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Bondiband giveaway winner!

And the winner, as selected by bondiband, is…



itsjustkatie, email me your postal address, and color of choice so we can get you your own!! And then you’ll send me a picture, deal? 😉

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Bondiband GIVEAWAY, take six!!! Get your creative hat/heaband on!!!!

You know the drill by now, given this is the sixth giveaway…  The fabulous people at Bondiband are going to sponsor our little fun, AGAIN!!!!

IMG_0160 (2)

Very unrelated example (and also, what you could win!), but these one is MINE

They make these amazing wicking hats (ponytail hole or not), headbands, and other cool running accessories; there’s stuff  for everybody! And if you are the lucky winner, you’ll get to pick your hat or headband, and they’ll send it to you! We did this a lot of times already, so I am sure you know how this works!

In case you don’t (where have you been?????), this is how it works:
Submit a phrase you’d put in a hat/headband, short like the one on my hat there in the comments below. If you’re the lucky winner, you get to pick your hat or headband, color, and stuff, and they’ll send it to you!
The theme: Inspirational. Can’t be a famous quote, something you made up. Keep in mind it can’t be too long or it won’t fit… Go gor it! Pictures would help a lot 😉
So, put your ideas, as many as you please, in the comments down here, in this post in runningandthecity.com, by Tuesday, April 25, 12 pm EST and they’ll pick the winner.
Let’s play!! Good luck! Happy Running Week!
—-Comment happily: you won’t be asked to create an account!