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Race Report: NYRR Oakley Mini 10K – my 100th RACE!

As you might have read, I lost most of my running mojo some time back and I have been quite off. But, I had signed up for the mini… and my parents were in town and wanted to see me race. Also, the mini is like THE quintessential race… I have done it every single year since I started running, in 2007, so that’s EIGHT in a row. I love this race.

Okay, why you say? There’s not cute boys to look at, you say! Yes, no boys, but can I just tell you a secret?? This is, shhhh, OUR race… We just race with our girl, we bond, we all support each other, we do it for us. Yes, it’s sexist to have our own race and to keep the race going shows that we’re still not equal to men, or exagerates that we need special treatment, but you know, let’s take it while we have it! Plus, this race smells better in general. And… we all know it, we women pace BETTER. Yes, it’s true, men are just too emotional to pace off. I know I can just click behind another girl with my pace and sleep to this finish here. That doesn’t happen in the other races…  You KNOW what I am talking about… you know.


Love that I always get a 500 something number for this race

As my parents were visiting, Saturday morning we all woke up around 6:30 and walked to the start. It was hot and humid already and got this sight:


NO EXCUSES. oh oh.


yes, I am wearing the tutu

The day before my friend Florencia had called me to see if I was around NYRR as I live super close. I had forgotten she was running!!!!! We decided we’d run together. Made me SO happy to know I could run with her!!!!! We’re besties, and what else could a mojo-ed out runner than a friend to chill with at a race? EH> well, maybe frozen pops all the way but Flor would be good enough! I then heard from Sole: “I want to have a fun race too!!” yeah then!! The three argentinians would be pacing and lolling up and down the park at a festive pace. Plans UP!

Headed to my corral, blue, and the great thing is that the stage is right there… many pics were taken!


Martina and I


Patricia and I

Then the NYRR photographer snapped a picture of a few of us there for the site, link here.

2014-06-15 11.10.24

full size craziness:2014-06-15 11.03.41

Soon enough the speeches start!


Mary Wittenberg


Kathryn Switzer

Deena Kastor at the NYRR Oakley Mini 10K

Deena Kastor

josh cox at the NYRR Oakley Mini 10K

Spotted: Josh Cox!!!

Desire Linden at the NYRR Oakley Mini 10K

Desiree Linden (nee Davila!)


Nina Kuscick


Spotted: Greg Welch (If you don’t know who he is, my iron-husband would yell: Ironman World Champion, etc etc!!)


Boston Strong!

Soon it was 8 am, muggy as hell, and Peter Ciaccia was giving us clearance on the roads. We were just a few minutes late, 3 or 4, which is unusual for NYRR races but I was getting hypernervous. Why? Oh WHY? My heart was pumping scared.

Em, I hadn’t run in over a month and I was towards the front of a crazy fast 10K full of olympians. Of course I moved back like 4 corrals; I moved towards the back of the stage and let everyone go while I waited for Sole and flor, I was NOT about to get trampled at one of the fastest women road races!! but… wow, my heart was ready to jump out!


Peter Cha-Cha we love you!!!!!

Two-three-4minutes later or something, Flor, Sole and I get moving, while we chatted. I knew Juan and my parents would be on 72nd, on the west and then the east sides. So my first goal was to run 5 blocks to see them.


that was easy. Mom having a super emotional (and patriotic) moment. Juan snaps away.

2014-06-14 08.13.36-3

I snap back. We all hit each other!!! (I swear it was hot!)

2014-06-14 08.13.42

My dad, already overheating too!!!!




Jeremy and his Jeremy-baby!

Sooo, I love that stretch we run in Central Park West. We NEVER run outside the park and it’s so nice and historic and amazing and museumy, ah, love it. But that’s when I usually go out too fast (because, hey, no men means I get places up high in the first corral with the ultra fast women, SHIZZZZ ensuing pace!) and then it’s sooo painful going into the park at 90th to climb that stooopid Harlem hill. This time, it was breeze. Only, there was no breeze, so I was overheating (also probably because I have no muscle and I am made of nutella and wafers and cookies these days. It was like I couldn’t breathe, doing a 10 minute mile pace. KindaRIDIC. Still: FUN.

