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TCS New York City Marathon – Spectator Tracking Guide

hi guys!

One of the NYC running stores, Jack Rabbit, has this most amazing tracking sheet you could make, so your spectators could find you on race day.

Basically, you enter the runner’s (you!) bib number, wave time, and your predicted finish in the yellow cells, and it throws a page ready to print with splits for every mile so your fans can track you. And they can add up to 3 people.

Just fill the 5 yellow cells for each runner and PRINT!, you’ll love it. Sorry if it’s messy, I updated it quickly so we could all use it, so I hope it looks ok, but I know it works!!!


Once you hit print, you’ll get a sheet like this, you can send to all your fans.

post image

Like it? download it here: 2015 Jack Rabbit Marathon Tracker (update: this is the 2015 version of the file, but it works exactly the same way as the start times are the same)

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