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Happy 2017 + Midnight Run

Running the Midnight Run has turned into a nice little tradition of sorts. The Midnight Run, in case you don’t know, is a New York Road Runners’ 4 mile race in Central Park on December 31st, at 11:59 pm. There are fireworks right at the start, they lasted about 14 minutes, and apple cider in the Mile 2 water station. There is also a dance party, festival and fun stuff. My husband and I are not big party people so this fits us really well. Plus, we can walk home right after!

The 31s started with some packing (we are moving in a few days, still the Upper East Side, so don’t worry!) and then work. Yes, I choose to work on the 31st because I can’t say no to NYRR! Just check out this team. Plus we were all running!


from left/top: Caitlin, Jess, Isabel, Kevin, Claudia, Stacey, Nora, Hope, Jose, Elliott, me and Bobby

A few times that night, Bobby and I did a few course strategy sessions for the race at the Run Center. It was quite funny. There were a few first timers and we tried to not scare them about Cat Hill 😉



newly married Maggie and Daniel, picking up their bibs!

Juan came by and by 11:20 we left the Run Center, and run to the race start in Central Park! We left out bags, got to the corral, saw a million people we knew and waiting for the gun at 11:59! Then the fireworks started so we went a little to the side to watch them… Juan actually made a cool video which I need to figure how to import, but it was so much fun. I love fireworks so much, maybe a bit more than running…



HAPPY 2017 GUYS!!!!


Amazing Shot by Ben Ko. Masterpiece. Juan is right on my side with his Ironman hat!!

Juan was just running with me, so my pace didn’t matter. And I was taking it as a tempo, as I had had few weeks off, no warm up, and LOTS of food at work… The beginning was a bit rough because we started way because we were watching the fireworks, the opening mile was passing a lot of people. Mile 2 was the warm up, Mile 3 had a bit of apple cider and I was starting to feel out my pace and feeling warmed up. Mile 4 felt good, and I really pushed in the last quarter.

Finish time was my slowest 4 miler in years but I still got in 5th in my AG. I usually do these 4 milers in 28:00 (7 flat pace). Had I raced, I would have won the AG, which is CRAY CRAY!


I was SO HOT. It was the hottest new years ever. Had I not gone to work and planned this, I would have worn shorts and singlet. But I was wearing my subzero tights and I was a hot sweaty mess. oh well.


Finish line sweaty shot.

Stats Time!

Finish time: 30:30. Average Pace: 7:38

Previous PR: 28:00. From: June, 2015

Age Grading: 64.98%

Overall Place: 256 of 4,963

Gender Place: 50 of 2,786

Age Place: 5 of 291

We then went dancing a little… just a little


No shots with our friends… we forgot? Then it started raining so we jogged it home. I always love running past the Met with their new front… it’s just gorgeous, mostly at night when it’s empty.


I went to sleep at 2:30 am. Which is INSANE to me.  Such a cool way to start the year.

Wishing you all the best for 2017.  Lots of LOVE and miles and smiles. Liz

Happy New Year! (Midnight Run Pictures)

Last year, we started the year doing the NYRR Midnight Run, which was sooo much fun! This year we decided to skip the run because the gear logistics seemed too complicated for us to figure out.  Either we overdress so we don’t freeze before and after (which we did last year, we even left overcoats in baggage) and are too warm during the run, or we dress ok for the run but we freeze before and after. So, to avoid having to think, we run earlier and showed up to the prerace for the party, to watch the race and the fireworks.

It was amazing.

We got there almost right at 12. We saw the start of the race, we were just about 200 meters from the start right on top of the Bethesda Fountain, and guess what, the fireworks were right on top of us. Amazing. 14 minutes of fireworks, 14 minutes of people starting, and as soon as the fireworks ended we walked back a few meters to watch the finish. Then we went back to the main area, danced a little, and headed home. The park, empty, at 2 am, is just pure GLORY.

nyrr midnight run central park (3)

nyrr midnight run central park (4) nyrr midnight run central park (1) nyrr midnight run central park (2)

nyrr midnight run central park (6) nyrr midnight run central park (7) nyrr midnight run central park (8) nyrr midnight run central park (5) nyrr midnight run central park (9) nyrr midnight run central park (10)

Have the best 2015!