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My Most Embarrassing Running Moment: Kara Goucher

Kara said:

My most embarrassing running moment was probably the time in HS when I went to pull off my warm ups and realized I forgot to put on my racing shorts. Tears and a quick change later I was on my way…



Kara Goucher is an American middle and long distance runner. She was the 10,000 meters bronze medalist at the 2007 World Championships in Athletics and represented USA at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics. She made her marathon debut in 2008 and finished third at the Boston Marathon.



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NYC Half: Dinner with Champions (Kara, Kim, Ritz, Meb, Desi, Adam&Colt Goucher, and…!)

I had attended this event last year too, when one of my best friends (ket’smeow!) invited me:

so of course I said yes again. It’d also be our friendship anniversary…! We had lots of elite running fun last year, and took lots of pictures (all here A Night with Champions: Kara, Ryan, Meb, Edna, Gebre, Adam, and Colt!).

We got there a bit later this time as we had to catch up… As soon as we got upstairs, it was fun time. I spotted Ritz right away of course! We talked for a bit as people hadn’t recognized him yet… what he had coming up, about the last time he run the half and how the course was different this time. He then talked about how hard Central Park is, and told me about this race he had run once that he won. And I totally remembered that race as it was the first race I had ever run in Central Park after the half, I remember him winning and donating all his winnings to the Kidney Foundation (that sponsored the race) as his grandfather had been affected by it… I was so impressed with him that day, that I remembered it all 5 years later…

Wished him luck and really hoped he could win, but the field is sooo ridiculous. He needs to move to NY and do all our races!!

Two seconds later I spot Adam, and Colt and Kara walk in. Gosh, Kara’s arms are IMPRESSIVE, “it’s because of carrying this little guy around!”, everything is crosstraining, isn’t it?? And her hair is darker!! If I want to beKara for Halloween again, I’ll need to go darker! She said she likes to try new stuff. Intereeeeeesting…! Adam and I chatted for a bit, about his book Running the Edge, which I love, and working on other stuff. He said they might go over to Kara’s posters (the ones I blogged about) and take pictures, and luckily grandma was around to take over Colt who was getting bored with all these runners!

Happy-looking and fast family! And this girl in the middle, hummm.

Turned around and there was Kim Smith. Whenever I see or hear her name I always remember how fiercely she pushed in Boston and took a very early lead and crazy pace last year. That was crazy to watch. Crazy inspiring. “It didn’t work out though”, she said.Oh, but she’s such a Pre. We talked for a long time, then I started telling her about the course, she kept asking and I pulled my course map from my Kate Spade, because you always have to have a course map wherever you go!! I’ll be thinking about you going up that hill, she said, about Harlem hill. Of course you will. But then you can hit the gas as soon as you’re clear of that and push. She seemed happy to know this stuff and really really ready to go run this race right that second. The Girl is FIERCE.

We get some more drinks (ginger ale for me please!!!) and then turned around and Meb was there. Clearly, Meb and Kara were the most popular there, they come to NYC often, then take over the city and have big sponsors that make sure we all know about them. Getting to Meb wasn’t as easy, but we managed. My friend said did Meb know you? he seemed to recognize you! Ha, I’ve met him one million times before, but I don’t think so. We talked about the course again, I had to be fair to everyone really… then about UCan, cause I get it at work, and he reccomended chocolate and vanilla (as I said it can be quite chalky), and you know, the stuff, NYC Half, the marathon, the Olympic trials, all packed in 2 minutes with a second for a picture too!

They then group everyone together, and do some speeches… From left, Kim Smith, Desi Davila, Meb, Caroline Rotich.

Kara was on the other side of the room.

Below: check Ritz right on Kara’s shoulder.

Then Mary Wittenberg, in pink, talked. We all listened of course.

And laughed too, apparently.

Up: check out Kara’s osom grey suede boots. HAWTNESS!

