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Racing all Over Bermuda, part deux

So, where did I leave it last week? Everyone did the mile and the 10k, but the best part was around the corner. And the most stressful. Not really stressful, I was stressed about it, which is different. The day before an event, we do what we call the Inspiration Dinner. If you’ve been to one, they can be pretty amazing. We celebrate all their training and fundraising, cancer survivors in the team tell their amazingly inspiring stories, we pump the team full of inspiration for the big event the day before. It’s a massive planning undertaking and I had done them before, but I had never MCd one. There were 8 pages of text I had to say outloud. I had just a few days to memorize it. It was really stressed about some of the words. And I tend to trip over numbers in English sometimes with my accent… Pffff, breathe in…

2013-01-19 17.41.27

—this was my view from the podium. We had decorated the tables and hotel put those super cute Bermuda-style houses as centerpieces. It was all ready to go. 

Luckily, we had a super special speaker… Bart Yasso!! He was going to be the first speaker as he had to go to the official marathon pasta party after! The problem was… the food wasn’t ready yet and we were running out of time before he had to leave… I was in knots!

2013-01-19 18.22.57

So, executive decision had to be made (well, we really had no choice!): we started the dinner speech, sat everyone down. I did my first paragraphs so I could let Bart talk and he could leave right after

2013-01-19 18.28.34
2013-01-19 18.26.02

2013-01-19 18.35.53

He was fantastic. As you can imagine. I was a bit worried and half the room were first time marathoners and seriously had no idea who he was, but after three seconds I realized I had been an idiot worrying about it, Bart had everyone laughing and it was amazing. Even without food.

As soon as we was gone, we broke for food, they got back seated, continued the program and all went fantastic. Everyone was happy. I was completely spent but happy it went well! By 10 we were done, I had to scarf down some food and make super I was up at 4:30. Half and Full were on Sunday morning!

It rained all morning and I was already feeling a bit sicky… Luckily we had a dandy team tent, were we hid for a bit…

2013-01-20 08.02.13

At some point they were calling my name over the loudspeakers, which I couldn’t hear from the tent, half a block away, so someone came to grab me. I rushed!!!

Bart and Sid were by the Finish and in the announcers tent. They just wanted me to give them some info on the team to announce. I was there for a bit as it was really fun to scream my friends’ names all over the loudspeakers in Bermuda. I am a bit loud to start with… and hyper.

2013-01-20 12.12.22 2013-01-20 12.14.12

—Pure love!  PS: he called me his girlfriend for the weekend. (Laura Yasso, you know we’re joking obviously. PS: love you too!!)

A few hours later, the team was done, we all went back to the hotel… and I was feverish!!!! That night we had what we call the Victory Party. We celebrate the team’s spirit, racing and fundraising. Then they eat, and they all went dancing. I was a sweaty, hot, feverish mess.

I had 3.5 vacation days in Bermuda after work was done and I was a hot mess. And, FYI, you can’t buy any ibuprofen or anything (thanks, you know who you are who tried over the phone, from overseas) without a prescription. It was sucky. I still managed to get outside for food and fresh air. I had to, it’s frigging Bermuda!

2013-01-21 09.52.25 2013-01-21 09.54.23 2013-01-21 10.03.54 2013-01-21 10.11.32 2013-01-21 10.14.44 2013-01-22 12.49.34 2013-01-22 12.55.132013-01-21 09.50.05

Bermuda is truly gorgeous. I am planning on going back soon, May or June. It is just 2 hours from NYC!!!!! I am not gonna hide that I had no idea where Bermuda was… but it’s soooo close and so worth it. People are ridiculously nice. I am not sure it’s the best running: it’s crazy hilly, you have to run on the road with the cars, though they’re super nice and move out of the way, but definitely worth the trip. The pink beaches are just wonderfully amazing. I say yes.

Racing all Over Bermuda, part deux

Running in Bermuda

A week ago I left for Bermuda, well more like 10 days ago. We had a big Team in Training group participating in the Bermuda Marathon Weekend so Jenny and I were the Staff.

What’s in the Bermuda Marathon Weekend? Friday there is the invitation mile, Saturday is a very hilly 10k, and Sunday you can do either the half or the full, so, three days, three events, you can do one or two and if you do three, you get 4 medals total, which includes the Triangle medal. Sweet deal, right?

Well, we ended with a big group, at the Fairmont Southampton, for one long weekend. We got there Thursday night and I was booked solid until Sunday night, with just a few hours of sleep.

But, before the work weekend started, Friday at 11 am, I HAD to get a run. It was then or never, so Friday morning I rushed out as soon as I woke up, around 9, with not a lot of time!

2013-01-18 08.59.44

Nice view, right?

The hotel had these little pamphlets ready for me to get sweaty (don’t you wish EVERY hotel had these?)

2013-01-17 22.15.15

So, off I went.

Two things I learned quickly, and you can see in the pictures:

– In Bermuda you run on the road with the cars, it’s really tight, and there’s no sidewalks or anywhere else to run on. Luckily, Bermudians are the sweetest people on earth so they’ll move their car around you, but it’s tiiight.

– Bermuda is EFFING HILLY as HELL. There is NO flat road, anywhere for more than two yards. Ridiculously hilly.

2013-01-18 09.39.53 2013-01-18 09.41.01 2013-01-18 09.42.02 2013-01-18 09.39.04

My run was NOT long. The elevation profile looked like this VVVVVVVWWWWVWVVVW !! It was tough… so hands up there for everyone racing in Bermuda… more soon!

Racing all over Bermuda

So I was in Bermuda for the Bermuda Marathon Weekend. Friday was the Mile.

We all scooted over to Hamilton, and the mile is run on their main street, pretty much like the Fifth Avenue Mile!!

Bart Yasso was doing the announcements and he did a huge shout out for my team, as we had our own corral: corral two, the first one right behind the elites! It’s super cool to be part of a race that is SO accomodating…! There was this whole parade with bands before the race got going. It was quite exciting.

2013-01-18 18.51.33 2013-01-18 18.47.30

Saturday was the 10k, start and was in a stadium, which was really windy and I think that was the start of my downfall (of course there was a downfall!) as I was completely underdressed and freeeeeezing for 6 hours. I kept doing laps in the track just to keep warm…

2013-01-19 09.12.20

nice finish line!

2013-01-19 08.17.54

the team… ready because they had no idea just how hilly the course was going to be… For what I heard the 10K course was tougher than the half or the full…

2013-01-19 08.52.21 2013-01-19 08.52.50

At the start.

2013-01-19 09.33.11

Jenny and I, I know you’re looking at the track and not us!

2013-01-19 10.58.24

Anthony, the race director who I had been working with for months, and Bart, my boyfriend for the weekend (HE said that, no me!!). I love him.

2013-01-19 09.28.41

Soon enough we see the winner approach. Soon after we start seeing our participants. A few of them placed really well, even 2nd and 3rd overall in the whole triangle challenge, which I think it’s pretty crazy to start with: I run a few of those hills!

the most exciting part is around the corner…  but I need a nap!