Poll: What is the first thing you do after a long run?

I get home, tired, sweaty, salty, hungry and all I want to do is lay the eff down. Nope, there’s SO MUCH TO DO right after your GPS clicks in 20 (or 16, or 22, or whatever…). BUT I AM SO TIRED, I JUST RUN A STOOOOPID INSANE AMOUNT OF HOURS. Nope, you still have to do a million things, and FAST.

They tell us we have 15 mins to half hour to eat/drink something, the sooner the better, I need to stretch before I get stiff (I have… seconds?), hey, I want to shower before all of that, I am sweaty and getting cold in these… ugh, for Pre’s sake, I just want to lay down!!!!! Sometimes, in my last mile home, I usually have the 2% brain capacity I have left to stress myself out deciding what to do first.

What’s your approach?


As you can see, sometimes I pass out while stretching, watching tv, before I even shower… UGH

Ru NYC 2012 wet mat

I think the smartest approach would be: eat/drink, shower, stretch, ice, real food, nap. Usually my issue is having something to eat/drink fast as soon as I get home, like a nuun and a powerbar or something like that (instead of making a stooopid smothie that takes brains and hours). I guess I need to get that part organized before I get home zombie-rungry.


12 thoughts on “Poll: What is the first thing you do after a long run?

  1. Before going out on your run, lay out your post run nutrition.
    For me, I lay out my post-run protein powder in a glass before heading out, and once I get back, I mix it with milk and chug!

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