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Handana Giveway Winner!

and the winner to our Handana Review and Giveway is… wait for it…. randomcrazynumberselectorthingy on…. wait for it…

handana winner random number

Congrats!!!! Please email me your email address and the fabo people at Handana will send you your gift! Congrats CONGRATS!!

Handana Review – and GIVEAWAY!

What’s a handana you say? Well, if you run (or do ANY other sports) and you sweat, as we ALL do, you probably need it. So many times I have said in a run “I am going to put a plug up my nose!!” that it’s ridiculous (well, I said tampon, but TMI, right?). My nose drips when I run, I don’t know why. It must be a common thing but just in case I checked with a doctor last year. Diagnosis: it’s no big deal. Ummm, I beg to differ mr “doctor“! In the Summer it’s not so bad, but in the winter I use my gloves, my sleeves, my jacket, everything!. I use them so much… emmm, TMI censure again!

Anyway, I need to wipe my nose constantly. I also sweat a lot… then I came across this:


Photo stolen from http://www.myhandana.com/

emmm, do I REALLY need ONE MORE THING to add to my insane running apparel collection? I don’t. I do. I got it. Loved it. I put the Handana on its own when it’s hot and over sleeves or gloves when it’s not. It’s not too tight or too lose (there’s a sizing chart which worked perfectly for me), and omg the difference is night and day! My nose is not peeled anymore when I get back from wiping it so much, and it dries in seconds so you can use it like 30 times a minute. I used it for forehead sweat a few times too, over the nose sweat and it was great, but my nose has never been the same anymore.

I thought it’d bother me but I would forget it was there. If you sweat a lot, and a headband doesn’t do it, or if your nose drips like mine, you might have to try it. Also, while you’re at it,

Also checking the site,  I came across the story on how the handana was born… Handana® was created by Katie Niemeyer as a solution to inefficient cotton sports wristbands she wrapped around her hands to wipe away sweat and nasal drip while running.  As a Stevens-Johnson SJS survivor, her eyes were very sensitive, and she found it difficult to focus on training for her first marathon while sweat was dripping into and burning her eyes. That’s when Handana was born. The picture on that link will give you a CLEAR idea of why she needed it!!

And we’re doing a giveaway for a gift certificate for $10 towards your own Handana! 

Every One of this counts as an entry, do as many as you’d like.

  • Post below in the Comments why you’d like a Handana.
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We’ll track the entries by the link to this post and the hashtag. You have until December 20 to play, and then the great people at Handana will randomly select a winner, and we’ll announce it all over the place! Good Luck!