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I have 422 friends, yet I am lonely

This video is about 10 months old and it just haunts me. It’s simple and so heart-breaking too… just watch it. I promise the 4 minutes are worth it.

We’re alive to make Connections. With everyone. With everything. That is the purpose of our finite life. Be engaged. There’s so much I could say about this. About how I actually too met my husband when we crossed paths like that too, in a second. About how Running helps me to stay engaged, to have emotions, to share them with whoever is around, or to just be bored and have the randomest thoughts. About how when I moved to the US I realized I couldn’t share my life with my family and friends anymore but barely keep them informed. About how happy I was when two weeks ago we booked a trip where we won’t have phone service.

What does it make you feel? How do you feel it applies to you? Would you change anything?

I don’t do new years’ resolutions, but I am really going to try to look up and engage a lot more. Every single day. I am just going to walk home after work today. No headphones.