Then we break out again, so I get to Desi. I had never met her before (other than having dinner right before the Boston marathon 1 yard away from her!) and I felt HUGE. Also, I felt crazy… she’s so quiet and maybe shy… and I am so not! We even got in a bit of an argument over a boy and I was ready to fight Desi off, all joking of course…!!!!! 

Then the photo op! I positioned myself to get a good one. Like??

We let them be after. Then need rest and sleep and I did too. That was the only thing I was going to do for this race and it hadn’t worked out so far… We still did go outside for a bit of the view from the Time Warner Center, but it had been foggy all day…

Foggy or not, I love this city. And I love my friends. And I love that I get to hang out with all this people like it’s normal. It feels totally normal to me, but I know it’s not. I still try to wrap around my head sometimes about the things that have become normal to me and not take them for granted. One thing that I do all the time and I still always get excited about is running the park, mostly in the reservoir, at night, with the whole skylike lit up.I really hope that the excitment that is this city never grows old to me. And just around the corner, I had the NYC Half, that runs thru my park, and Times Square, and all the way to the other end of the city. How could anyone not be super super excited about that. I know I was. More about that SOON.

NYC Half: Dinner with Champions (Kara, Kim, Ritz, Meb, Desi, Adam&Colt Goucher, and…!)

Kara (and the NYC Half) taking over the city

Can you imagine what it’d be to see this on your corner?

Well, this is all over NYC this week!! The NYC Half has taking over and it’s almost as big as the marathon… Fun week indeed. From now on, I’ll be running into the biggest stars of our sports in my slow and regular run, and wave. Newyorkers never ever acknowledge celebrities, but if they are runners we DO (I do) waive and shout. They deserve it. Expo starts on Thursday (through Saturday); I’ll have to stop by at the Motorola booth to pick up race day gear, and visit my Team in Training coworkers.

This Friday, just like last year (A Night with Champions: Kara, Ryan, Meb, Edna, Gebre, Adam, and Colt!), Kettia and I will dine with the elites and hopefully get their speed secrets! I promise I’ll make a list and share. Anyway, half fever is up to 103 and I am ready to set my secret plan to victory on high gear… Want to know…? I am going to… Sleep!!!!


I know it’s super obvious but that’s ALL I can do at this point. At least starting tomorrow (I already know it won’t happen tonight!). Hopefully tomorrow!

I am SO sleep deprived that Sunday I slept in the middle of my run. Literally.

I walked up to the park so slowly and tired (and I hadn’t even run since Thursday…!) and did more hill reps. Then, after 6 miles I was so tired, I put my shirt on the grass, slept for like an hour, and got back to a few more miles. Ridiculous.

Also, it was pretty stooopid of me to try to rest in a place where everbody knows me! Got woken up every 20 minutes.

Kara (and the NYC Half) taking over the city

Yey for Destiny!

What do you do when you can’t make up your mind??? Do you go crazy? Get anxious? Ask everybody? Freak out and decide just so you don’t have to wonder anymore? Well, my wise grandma used to say that when you can’t make a decision, you just delay it, wait and wait and at some point the door will open up for you. You don’t pick the door, the door picks you…

But let me back up a little… Back in November when I was coming back to running, I signed up for the Manhattan Half as I knew it’d get full and it would be a good reason for me to train thru the crappy December-January weather (which ended up being as un-crappy as it could be!). Early December I started getting crazy pain, stopped running and was out for a month. Again. Mid January I started back up slowly.

First Week in January: 5 miles

Second Week in January: 10 miles

Third Week… I already had 6 miles by Wednesday, should I even go up to (plus 13) 19? Yeah, might be too much, mostly after a longest run of 6.5 the weekend before, longest run in almost two months so I know I shouldn’t, this is why I always end up getting in trouble, and I know I need to be smarter so I really shouldn’t but I didn’t rule it out as I didn’t really committ to it, I was in a waiting phased and decided to let the door pick me.

They said it might snow. I didn’t carboload but I did set the alarm for 6:30 am and set some clothes out. My phone starts bleeping with text messages before that. I look at the bible:


Oh ok… refreshed the NYRR page, and see the door!!!!

