Ted Corbitt 15K and my new Mizuno Wave​ Rider 21

I love some 15K action. But somehow, Saturday morning I REALLY wasn’t feeling like running… why? I was exhausted. The week had pummeled me, it was COLD and I just didn’t want to layer up then freeze anyway, then get hot and sweaty then freeze again. You know, all that fun winter stuff.

But, I had learned a lot about Ted Corbitt last week and I felt like I couldn’t not show up. Ted used to run 300 miles a WEEK! WHAT? Yes. THREE FREAKING HUNDREDS. I met his son Gary on Thursday and he told me a few interesting stories… So, I wasn’t feeling like running 9.3 miles? SO LAME. Just do it.

The race was starting at 8:30 and I was still home at 8:12 fuzzing around. If you know me, you know I usually show up at races before the even build the start and finish lines… Luckily, I live like a half mile from the start so I was in the corral by 8:21. Met up with Patricia and Elizabeth (hum, this could be confusing) and at 8:30, we got moving. I really really wasn’t feeling it. I decided to do it at a long run pace for at least the first loop and then see. So that happened, I ended up enjoying the snow and chatting around with lots of people on the course. Not a lot more to tell as I didn’t really race it. I ended up with 8:05 pace, which is not quite long run pace, but also not race pace. But all the fun was had and soon enough I was back home!

I took out my new (and third) pair of Mizuno Wave Riders to test them out. It was snowing so I knew they’d work out for that. This is a shoe you’ll see me wearing at my summer AND winter workouts. They’re the most dependable shoe I own. But the Wave Rider 21 just came out (hey happy birthday Wave Rider! You’re an adult now!!!) and I wanted to take them out for a spin in the park. No big changes, no issues, to tell you the truth. Very dependable shoe.

I don’t have many “invisible” shoes. “This one is super light for races, this is light for quick workouts, this is cushiony for long miles or days I am tired, this one will make my feet cold/hot, this one is great for 5Ks or halfs or full marathons”. I find the Wave Rider to be an invisible shoe, it’s like it’s not even there, I can just wear it to anything (long or short, hard or easy) and it’ll be able to handle it. Like snow today. Faster miles, or longer distances we got this. Anyway, now that you’re an adult, run responsibly, Wave Rider!!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mizuno. The opinions and text are all mine.

3 thoughts on “Ted Corbitt 15K and my new Mizuno Wave​ Rider 21

    • thanks! I am not the type of person who sees any glory in doing stuff they are not enjoying so it’s hard for me to see the reason to gut things out, but hey, I got a good long run out of it at least!

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