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What I am doing this weekend – NOT: NJ Half / YES: Bronx Community College, 35th Annual Hall of Fame 10K

I was sure I’d be doing the NJ Half this weekend but it got really complicated to get on board so late. Needed to get a hotel (all booked up) or stay at my relatives or wake up at 3 am and take the train, plus someone would have to pick my bib up the day before… I say NO to complicated so I decided to give it up!

Also, I went for a run yesterday and 9:30 pace was hard… maybe a half is not such a good idea.

Instead, I’ll be doing a short race! Because I love racing as speedwork… Shooting for a 10K and found this: Bronx Community College, 35th Annual Hall of Fame 10K

Anyone going there? And all these shorter races are the perfect tune up speed I need for the Brooklyn Half coming up, my next goal race!

PS: had a date last night in Central Park’s Loeb’s Boathouse with the bf, but it always just seems crazy to go into the park and not run. Did I mention already how much I love Central Park? 

Happy Weekend and Happy Racing!! Plus Happy Spring!