Because of the snow, they had turned the race into a fun run, which means no scoring, no timing mats, and run whatever you want and time yourself. And, if you don’t show up, you still get credit towards the marathon…  KA-Chiiiiing. I can use any sleeping time any time, so I replied to some texts, I think I tweeted I was staying put (which apparently I didn’t) and turned in place!

It’s gorgeous to wake up to snow, and given now I had skipped a race, or cheering with my team, and then post race brunch, I had a few osom hours in my hand to waste. So I got right to it:

As soon as I open it up, I discover the sweetest note:

This is what I call Saturday-Snow-Happinees Mission Complete.

I know this waiting for the door to open passive approach is not for everybody. You have to take in whatever life throws at you and deal with it. But it seems to work. And really, my grandma was never wrong with anything else.

Yey for Destiny!

Weekend Videos: Kara/Shalane/Me

Hello!!! Hope you’re having a great weekend, and in case you need a laugh (because, who doesn’t?), here’s something for you!

There’s one video you HAVE to see and one you can (totally) skip, but I’ve been pressured into posting it…

#1 Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan trashing each other. Loved it. Watch it! Thumbs up! Their part starts at 3:00 minutes into the show

#2- Me being a spaz… at the Mini10k… totally horrendous. Skip it, don’t watch it!! I look like an idiot, which is totally normal for me but now you have to witness it. Rob89 found this earlier last week and posted it in my public messages, people saw it and now I “have to post it“… GGGRRR. I really have no idea what’s happening two feet away from me, as usual… Laugh if you need to, that girl with the shirt was OSOM though!

Have a fun weekend!!!!!

Scavenger Hunt Entry, sit down for this one

When (OSOM) Mr.Bacon posted about the Scavenger hunt I got so super excited I wanted to run out of work, lace up, and go out for pictures. Is there anything more exciting than pictures??? anything?

Of course you know I would go overboard with pictures! It took me one run plus some time in the Mini 10k on Saturday… Here we go!
blog post photo
The animals I see the most, along with squirrels, racoons, and birds: dogs on a leash!
blog post photo
Horse carriages in Central Park. By Tavern on the Green (which is also a Landmark, the NYC Marathon finishes there!!).

blog post photo
Holden Caulfield’s ducks!
blog post photo
My favorite, also a landmark: the bobcat on top of %#!$% Cat Hill… I usually %$%@^^&& right at him!!!
Body of Water
blog post photo
hey, humans are 70% water after all!! Ok, for real now!

blog post photo

blog post photo

blog post photo

The Bethesda fountain, a super famous landmark too
blog post photo
The Reservoir… See the blimp????
Favorite Medal
blog post photo
There’s two, I couldn’t pick one. My first NYC marathon, and my recent Boston. I love love love love love them! Oh, and a flower!
blog post photo
Besides the Cat Hill, this one is my all time favorite in the park: Fred Lebow. I always salute him when I go by, and he’s right by my entrance to the park! Yo, Fred!!!!
License plate
This had me stressed out as I never look at cars… but I started paying attention and saw this!
blog post photo
And then… this!!

blog post photo


blog post photo

my sweaty, sweaty, foot!!!!! this is probably why I get crazy big blisters!!
A flower
blog post photo
A sign with a four-syllable word on it
blog post photo
A plant that looks like a person
blog post photo
Ok… this doesn’t look like a person, but if you ask me what a runner’s high looks like, it’s THAT!!
A missing, broken or black toenail
blog post photo
No broken or black toenails right now… mine are missing!!!
Wild card
#1– My fridge:
blog post photo
#1– … ready???
blog post photo
This was F-U-N!!!