2014-06-15 11.45.39

So, I caught up with Meghan, from my previous job at TNT and we run and chatted for like half a mile. That’s what I miss about running the most, not that it shapes me into a perfect 10 (hahahhaha!!!!) but the social aspect of it. I get to see all my friends (plus all the other people I know) in the funnest environment. I don’t drink so I am not the bar type and you really can’t eat with everyone (not the way I eat!) or have time to hang out with everyone, but you CAN see eveyrone, at the same place, doing something fun: RUN A RACE. Heck, I miss THAT. A LOT.

When I tell people I hate racing they don’t understand why I do it so much. Because THAT.


2014-06-15 11.47.53

Even Flor (on my right) looks happy and we were both looking for a frozen pool by then!

Miles went by easily, mostly chatting in Spanish (the three of us are Argentinians, go figure!), laboring up the hills a bit with the humidity (note: when you’re out of shape, you feel it a LOT MORE! thousands of kudos to the people who are just starting to run, it’s HARD work!! Please do stick with it, it gets a LOT LOT easier) –I need to get back to “easier” please!).

We had two cups of water at miles 3 and 4, we were melting. Then, back at 72nd, now on the east side, we saw the Dashing Whippets, plus Juan and my parents. Spot the flag!


with one mile to go, they cheer you into 5 minute mile pace and then you realize you need to calm the EFFFF down!

2014-06-14 08.27.07

easy way to get everyone’s heart rate spiking to the final sprint! Loved the 9+1 reference Fred!!!!!!! From left: Ned, Fred, David, Tom and a Whippet I haven’t met yet! (click on pictures for full res, you know you want to!)


HIGH something

HIGH something. What is up with my face?


Took a shot of my partners in (slow and fun) crime. 

We finished, so hot and ready to be in a cold shower, and went straight to drink 4 cups of water. YUM.

2014-06-14 13.24.07


i think we all HATE carnations. YUCK. a towel or a wipe would have been better.


my parents right at the finish and us. And guess what we did with the carnations!?!?!


ah, boys are SO ok after the race! OR an IronMan.

We had to ship out of town soon so we didn’t hang out for too long at the post race, which is my favorite to hang-out at! We headed straight to brunch at EJ’s which by then was pretty empty, yey for a fast table!!!! but first we scored a few pictures of the winners/record breakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Juan too excited, with Greg Welch, if you, again, don’t know who that is (it’s ok, I didn’t either!!!), here


Mandatory visitors’ shot


Hand is visible!!

2014-06-15 15.52.19

Because Tom.

Now… this was my SLOWEST 10K EVER at 1:03. Even in my slowest times when I was starting up I never even went over the hour… Pace was even slower than the Brooklyn Half a month ago (which was my last run!). Nothing surprising how things are turning here.

My 10ks:


Look at the last 3 for this year, emmmm. No excuses, as the Mini bibs read:


I need that bib. I live that bib.

There is no excuses. It is what it is and I am who I want to be. Pace usually represents something. Sometimes your body can’t cope with the brains demands for speed and gives up. I am in a period where my brain has given up and the body has no reason to push at all. Could my body have gone a bit faster? Possibly. But my brain is not in it.

Now I have no other races up ahead in the close future, like I had Scotland, Brooklyn and the Mini to force myself to go do. I didn’t run in between them. This was my SLOWEST RACE EVER with a 49% age grading. A 10K. Insanity… We shall see now. But I did go out for a slow-short 3 mile run last night… Who knows.

Race Report: NYRR Oakley Mini 10K

As usual, I will be dividing this report in two: The Race (bib pick up, amenities, course, atmosphere, etc.) and My Race below


The Mini10K is one of the most traditional women’s races in the world, as it was the first race to cater to women. It was the original girl power event, organized by Fred Lebow in 1972, and had Katheryn Switzer and Nina Kuscik, who you usually see invited to the festivities. Tough course, big names, and always running celebrities and traditions in place, it’s one of the nyc races you don’t want to miss! trust me, you don’t.

