To be or not to be: A Kenyan

I am not a Kenyan, in case my race times had you confused… Just wanted to clear that out up-front! ūüėČ I finished reading Toby Tanser’s¬†More Fire, and I learned a lot of stuff that is, hum, what is the word…. ground breaking!

Their Running is pretty much the OPPOSITE of all we do around here. You’ll have to read it and figure out why and what works for you but some shattering concepts I was stuck with include:

РTheir Easy pace is ridiculously slow. Anyone could walk faster! 

I am on it. I like super slow runs!

– Block training: they start slow, build up, train hard, race, and pig out for a month or two after a race. They seriously stop running for weeks at a time.

I will try to stop running after my marathon, or after the ultra two weeks after the marathon, or.. oh, this might be impossible.

– Use softer surfaces, no pavement unless it is a race.


– Healthy and Minimalist approach to eating.

Can’t even dream of trying.

– Everything is done in group-mode (running, travelling, living, racing).

Hmmm, I am more into “twosome-running”, mostly to chat away! They¬†don’t¬†chat on runs.

– Clothes, while training: more is more; just to make sure everything is warmed up and loose.

I am the opposite, I just hate doing laundry…

– No GPS watch and no mileage tracking.

What? I have like 50 spreadsheets, with tabs, charts, formulas…

– Injury Prevention…

Can’t tell you that one, do you want Toby to strangle me?

Ok, so some stuff might not translate but the more I read the more I seemed to start making adjustments.

It really does make sense, you’ll have to check it out. I learned a lot about how to approach the sport to make it render the best results (meals type and quantity, training programs, how to pick one, attitude, shoes, crosstraining, etc.) Their mental approach is what’s most different though. This is, after all, a job for them, a way to make a career for themselves.

It is very inspiring, I would like to go there someday. I’d probably have to run all by myself though.

The Perfect Mile – book review

Before you scream, IT IS A BOOK:

blog post photo

I, obviously, wouldn’t even know a perfect mile if it hit me in the face with a jar of Nutella!

I JUST finished reading it. And I say “just” because I got it for Christmas!!!



First, I don’t have much time for reading (without falling asleep). Second, it took me four attempts to get into it. I even brought this book on a few flights to force myself to read it. It just didn’t look interesting at all to me. It’s about the struggles Landy, Bannister, and Santee go through in their quest to do the first sub-4 minute mile. And… who cares about achieving the first sub four mile¬†now? Hello, we KNOW how it ends!! Duh! And these people were so different to me and my view of running that I couldn’t relate at all!! The book went into SO much detail about their lives, their jobs, their splits, the time they were in, the competition, their coaches, their schools, yada yada yada…

Then, on my FOURTH try,¬†somehow, it all came together and I got hooked. And¬†can’tputitdown¬†andohIjustmissedmystop¬†hooked!!! It was the strangest thing… all of those things that were so unappealing before, all of a sudden had me breathing hard and loosing sleep. I sound crazy, I know, but this book is AMAZING. And it all really happened so I even lost sleep thinking the work it must have been to put all of these facts and stories together.

The way Neal describes every single meet is just perfection…¬† A race that would last “around” 4 minutes could turn into the most exciting 80 pages you’ve ever read. I was¬†literally¬†reading this book at the edge of my seat, mouth open, stressed out, and with very high bpms!! AS IF I was watching a World Cup game or racing the mile myself. VERY VERY INTENSE…¬†

After I finished the book, I watched those same races on youtube and it was great as now I had an insane amount of context, but it was not as exciting as the book, not even close… Read it if you can. I¬†KNOW¬†it looks and sounds boring, but trust me, it’s worth it.

TGIF!!!!!!!!!!¬†Zero miles for the week so far. Bummed about missing the track meet yesterday, but JFlecks has promised to make Martha’s amazing mac&cheese tonight, and I’m planning some 12 miles to stretch out the legs tomorrow with Flor in the park. A zero miles week would not be right.

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!