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Mini 10K RR

Everybody I know was wondering why I’d be racing while Argentina was playing. I was questioning it too: I never do well in this race, it was hot, humid, and… the World Cup was on.
Still, I’d rather be the main character in my life before being a spectator of anyone else’s, so off I went to the park with my white chocolate mocha… A PR wasn’t the goal, but just to do this race justice. My 10k PR was three weeks old: a 46:43 (average pace of 7:32); but weather yesterday was not cooperating… I wasn’t expecting much, just to start slow and pick it up later.
Mary Wittenberg (President and CEO of NYRR), Paula Radcliffe, and Kara Goucher wished us luck and we were off. I was in the first corral, and that always spells disaster for me; I went out way too fast. (My first mile in the last 10k was 7:40.) Mile 1 and 2 got merged together as I was too hyped up to press the lap button. They averaged 6:59. Ooooops, crap. I am in big trouble. Then I heard/felt a bunch of people surrounding me: a huge group passes me with Mary and Paula. Pretty cool.
We then go into Central Park and I saw pretty much everybody I know there cheering (even Pottbott, remember him?). This race is just bigger than life and everyone comes out to watch!
Mile 3: 7:24, still going too fast, and I was definitely feeling the effects of the heat and humidity. That’s when I started to fall apart. Mile 4: 8:01. But when I saw the 4 mile mark I decided to step it up, though my mind kept wandering… The extra effort felt ok but I was so unfocused. Mile 5: 7:21. Until I started chasing this tall woman until the finish. I’ve noticed I’ve been doing that more and more, just chase someone… Mile 6: 7:28. The final .2 was done in 7:16 pace. I clocked in at 46:05. That’s a 38 seconds PR.
I have no idea…
Weather was yucky, Blaise wasn’t there to pace me, I went out too fast, I had the same shoes, the same coffee… Someone figure this one out please. It’s making me mental…
Off to find everybody. Now, about the outfit: I have a couple of running skirts that I NEVER wear. I figured it I didn’t wear a skirt to the Mini10k, then I’d just have to recycle them. And the pink… it’s a all women’s race, I had to! Right?
I saw Kara, who looks OSOM as you can see, and I don’t have to tell you how sweet she is!

kara goucher mini 10k nyrr mary wittenberg kara goucher mini 10k nyrr mary wittenberg

There’s Mary too. You all know she is “The Most Amazing Woman In The Whole Wide World”, right?

Katherine Switzer Kara!

Katherine Switzer, who I had met in Boston earlier this year. You know her: a true pioneer of women’s running. She created this race, along with Fred Lebow, and was the first woman to run NYCM (won it twice) and the first winner of Boston (after they established the women’s category). She was also the one who pushed for adding the women’s marathon to the Olympics.

Where would we be without her?? Well, I’ll tell you: we’d still be holding our uterus so it wouldn’t fall out when we run; and running anything but marathons!

kara goucher mini 10k nyrr mary wittenberg adam goucher
Adam Goucher wasn’t getting as much attention as super-rockstar Kara, so we chatted for a while. He’s super nice and was telling me about his training and how much he suffered while injured. I get moody and grumpy when I can’t run, but I couldn’t even imagine how the elites would deal with it, it’s gotta be 500 times harder (he said he put on 15 pounds!!!); and he’s targeting the Olympic trials (for the marathon) so he’ll do the half in January instead. And… it’s confirmed, it’s a BOY!!!! Seems like they were all expecting a girl, but he’s happy as it took them so long to get pregnant. He’s super nice, that boy’s gonna be fast and OSOM with those genes!!

And, the myth, the woman, THE Paulinator! Not sure if Paula is a soccer fan but she didn’t say a peep about the Argentinian shirt. I was not about to bring it up.

She was SO nice!

kara goucher mini 10k nyrr mary wittenberg adam goucher paula radcliffe

The winner, Linet Masai, on the left by Katherine, with a yellow shirt. The race story is here.
DSCN9029 The winner, who was super super shy, and the rest of the top three!
go here for pictures and video.
Then was the turn of the two running Gods/hot mammas!
They stand there like they are normal. Do they not realize how amazing they are?? Seriously????
Then they heard about my race, and they couldn’t hide it…
So, it’s ok that I didn’t miss this for (the first half of) a soccer game. Right? 😉