For more info and some great pictures, check the NYRR Oakley Mini 10K official page (And you can spot me in the photo gallery!)

Bib Pick Up/Registration. Was a zip as usual. I was excited about the shirt, as every year we get a fitted cotton shirt I can (sometimes) wear to work, but this time, given the new Oakley sponsorship, we got tent tank tops. I call them tents because I got the smallest size they had (an S) and it was enormous for me. It’s on the “give away” pile. Sad. I had liked it!!!!


Start. Was super organized. I always get stuck in lines in these big races but these one felt like a small race..?!?! I had no problems getting to my corral, to a portapotty, all super easy, even if my nerves were expecting all of the opposite. Luckily, my corral (blue) was right in front of the ceremonies so I got to see all the speakers, which included Mary Wittenberg, some triathlete I didn’t know (was just told by my Ironman boyfriend that it was Jenny Fletcher) Desi Davila and…

Who better to kick off the morning than running legend Nina Kuscsik, co-founder of the original “Mini” in 1972 (along with Kathrine Switzer and the late great Fred Lebow)? “Look how far we’ve come,” Kuscsik said into the mic. “It’s great to see you all out here.” Toshiko d’Elia, an 83-year-old masters age-group winner, joined Kuscsik and Mary Wittenberg to wish everyone good luck at the start; she had her 1978 Mini shirt with her.

Chilling. This race always gets to me: Girl Power!!!

Race Atmosphere.

Like I said… it’s so friendly in there, at least until the gun goes off and then it’s elbows up.  Just kidding. or am? I am! I am!! I saw a lot of my team-mates there, Lora of LVrunsnyc.com, everyone was in there in the blue corral an we were all hugging! We chatted, got excited that all the race elites were a meter away (SO crazy)…

nyrr oakley mini 10k

we were right behind that timing mat, yes, THAT close.

Also, it always smells better in the corral in a women’s race. I wonder…

The NYRR photographer got a pic of Michelle, Elke, and I (gallery here!) and soon, we’d be on our way!

nyrr oakley mini 10k dashing whippets front runners

Photo Credit: NYRR, from their gallery. And, of course I wear lipstick to a race!!

Weather. Well, I’ve done the Mini10K seven times and this was the best ever. By FAR. It’s usually in high 70s or even mid 80s with humidity. Always the humidity fro some reason. It must have been 62 or 64, that is usually hot for me, but for the Mini, that was the best weather in… ever. Sun came out and people said they felt the humidity in the last miles. I was just happy it wasn’t as bad usual 😉 Low expectations help!!

The Course. Well, I think it’s one of the roughest 10ks you can do. Seriously hurtful. Elevation profiles are here if you feel like reliving the pain or wonder if you dare. It’s such a tricky race… you start in a mile long straightaway where everyone usually takes out too fast. I promise you, 94% of the people, are going too fast and WILL fade. Never look around!! As soon as you get in the park, there’s a hill, there another climb, then a mountain, then everest. No, I don’t think I am exaggerating. For some reason, this race didn’t feel too crowded for me. I was running comfortable and usually around the same people. My only issue is that NO ONE around me was running tangents. Ahem girls, seriously?  There was some serious cheering on CP West, on Engineer’s Gate and at 72nd tranverse, but most of the park was quiet. Loved it.

The Finish Line. Fun to go through and no crowding. We got medals, flowers, bananas, bagels and water. I was able to meet up with some friends right there and catch up.

The Post Race. There was a line, loooong line, for picture taking?? We spotted Desi Davila in the Oakleys tent!

nyrr oakleys mini 10k desiree davila

Kirby, Desi Davila, and me

Foto 08-06-13 09 17 45

We stayed for the raffles and team pictures… I won nothing, how is that possible. It was such a gorgeous day to stay in the park so Kirby, Juan and I walked back to the UES. I love this race.


