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Winter Gear that made a difference

As you know, because I’ve complained a million times, my body doesn’t do well in the cold weather. Last winter (2013-2014) I barely run because of it so this past November, fearing the winter months ahead, I got ready by buying all the winter gear I could afford to stuff into my NYC apartment.

I am going to admit, I didn’t really believe in the hype. I figured I’d layer a bunch of regular cold gear and it’d be the same. Well, I’ve been proven wrong. So, far, I put a decent amount of miles over the winter; here’s some of the runs I did:

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Can you tell I am so proud I went out in that weather????

Anyway, it got done.


I have to say some of the pieces made a huge difference. I’d go back and buy them all over again if I lost them! Maybe this is the team YOU get them (end of winter sales anyone!!?!?!?)

The Sugoi subzero tights are amazing. I am used to wear two/three layers when it goes sub 30: tights, leg-warmers and pants over that. If it’s around 30, 20 or up to 15, I can usually do ok just with the sugois. I have a few other fleeced/winter tights. These are the best. They’re a bit hard to get into, the material is stiff (so no wind chill gets in), almost feels like a wetsuit, but I’ve done speedwork in them and it was ok to run in.

2014-11-16 15.51.12

more info on these on the original post, here

That (purple) infrared Under Armour infrared shirt is amazing!!!!! it’s SO hot, I wear ALL the time. It’s cute enough to wear to work and long enough to add an extra layer to my butt over the tights when I run. A NECESSITY. I have to say, Juan had a few of those and I used to make fun of him, who needs thaaaat? I was wrong. That shirt makes a huge difference. The hat didn’t. I barely use it. It’s not big enough to cover my ears properly so when I use it add a fleece headband under it 😦

2014-11-23 17.50.13

The merino stuff doesn’t work for me. For running at least. The Icebreaker shirt is warm and all, and I wear it on the weekends, but not to running anymore. I just doesn’t move sweat out and it becomes drenched so fast. As soon as I stop for a second I am FROZEN. I don’t run in it anymore. ;-(

So, no dreadmill for me yet this winter, and I’ve kept a great mileage through November, December and January. I am so proud of myself. If you know me, you know I hate this. Having taken the screenshots of the weather with those runs reminds me I did it once (and I survived it!) and I can do it again.


happy weekend friends!!!!

Over-preparing for the winter

I am getting ready for Wintergeddon! The cold last winter just zapped all running fun out of me, so this time I am going in READY. A few weeks ago I started buying all the super-technical cold weather gear you can think of. When you’ve been running for over 10 years, you amass an insane amount of running crap that is almost impossible to control, or remember, or even store (in a NY apartment). I must have about 40 long sleeves I like but  I always wear the two or three on the top of the piles. Sometimes I turn the pile upside down, just so the other stuff doesn’t feel forgotten. But you forget. And then, with so much stuff, you don’t buy anything new and/or anything specific. Add to that my always present need to wear as little possible, and you can see why I am always cold. Also, for some reason, my body doesn’t respond well to cold. When it’s 110, I am ok, I can run, I might even PR, REALLY. When it’s under 30, not only my body freezes but my brain does too. I become a freaking solid emotionless robot that has only one goal: to go indoors and never go out again. The cold didn’t use to bother me this much, but it’s getting old. It’s just depressing me and it’s only November. I am not sure how many more winters I have in NYC at this point. Juan, sorry you just got here, we gotta go!

Anyway, so this year I wound’t have ANY EXCUSES, I set off to get subzero stuff.

I started with the sugoi subzero tights.  They have midzero tights (for when it’s 30) and subzero. I got those. They’re like a wetsuit (though not as tight as compression tights, I can’t handle all that mess putting them on, also they break my nails!!) so no air in! I wore them last week when it was 13 degrees and omg, my legs were hot!! I also went to under armour and got their new cold gear, INFRARED!! hahaha, hot name! Juan had a few of those shirts (ehem, base layers!) and I had tried them on last winter, they are great. I got a super cute base layer and wore it last year. I was TOO HOT. Perfect. I also got their infrared hot but it failed to cover my ears… it’s cute though so I’ll wear it with a fleece headband under it.

2014-11-16 15.51.12

This weekend we went to icebreaker and got those merino wool shirts. The concept is strange, they don’t smell and they’re super warm. They don’t smell? I smell on ANYTHING! We shall see!

2014-11-23 17.50.13

One more thing I am trying, this adidas heart rate monitor that goes into the bra. I’ve been using a garmin HRM for 6 years, and I always wear it without the chest strap. I just slide into the bra. I do chafe a lot though. We’ll see if this is the answer to all my prayers screaming. Can’t wait to try it!

2014-11-06 15.30.04will report back if these things made it impossible for me to have a good excuse in the next few freezing days out. For now, I am escaping to the hot weather as a defense mechanism!

Soooo, wore of all this out for a few months, now. Review here!