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Caption This Tuesday!


that's going to be MY dinner!

Carboloading like a Champ, literally.



This is from a Bodyglide shoot (the video we did is here.) And, FYI, BODYGLIDE has updated their whole website, I am in a few pages so if you go look at it, let me know what you think!

Have at it!

BODYGLIDE 101 Uses = 5 BODYGLIDE Winners

Randomly Selected (using random numbers generator) winners from our fun Giveaway!

here we go!

I use it for chapstick when I forget mine… which is often!

who needs a slip-n-slide when there’s BodyGlide!

The hinges on my door used to squeak, until I discovered Bodyglide.

flying tomato 
Body Glide, there is nothing better to help extricate you child’s head from between the metal post in a railing after you told them multiple times not to stick their head between the post.

Body Glide for your hair! You’ll never use BrylCreem again.

All fabo winners: send me through a message, by Thursday:


Postal Address (US addresses only) :

Bodyglide of your choice, from the post’s list:


BODYGLIDE 101 Uses = 5 BODYGLIDE Winners

The “101 uses of BODYGLIDE” GIVEAWAY. Yeah, a fun giveaway

Want to play and win the BODYGLIDE product of your choice?
It’s very simple!
-Post in a comment below what you use BODYGLIDE for, besides the usual uses… Or what you could use it for…
-PG13 please!
-One comment per screen name per product (you have two products you want to talk about? Two comments)
-Products you could post about:

Original Anti-Chafe: Protection and relief against chafing, friction, cracked and dry skin, all over body use from head to toe! 

For Her: Maintain skin comfort all day from sports and everyday activity to help prevent chafing and rubbing that cause hot spots and blisters.  Great for feet, thighs, and with bras!

WarmFx: Help relieve minor aches and pains from sore muscles or jumpstart tight tired muscles! The more you put on the hotter it gets! 

Liquified Powder/Skin Glide: Technically advanced cream that transforms into a dry, silky smooth shield against irritation- great for feet and toes!
-Post by Monday, May 21, and we will randomly select FIVE lucky winners. You can then choose what product you would like to receive, and it will be mailed to you.

And… here is another chance to win some free products on Facebook!!!! Bodyglide is giving away some prize packs (Ipod shuffles, gift cards,etc) to their fans! Enter here to win. Good luck!

The “101 uses of BODYGLIDE” GIVEAWAY. Yeah, a fun giveaway

The Body Glide Babies

Remember I told you I’d be doing a video shoot for Body Glide? Well, I got home last week and I see a box in the corner in the lobby with a big BODY GLIDE on it…

That’s gotta be for me…

Or, who else in this building would admit to needing this much BodyGlide??

Go up and get it open… Hmmm. There was a lot of stuff in there I had no clue existed…

Hmmm. When was the last time I was in a running store??? There was a bunch of products in there, but here is the skinny:

And there I was, all this time, thinking all I needed was the anti-chafing original one!!!! What an id!ot! (more on these products here) I am very excited to try the anti-pain one (the one in the red top)… I had lived all these years using tiger balm when I had to massage a notty area or something, and voltaren this past year since my sports guy gave me a bunch of tubes, but this looks so much easier to apply (and way less greasy!). And SPF protection in my body glide?!?!? Where had all of this been hiding?? Anyone tried any of these (other than the original)??

Anyway, the shoot was Sunday, will post about it tomorrow as it was pretty osom, minus the hypothermia and the shivering and all that, but I have pictures and you know they’re coming up!