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I like to run

I like to run at night, early before work, in the middle of the day and with the sunset.

I love to run in the city, in the countryside, by the beach.

I like to sweat, get soaked in the rain, and get runners’ tan lines.

I like to run for no reason and I like to run to define myself.

I like to tempo, have fun at an easy pace, do mile reps, and run for hours and hours.

I like to come back home ready to keep going with my day and wanting to take a nap and sit out the rest of the day.

I like to run with the bright sun in my face, and with the stars as my running partners.

I like to run with no goals and like to race and get better.

I like to run with friends, with my dad, with my boyfriend, and I like to run alone.

I like to wear as little as possible and I like to wear all my running gear and make it match.

I like to line up at races, pace with people, chase each other, finish races, spectate, and congratulate everyone.

I like to run in cities I don’t know, maybe get lost, get a little worried, and use my running shoes as my escape from anything. I like to enjoy the comfort in the same old familiar route I could run with my eyes closed.

I like to greet friends and new people in my runs, and I like being invisible.

I like to have many running shoes, shorts, singlets and sunglasses. I like that I can run without most of it.

I like running. I love the million different choices and opportunities for challenges and fun.


Running and the City

Ah, NYC…

Everyone has a completely different fantasy or experience of what this city is about…

I was talking to a coworker who is leaving town soon. She’s from the south (of the US) and she is used to quieter places, a more relaxed life-style. She was telling me how she doesn’t love the city much because it’s loud, dirty, smelly, super expensive, aggressive, crowded… all those things that I know are true.

Her description was accurate. I get it. I could see it from her perspective and hate it. But, for most of us, all those “bad” things are just the price we pay. Or even the reason why we stay.

It’s common to say that it is one of those places you either love or hate. You either take it or leave it. There’s too much to put up with if you don’t love it.

I can say, with all my heart, that I love it. All those things she mentioned, can be ignored 99% of the time. They can also be celebrated. I like leaving my apartment and not know where I am going to end up. I love meeting people everywhere that are so weird, so weird, that I should probably run away if I wasn’t used to this craziness. You have to be expecting the crazy, the ugly, and the magical every second; and you better have your eyes open or you’ll miss it. You get used to walking around all day with your eyes and your heart ready. There is no comfort zone here. And I don’t want it. I love that I can get in a fight in two minutes, or make a new friend around the corner. You just never know which one will happen first. Ah, yes, always on eggshells.

Yes, if one thing, I’d say living here is exhausting. That’s my word for this city. It can be party/run-all-day-and-night exhausting, or putting-up-with-this-stooopidity exhausting. But I am ok with it. If sleep and rest is the price, I’ll pay up.

But I get it, when I leave the city…. it’s like going through withdrawal. I shake for a few days, crave it, and then I am over it. I get the toxins out of my system, I get some rest, I relax, I stretch out, and I don’t even want to come back to pack up my stuff… Like someone who’s scared of having to deal with crazy and is now happy, warm, and comfy. When I come back, ah, when I come back I always cry a little in the plane when I see the skyline. I always miss this. I love this mess. I want to lace up and go to the park. I really don’t need comfy for now. I want to go out and get lost in the random faces. I want to get in trouble. I want to go to the Met. Do some disgusting shopping. Talk to strangers. Eat burgers and cupcakes. Get in a fight and fall in love all over again.

I never said I wasn’t crazy. I have no problem admitting I do fit in here.

And being in a place where it is so easy to lose yourself, it’s also imperative that you find yourself. I really did find myself in NYC.

Who Will Win a great ESD piece? Guess my Finish Time at the NYRR New York Giants Run of Champions 5K this weekend!!

Just like we did before all my  last races, it’s time to place your bets again… As usual, someone will be right on the money…!

Rules: pick a finish time and write in the comments below. Whoever gets closer, wins. If there’s two identical times, the first poster wins! Make sure if you include seconds in there too, and post before next Sunday, June 23rd, 7 am. Whoever gets closer, wins a…

Erica Sara Designs Running Day Necklace, in sterling silver!!! It’s gorgeous, and it features sterling silver engraved charms: one mile at a time rectangle, one run mini charm, and one heart mini charm plus a beautiful rope chain for a total length of 18″. Super Cute!

