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Winter Gear that made a difference

As you know, because I’ve complained a million times, my body doesn’t do well in the cold weather. Last winter (2013-2014) I barely run because of it so this past November, fearing the winter months ahead, I got ready by buying all the winter gear I could afford to stuff into my NYC apartment.

I am going to admit, I didn’t really believe in the hype. I figured I’d layer a bunch of regular cold gear and it’d be the same. Well, I’ve been proven wrong. So, far, I put a decent amount of miles over the winter; here’s some of the runs I did:

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Can you tell I am so proud I went out in that weather????

Anyway, it got done.


I have to say some of the pieces made a huge difference. I’d go back and buy them all over again if I lost them! Maybe this is the team YOU get them (end of winter sales anyone!!?!?!?)

The Sugoi subzero tights are amazing. I am used to wear two/three layers when it goes sub 30: tights, leg-warmers and pants over that. If it’s around 30, 20 or up to 15, I can usually do ok just with the sugois. I have a few other fleeced/winter tights. These are the best. They’re a bit hard to get into, the material is stiff (so no wind chill gets in), almost feels like a wetsuit, but I’ve done speedwork in them and it was ok to run in.

2014-11-16 15.51.12

more info on these on the original post, here

That (purple) infrared Under Armour infrared shirt is amazing!!!!! it’s SO hot, I wear ALL the time. It’s cute enough to wear to work and long enough to add an extra layer to my butt over the tights when I run. A NECESSITY. I have to say, Juan had a few of those and I used to make fun of him, who needs thaaaat? I was wrong. That shirt makes a huge difference. The hat didn’t. I barely use it. It’s not big enough to cover my ears properly so when I use it add a fleece headband under it 😦

2014-11-23 17.50.13

The merino stuff doesn’t work for me. For running at least. The Icebreaker shirt is warm and all, and I wear it on the weekends, but not to running anymore. I just doesn’t move sweat out and it becomes drenched so fast. As soon as I stop for a second I am FROZEN. I don’t run in it anymore. ;-(

So, no dreadmill for me yet this winter, and I’ve kept a great mileage through November, December and January. I am so proud of myself. If you know me, you know I hate this. Having taken the screenshots of the weather with those runs reminds me I did it once (and I survived it!) and I can do it again.


happy weekend friends!!!!