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Mini 10K elevation, so you can strategize!

I’ve done the Mini six times, I have lots of data…

Here is the motoactv screenshot of the course elevation:


If you want to see more details, click here and you can zoom in each mile, really close. Just pick Elevation on the left where it says Pace, and then Laps/Stages on the left (below) and see each miles elevation on top. I promise you it’s very helpful and easy.

If you want the Garmin version, here:


and more details on the garmin site here.

But I think the Lap view in the motoactv link is better, because you can zoom in and separate each mile. If this is too much, just watch it for the reverse climb of Harlem hill (at around 2.2) and then the climb pretty much all 3 to 4 miles. And there are a few rolling hills on the east/south side of the park. So, hills and then some hills: good luck to us all!

Running in Bermuda

A week ago I left for Bermuda, well more like 10 days ago. We had a big Team in Training group participating in the Bermuda Marathon Weekend so Jenny and I were the Staff.

What’s in the Bermuda Marathon Weekend? Friday there is the invitation mile, Saturday is a very hilly 10k, and Sunday you can do either the half or the full, so, three days, three events, you can do one or two and if you do three, you get 4 medals total, which includes the Triangle medal. Sweet deal, right?

Well, we ended with a big group, at the Fairmont Southampton, for one long weekend. We got there Thursday night and I was booked solid until Sunday night, with just a few hours of sleep.

But, before the work weekend started, Friday at 11 am, I HAD to get a run. It was then or never, so Friday morning I rushed out as soon as I woke up, around 9, with not a lot of time!

2013-01-18 08.59.44

Nice view, right?

The hotel had these little pamphlets ready for me to get sweaty (don’t you wish EVERY hotel had these?)

2013-01-17 22.15.15

So, off I went.

Two things I learned quickly, and you can see in the pictures:

– In Bermuda you run on the road with the cars, it’s really tight, and there’s no sidewalks or anywhere else to run on. Luckily, Bermudians are the sweetest people on earth so they’ll move their car around you, but it’s tiiight.

– Bermuda is EFFING HILLY as HELL. There is NO flat road, anywhere for more than two yards. Ridiculously hilly.

2013-01-18 09.39.53 2013-01-18 09.41.01 2013-01-18 09.42.02 2013-01-18 09.39.04

My run was NOT long. The elevation profile looked like this VVVVVVVWWWWVWVVVW !! It was tough… so hands up there for everyone racing in Bermuda… more soon!