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I choose NOT to be a better runner

Yes, you read that right. 

I made this decision a while back. And it was Right. For me. It’s who I am.
But, I was reading Matt Fitzgerald’s “Runner’s World Guide To Cross-training” and at the end he lists things we should be doing to be “a better runner”. All obvious stuff: sleeping, eating well, hydrating, etc., etc., and as obvious as all that is, “life” (or my life, at least) goes in the other direction. And yes, I could change it, and be a better runner… 
But no, I chose to go out, I chose to eat all I want, and whatever I want, and it’s ok if it affects my running. So be it. I own the consequences of my choices.
I run because I like it. I run because it’s good for my health. I run because it helps me relax and think. I run because it allows me to eat all I want and makes my body look and feel like I am 22 without having to go to the gym, diet, cosmetic surgery, tanning beds, and all that gross stuff.
I want my running to bring that good stuff into my life, and NOT to take stuff out. I am not willing to cut my nights short, or miss out on quality time with friends or family. I am not willing to say no to that donut, that cupcake, that steak, or anything else. 
I love running THIS much BECAUSE it is NOT stopping me from doing all the other things I like. I am not willing to sacrifice much from my life to run a few seconds faster. So I am ok with having less speed, or less endurance, or being a bit heavier on my feet.
I will cross-train a bit to avoid injury, I’ll give him that. I’ll do drills and I’ll wear flat shoes most days. I’ll hydrate, I’ll sleep a bit more when I can, and I’ll eat good stuff half the times. I’ll give him all that too. And I’ll ice-bath (who am I kidding? I love the ice baths!).
So it is OK if I never ever reach my full potential as a runner. I don’t mind. But I love and enjoy my running more this way, because it’s not taking anything away from me.
Pre said that “giving less than your best is sacrificing the gift“. But, what is that “best”? And what is that “best” for me? And what is my “gift”?
For him, it probably was to suffer in the track, to leave it all out there, to get to the point of blood and guts and broken bones and knowing he did all he could to win. Ah, Running and Pain go so close together… But what is it about with glorifying the pain in this sport? WHO likes pain???? No, don’t lie. No one likes it… You like knowing you are tough and you can withstand anything and feeling unbreakable, but no one likes the pain itself. Still, pain is inevitable here. I am still trying to learn to subject myself to as little pain as possible, short of walking. I might be sacrificing the gift, but I don’t think that’s “my gift”. My best is definitely something else. It’s not in a PR. It’s not in how many miles I suffer through, how high I place, how fast I can get, how many PRs in a row I score, how many races I do or qualify for. That is not the measure of me. 

My NYC Food Favorites

Have you seen the The Best Thing I Ever Ate? It’s on the Food Network (which should be in 5D, right!) and chefs and food people describe the best thing they ever ate (duh). A few months ago I found a map with a list of all the places, and I made it my goal to go thru the list. Can you say YUM??

And though there’s 111 dishes for NYC, I noticed I had already been to a lot of the places… So I decided to put MY personal favorites on paper, and.. voilaaaa!

Writing this post took a while though: I had to constantly get up. The only thing I have in my apartment close to the EXPLOSIVEMASSIVEDELICIOUSNESS from the things listed below is a lot of chocolate, dulce the leche, and nutella. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Bars kept me inspired (and sitting) through this though. It wasn’t easy.

And because living on donuts and cupcakes is frowned upon, here’s a little mind trip of my favorite eats in NYC. I am not claiming they’re the best (yes, I AM!)  I have had a lot of other amazing things, but these are the ones I wake up thinking about… I almost included pictures here, but I figured it would be too cruel.


City Bakery / Hot Chocolate, with marshmallows.

Levian Bakery / Chocolate Chip Walnut cookie.

Magnolia Bakery / Banana Bread Pudding.

Juniors’ / Brownie Marble Swirl Cheesecake.

Rickshaw / Warm Chocolate Dumplings.

Crumbs Cupcakes / Cappuccino or Blackout or Brownie cupcakes.

La Maison du Macaron / Macarons!

MarieBelle Chocolates / Molten Chocolate Cake.

Donut Plant / Creme Brulee Donut.

Butter Lane Cupcakes / Maple Pecan Cupcake.

Cupcake Stop Truck / French Toast with Bacon Cupcake

Corrado Bakery / Chocolate Muffin

Grom Gelato / Bacio and Stracciatella.

now… SAVORY too…

Katz / Pastrami sandwich.

Otto / ANY of their pizzas.

Megu / Kobe Beef Sirloin Slices.

Grand Central Oyster Bar / Oyster Pan Roast.

Burger Joint / Cheeseburger with the works and fries.

JG Melon / Cheeseburgers.

The Stanton Social / Kobe Beef Burgers and French Onion Soup Dumplings.

Momofuku / Pork buns.

and… uh, head explosion: SWEET AND SAVORY!

Wafels and Dinges Truck / Bacon Syrup Wafel and the Brussels WMD (Wafel of Massive Deliciousness). Yeah. YEAH.

Flex Mussels / Fra Diavolo Mussels and the Flex Donut Collection.

Shake Shack / Double Cheeseburger, with cheese fries & Caramel Shake and/or Custard. Hands down my favorite burger, and Shake, and Custard, and fries. The custard flavors change every day and they are 2die4!!!

La Petite Abeille for mussels and delicious appetizers.

Libertador / Short Ribs. Get them Medium. Get the Fries (a la provencal). And the most delicious Flan you’ll ever have. It’s the most amazing meal on earth…

San Matteo / Delicious pizza and panuozzo

Still, my favorite coffee, crepes, lemonade, and gelato (outside of Italy of course) are still in Philly, along with the only beer I like… And my favorite Italian in the US is in Boston… but…

But then…

then there is treat I dream about for months and months, and is the simplest one of all:

Mcintosh Apples at the Finish Area of the NYC Marathon.

Nothing on earth ever tastes as juicy and delicious and energizing and nutritious and well earned. Nothing, nothing.


Ray Bradbury is never wrong:

“I hate a Roman named Status Quo!” He said to me. “Stuff your eyes with wonder,” he said, “live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds.  See the world.  It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.  Ask no guarantees, ask for no security, there never was such an animal.  And if there where it would be related to the great sloth which hangs upside down in a tree all day every day, sleeping its life away.  To hell with that,” he said, ” shake the tree and knock the great sloth down on his ass.”

Seize the Day. The Week. The Race.

For the next two days I am going to seize as much food as possible.

There’s a half empty jar of Nutella on my desk now. I am starting at the top of my pyramid (pyramid explanation is here).


In tomorrow’s episode: a condensed milk can. Or two. Plus everything else.