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National Running Day and… I tried PILATES!

this was a crazy week, not like they are ever quiet here. But, since last Sunday my stomach has not been doing so well. I think I have a stomach virus, quite disgusting to give you any fun details, but I’ve been trying to calm it down until it goes away. All I’ve been eating since Sunday is that liquid white rice nonsense with parmesan and more parmesan on it. Oh and black tea. YUK. By Tuesday, I had lost 5 pounds… UGH. I still did do my speedwork, because HEY, but I felt like I was gonna pass out with each interval. AWFUL.

2015-06-02 08.19.18

that’s the bunch of us after the workout. I did what I could, which I still think was pretty good.

2015-06-02 08.19.33

Those pictures at Engineer’s Gate never get old! Anyway, I’ve been stumbling around through the city, dizzy and week since Sunday. WHAT A MESS.

Wednesday, we set out to have a cool NATIONAL RUNNING DAY run all over Central Park. Carolina and I started at 6:20 am at NYRR. They had LOTS of food, but hey, that’s all poison to me. My stomach grumbles even with water!!! 

2015-06-03 06.26.20

At Engineers Gate, there was a NYRR section, with Peter Ciaccia, bandanas, and other cool stuff!

2015-06-03 06.27.39

we are SO creative!


2015-06-03 06.28.34

I really have no clue what to do with a bandana. So I gave it to a runner friend, hey Mo!


2015-06-03 08.44.05


We then run over to Columbus Circle, as Charity Miles was set up there, with lots of cool stuff too, plus their Timex friends, and cupcakes (yeah, well…). We set out on a run with them too. Do you use Charity Miles????? It’s a GREAT app, you turn it on when you run, select a charity, and they give money to your charity for the miles you walk, run, or bike. I don’t run much with my phone but I do use it when I run do errands, and it really adds up. I work for one of the charities they benefit, and I am the one that receives the check at the end of the year. It really makes a huge difference on our end!

Thursday, after my run, I did pilates. You all know I am BAD at don’t cross-train. I tried sooo many things and I pretty much hated everything (remember SoulCycle? ha). I thought this was fantastic!!! Stefanie Gordon, the Pilates instructor, is a former Division 1 runner for the University of Delaware and was introduced to Pilates after numerous injuries left her unable to train. She now works primarily with runners and post-op patients. You can reach her here: [email protected]

Okay, if I am ever going to try something like this, of course I’d go for someone like her, right? Her  practice is right off Grand Central Station which is AMAZING to me… Lots more info on Stef here.

You know me, you know I really thought I was gonna hate it. Actually Tracey, on my run yesterday morning, told me ALL the things I’d hate about it. 

I actually really liked it. I don’t know if it’s because Stef IS A RUNNER or what. We did a lot of stuff with the muscles we runners need to work on, and the ones we don’t work on. I found it a bit very challenging but as soon as I noticed it had been an hour… WTF! it went really fast. I like that she was pointing out my inefficiencies, and those machines are pretty amazing. To tell you the truth though, this is not stuff I could do on my own, at home, or without coaching. 


Somehow I am not destroyed one day later..??? All really weird. If I had drunk anything in there, I would tell you she gave me some magic potion. Oh, then she foam-rolled me at the end, it was amazing(LY PAINGFUL!). Guys, if you have some sort of inefficiency, weakness, are looking for some cross-training, just go see her! THANKS STEF!!!!!

2015-06-04 12.56.18

I didn’t get on this one. Looks scary, right?

Next up, the NYRR Retro 4 Miler this Sunday ASSUMING I have enough food in my to race. I am still eating very little and loosing weight, so we’ll see. It’s a “retro” themed race but I can’t find any vintage gear!!! And this headband is SO tight on my head, I could barely wear it for a minute. Apparently, I have a big head…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





2015-06-04 15.55.52

National Running Day Giveaway: Three KT Tape Rolls!

You know we love to do a giveaway or two a week, so, here’s an awesome one!!! If you’re not following this blog, make sure you do so you don’t miss out on this stuff. This time, KT Tape wants to ship three winners a free roll of KT TAPE, how cool is thaaaat?

I am sure you know them, but if you need info, here’s some straight from their site:

Need support that will endure multiple lighter workouts? Then original KT TAPE is for you. It provides targeted pain relief and will stay in place through multiple workouts for up to 3 days, through daily showers, humidity, cold, even in the pool. Each box comes with 20 precut strips of tape on a roll and a quick start guide with step-by-step instructions for the most common injuries.

All you have to do to enter for a chance to win ONE of the THREE rolls is just comment below with your pick of color. To choose a color, visit the KT Tape page for a list.

We’ll pick THREE winners randomly on National Running Day, next Wednesday June 3rd, at noon. One thing: if you don’t live in the US, we’ll ship it to a friend of yours in the US to hold it for you, ok?

Go for it! Good Luck!

KT tape

Fridays Can Be Confusing + some NRD pics

#1 It’s National Donut Day. And there, I have a 10K tomorrow! How many donuts can I eat before I run my race?