I wasn’t sure how I’d do but having done a 10K a month before in 44:32 I knew I would try to go sub 45. This course was harder so I was sure I wouldn’t PR. Actually, it’s not that this course is just harder, it’s that this race always leaves me weeping. It’s just hard. And hilly.

I woke up already serious and with a will kill you if you talk face so the boyfriend knew to stay out of the way and did a wonderfully supportive act. I had my coffee, nothing else, and took the bus downtown to 57th and walked west. By the time I got there, I found a portapotty, did my thing, had a cup of water, which was ALL the fuel I had in me (plus/minus the coffee I had and already got rid of), kissed him and went to the corral.

I found a lot of people on my way, it was cheery and fun and everyone was smiling and relaxed. Is this not the hardest 10K ever? I guess I was the only one dreading it… Well.

I wore my mizunos sayonaras, as usual, love those shoes. It was in the 60s so just booty shorts and bra, this is too hot for singlet and I really have no shame. I know, I am older and should hide some stuff/care but whatevers, this is me.

I got the the blue corral, got photographed, heard the opening speeches, and was ready to go. I think, for the first time ever, I knew what I had to do: Hold it!!!

mini 10k central park west nyrr

Running on Central Park West (thanks Ben Ko for always taking amazing pictures!)

Mile 1 is always rough, people go out like CRAZY. Seriously. And I made that mistake in every of each Mini I did before. Focus, stay down: 7:09. Nice slow opening. As soon as we enter the park there is a hill, then another. It gets really tricky and a few of us kept pacing each other: 7:03, so I am starting to warm up. Then we climb and we climb and there is no one to cheer there (other than Helen, thanks for being there and the pictures!)

I was really sweating so I had to put the glassed and headband DOWN! (Thanks Helen!)

I was really sweating so I had to put the glasses and headband DOWN! (Thanks Helen!)

It starts to sink in: 7:09.  This is all great but this is the part where the wheels come off. Always. This time, even if I couldn’t stop it, I held my ground: 7:38. It really could have been worse, I thought.

Now: 1, it starts hurting, and 2, I start pushing. Both, of course.

Mile 5 is 6:58, I got this. I start feeling ok but I know I can’t get excited and mess this up now: it’s too early! Mile 6: 7:03.

nyrr oakley mini 10k running central park ny

Going up on the last 50 meters! Can’t believe I blocked Mary Wittenberg with my hand!!!! Uffff (thanks Ben Ko for the fabo picture!)

And the last bit in 6:49 pace. I guess I had some in there, even up another hill!!!



Finish time: 44:46. Average Pace: 7:13

Previous PR: 44:32. From: May, 2013

Age Grading: 69.25%

Overall/Gender Place: 207 of 5595

Age Place: 27 of 925

NYRR Oakley Mini 10K, official race results

Worth noting: I am getting this pacing thing right, I think. A 10k is Central Park is always brutal, in any direction, and I don’t think I messed this one up!

Fun at the finish line:

nyrr oakley mini 10k running central park ny

Pink Bling

nyrr oakley mini 10k running central park ny

Kettia and I!

nyrr oakley mini 10k running central park ny

Juan, who cheered from west to east to west, and caught me when I finished!

Foto 08-06-13 08 48 33

yes, those are my shorts: NO shame!

dashing whippets

Whippets who Raced

So, get ready for this. Sit down. Because the Mini is a ladies race, the men in my team have nothing to do but cheer… so cheer they did… Are you sitting down?



Foto 08-06-13 09 27 19

One of us is wearing a skirt

Right? I love this race! (as much as I hate the racing a 10k in Central Park part itself). It’s always a riot. Glad we have nice weather and soooooo much fun on the course. And… get ready, ladies will be cheering this next weekend at this Sunday’s nyrr race… it’s on.

And the Garmin winner to my Guess My Finish time contest is MN Slow Runner, who guessed exactly 44:46, but there were SO many people who were super close!

photo 2

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