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Mizuno’s BE, my new training (NOT running) shoes

A few weeks before Berlin I got these lovely shoes… Let me shoe you (ha, pun intended!)!
The sole is super thin and bendable. The insteresting part is inside… your toes are pretty much, hanging out, literally. The way Samurais did it years and years ago.
See? I know, it’s hard to understand… Here is the Mizuno version
Before you say anything, THESE ARE NOT FOR RUNNING!
You wear them around the house, or to work (??) (I do!) or wherever. But Mizuno is very clear that they are not for running. NOT RUNNING.
So, this idea is based on the Waraji sandals the Samurai and Japanese foot soldiers wore. 
They are supposed to develop your muscles and tendons by engaginging your toes.
Anway, not wanting to do anything crazy before my marathon I started wearing them when I came back. Ha, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to walk around much with my toes hanging out, like they  were about to jump off a cliff or something. And I was quite aware of it all for the first minutes every time I got up. Then I’d forget. And so on.
I felt the soreness the day after. Which I loved, so I kept wearing them more and more.  After a couple of days I wore them without even a second thought! Not only I didn’t feel anything weird with  my toes, but my toes really got used to moving around.
I really like them. They’re super light weight and a great tool to make your feet stronger as well as challenge and engage them. I am not sure I can tell you how much they’ve made my feet better but I definitely feel they are a lot more active these days.

Mizuno’s BE, my new training (NOT running) shoes

oh oh oh yeaaah. Gotta Love Shoegasms

So, big day for me. This is what I had in my arms coming home today!

Actually, on my way to the VIVOBAREFOOT store, I got distracted by a little (HA< LITTLE!!) street fair, can’t resist funnel cake

but that’s a different story.

Anyway, being one of their few (and amazing!! hehe) certified coaches has its perks! 

Here are my new babies.

My VIVO babies. I had been dying to try the Achilles for a whiiiiile!

This is probably the first running non-shoe where my toe is making contact with anything, and it felt totally strange when I tried it on, but I run around and bit and it seemed comfy. I’ve had running sandals before, like these…

and/or these

but the VIVOBAREFOOT are SO totally cool lookng!! Also, the toes are not covered, we’ll see how these fare!

Then.. the ultras pure!

AAHHHHH!!!! A total amphibian shoe, you take the liner out and they can be dry in 1 minute. And they’re SO light, and comfy… it’s … how do I describe it… a super light thin foam. Like you’re wearing nothing, only better. Is that clear?

And the breathos!!! 


I had wanted to try these since I saw them! They look a LOT like my neo trails:

But the breathos has a completely different upper, a lot more breathable and lite, more summery for sure… Might leave the Neo trails for the winter… 😉

Well, really, for someone that has over 50 pairs IN ROTATION (yes, 50, don’t judge!), three more is like… a Brangelina family!?!?!!

And.. I get home, open my mailbox, and oh JEEEEEEEZ

Seriously sit down.



it is what you are thinking


more shoes. more shoes on the way.


oh oh oh yeaaah. Gotta Love Shoegasms