 months. Then I added a bunch of miles, got a pic with Meb, and eventually got home and to the movies to see Ironman (which I loved!). Fun day!

Running Form: top 10 at Healthy Kidney’s 10k in Central Park

Video from Mile 4.