#2 I realized I should start marathon training in a couple of weeks, so, I started doing calculations. The same numbers I do before every marathon and they don’t fail. I got a 3:09 to 3:12 marathon. WTF? This seems impossible. Last one was 3:27. ??!?!?! I redid them over and over. Something must be wrong.

#3 I have to start marathon training next week?

#4 It’s Friday: who cares? Also: it’s Summer Fridays! It’s been raining all day, do we not get Summer this year?

And just because I like them, here is a couple of pictures from National Running Day, will probably blog about it at some point…

2013-06-06 21.47.58 2013-06-06 21.48.55 2013-06-06 21.49.03 2013-06-06 21.50.05

all pics stolen from JP. thanks!!

Happy Racing/Weekend!

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Grab a Friend and Go: Happy National Running Day!

Don’t you think today is a great to force inspire someone to start running? As usual on this national holiday, I will be doing double duty: two runs! It’s a like a birthday in a way for me (WHERE are my presents?!?!?!?).

I went to claim my 2013 badge, and pffff, I never know what to write, there are SO many things I run for/because… that I settled on this:

#1 Make a badge and share it.

#2 Then, run. Grab someone you like. And/Or look for an event in your city. If there is none, or you can’t make it, create one, invite a few friends, and celebrate.

#3 And make a list of what your running has done for you in the last year (share that too if you want!).

These are things I am celebrating this year:

– Been injury free for almost two years now.

– Running keeps making me happy, healthy, and bringing and lot of great things!

– I have gotten some PRs in the last year I never thought I could get to.

– I have met amazing people in the last year through running. One of them who makes me very happy every second, and we live together for Pre’s sake! In a studio!!!

– I have learned a lot about myself, how much I can grow and push through when I set my eyes on a goal, and work hard to achieve it.

– Seeing many friends so much happier now that they have started running.

That’s what I am celebrating today. You? Happy National Running Day!

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The -National Running Day- Run

These days… It’s always a struggle, SO much to do, so many events to attend… For this National Running Day, I limited my options to two (I did THREE last year!) as I have a race this weekend and definitely need to back off from this past week’s speed workouts and mileage.
One was the Footlocker Run. Since I did the Footlocker Five Boro Challenge last year, I’ve grown very close to them and I like to show up when I can to show my support. The other one was my team’s (Dashing Whippets) 5K, which seemed really fun: you had to guess your time, wear no watch, run the 5K, and whoever came closer to their estimated time would win. No speed required? My type of race! 😉
But rain was announced, the Footlocker run was first so I figured I’d get moving before it was too late. And I had still a lot more to do so the sooner I was done, the better!
I got to the Union Square Footlocker Run store, get a shirt, get a bib, write on the bib, see John, Jeanine, and Gabriella (from NYRR and Footlocker) and catch up. Soon I find Blaise, my sidekick and we talk about how slow we’re gonna be!
We all got these cool shirts, get a group photo, leave our staff and John leads us to the Upper West Side, we get to a bit over a mile and decide to turn around to go back to the store. It was getting really crazy cloudy out, hmmm. This could be FUN…
Also, John had a very cool NYRR shirt I want:
They turned around, Blaise and I keep going. No run counts under 4 miles in my book!!! Hehehe. We turn around a bit before 2 and head back. They had electrolytes drinks and stuff at the store. I was soaked in sweat, tired and quite ready to get some food.
You kinda HAVE to run on National Running Day and I was very happy to head home having done my duty.

HAPPY National RUNNING Day! (What’s YOUR running day/week like?)

Happy Best Day Ever!

I am not gonna lie, this day creeped up on me, just like anything else. But, I am having a good running WEEK, so it’s ALL A-OKAY. Here is my National Running Day Happy List:

  • Somehow I managed 35 miles last week. CRAZY. Average this year had been 20. I didn’t even notice until I tallied it up.
  • First long run with Blaise, my training partner, in a WHILE (a year?!?!). I love consistency.
  • I did speedwork TWICE in a week. TWICE.  Yeah, twice. Didn’t do any for a year, now twice. Feeling way better about it.
  • Got two good nights of sleep this week. It’s amazing how good that is, I wake up feeling like a brand new person!
  • Got lots of new shoes and samples this week to keep things interesting and new.
  • Volunteered/Attended a talk last night with Scott Jurek, Steve Friedman, Peter Sarsgaard, Chris McDougall…
  • Best Moment: when Chris McDougall recognized me and screamed my name. He’s loud, and tall, and I couldn’t believe he remembered me. Total Shock.
  • Run tonight with the Footlocker people for NatRunningDay, should be fun!
  • The Mini10k is this weekend! I know I won’t PR but I LOVE that race. And I got a new tiny pink running skirt.Or maybe I’ll break out the tutu again 

Last Night: Chris, Scott, Steve, Peter, will post more tomorrow about all they said, I took notes to share.

Last Year at the Mini10K (more pics):

HAPPY National RUNNING Day! (What’s YOUR running day/week like?)