One Crazy (Running) Week – Happy Memorial Day!!

Since I’ve been recovering from ITBS for the last 2 (or 4) weeks, I’ve been massaging, PTing and stretching the crap out my legs. I was feeling great in a just a couple of days so I’ve been running a bit, not more than 4 miles and slow but it’s great. Well, notgreat, but better than nothing. Somehow I managed to get up to 20 miles last week, yey!
Besides recovering, I’ve been doing a lot of running related stuff. This coming week is the last week of the season coaching the Girls on the Run. Big 5K coming up on the weekend, which should be a blast. My team is also hosting a Track Meet, I won’t run but I’ll be volunteering.Still coaching the marathon team, lots of work now that we’re coming into the 4-month cycle! I am also helping out at NYRR Young Professionals Committee, and I’ll be at their fun-run + happy hour this Wednesday forNational Running Day.Form coaching has taken a big part of this past week too as I still have to submit my case studies to get certified. You might have seen Ket’s post… She was amazing, and so excited! I also did two more this past week and they were all completely different, which is a great way to practice. I can’t even tell you how rewarding it is to be able to help someone with their running, it’s just fantastically amazingly wonderful.
To recap, I had a crazy busy though super fun week AND weekend and I am exhausted now. I had set up my alarm for 7 am today to make it to the Memorial Day weekend marathon to run the 10K in the trails. I looked out the window from my bed and it looked like it was raining, though I can’t see anything without my contacts. I snoozed and snoozed and then gave up. Yeah, I am a quitter these days.Now, I just need a little run and some more holiday festivities to get back to normal.Oh wait, that’s why I am exhausted. Ok, I give up. Running gear and a burger please!!!Happy Memorial Day to all of you!!!!

One Crazy (Running) Week – Happy Memorial Day!!

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