Erica Sara Designs Run Necklace

Note: they are only shipping to the US, so if you don’t live here, you can send it to someone else as a gift (hint: I want one) or to hold it for you. If you are a man and don’t know one woman who might like it (impossible!!!): I want one. Ha. I am kidding. Or am I?

Data time

The race I am doing is the NYRR New York Giants Run of Champions 5K this Sunday.

Your Clues/My Previous Times:

Last 5Ks
Prospect Park Track Club 5K, 8/22/12, 21:09, 6:49 pace, and my current PR
Shoe4Africa 5K, 12/2/12, 21:34, 6:56 pace
Last Short Races, this year
Run as One TGL Classic, 4 miler, 4/28/13, 28:00, 7:00 pace
Bronx Community College, 10K, 5/5/13, 44:32, 7:11 pace
Oakley Mini 10K, 6/8/13, 44:46, 7:13 pace
That’s all I have… plus:

Course: not sure, but seems flatish enough.
Fitness level: I should be in PR shape…? but who knows! Also, it’s in NJ so I’ll have to get up at un ungodly 4 am…
Weather: Not counting on it!

GO ON! Place your bets below!!! (I will probably not look until after!). Good Luck!

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To get the award or not get the award

The Love of Awards!

I have been getting a few of these age group placings lately and I always feel like they made a mistake. I feel really awkward about them. I say Thank You, I smile for the picture, but it all feels weird and fake to me.

They made a mistake!!!!!!!


Were all the fast women my age doing something more fun I wasn’t invited to?

Should I just leave it there in case it really was a mistake?

I am always afraid they are going to call me on it.

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Who Will Win a Garmin? Guess my Finish Time at the Mini10k this weekend!!

Just like we did before all my  last races, it’s time to place your bets again… I think this time someone will be right on the time!

Rules: pick a time and write in the comments below. Whoever gets closer, wins, If there’s two identical times, the first poster wins! Make sure if you include seconds in there too, and post before next Saturday, June 8th, 7 am. Whoever gets closer, wins a Garmin FR70, brand new in its unopened box, black and blue. Shipping only to the US (unless you want to pay for the shipping!)

Ok, the data

The race I am doing, Oakley Mini10K, June 8, Central Park, a full loop of the park.

Your Clues/My Previous Times!

PR: Bronx CC 10K, May 5, 2013: 44:32 Pace 7:11
Last Mini, June 2012: 46:37, Pace: 7:31
Mini10K 2011 (previous PR), 45:30, Pace: 7:20

Other Races this year:
NYC Half, March: 1:37:35 Pace: 7:27
Run as One, 4 miler, April: 28:00 Pace: 7:00
Brooklyn Half, May 18, 2013: 138:29, Pace: 7:32

That’s all I have… plus:
Course: not the fastest, Central Park has a couple of hills
My shape: Been trying to get rid of a few too-much-fun-induced pounds. No such luck yet.
Weather: Can be quite hot and humid, but fingers crossed.

GO ON! Place your bets below!!! (I will probably not look until after!)

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Become Your Dream

There are many things that make NYC what it is: a place like no other. Some of them, like Times Square, are very obvious and it’ll be on your face on your first day here. Others, you’ll find with time, and you’ll probably stumble upon them and don’t know how you didn’t see it before.

I was just re-reading More Fire, by Toby Tanser (one big staple in any New York City Runner’s “spotted” list!) and there’s a line on the second page that stayed with me:

Talent does not ensure success; each triumph has to be earned.

I am sure you all know why this line is so powerful… Even if you train for months, you still have to go and get it. Even though we do this all the time, it is still hard. Every time. Your heart really has to be in it.

Then, walking home, I saw this

become your dream de la vega nyc

I had seen this before and knew about the artist who created the movement: James De La Vega does murals and chalk drawings in the NYC streets with aphoristic messages. But coming accross it all the time, mostly if you live in the Upper East Side is a different thing. You just walk into these things on the street ALL THE TIME.
It’s fantastic. One tiny little NYC moment that will last the whole day, which is a big deal here.
They wake you up.
And yes, we’ll have to earn it. Each one of them.
If we look past the common, we’re constantly being inspired by the city to wake up, all the time. And to earn each one of those triumphs.
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