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How to piss off EVERY non-Runner!

In this Cult, things can turn ugly very fast if you are faced with the nonbelievers, the same way it happens with religion or politics.

So, if you are having one of those days when you feel like starting a fight, it is quite simple:

-Talk about PRs, pace, missing toenails, races, strategies, v02 max, age grading, what Kara Goucher was wearing, Pre, logging miles vs times, Centro’s splits, your lactic acid, Nick Symmonds, yassos 800s, and how Boston should adjust their qualifying times, for hours and hours and hours.

-Tell them you don’t want to go out because you can’t eat at that place/don’t want to drink/rather sleep early to run in the morning than spend time with them and how nothing is as fun as running. For hours.

-Eat. Just Eat. They hate it. They hate that we can eat all that. Or, it might convert them, this could also be your most powerful tool when dealing with those people. Food. It’s always the food.

Two things could happen, they’ll eventually get it (or feel jealous of your amazing body, stamina, and good looks!) or they’ll block/delete/unfriend/stop listending to you forever. 

Oh well, worth a shot, right?

Keep pushing, eventually we will win. Mua Hua hua hua huaaaaaaaa


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And these are better

you know when you do a race, look for the pictures maniacally for a day or two, theeeen you find them even though now your post is already old and who cares, and then you go back, like a week later, and you go it’s too late!!!  So tragic how it all works out right? Only that the pictures I just found are EVER MORE ridiculous than the last ones, so it is really not tragic at all.

I dare you to top these. Go ahead.


photo 3photo 2photo 4

I train for this. I do.  I jump and smile and practice in front of the mirror. Sometimes I take the mirror to the park because you need to practice while you run,  you know? I am very dedicated. Who cares about finish times?!?!

I am going broke at marathonphoto this month, I can see it happening…!

And this one is for no reason whatsoever:


Happy Friday and Happy Weekend everyone!  I am bursting at the seems, and more than usual!!!

Nick. Symmonds.

hi ladies… you know what I am talking about, right? Right?

Saturday I was at Millrose and I will tell you all about it later, it was super fun, but the oh moment, for came, came after the best of the best of the night, which is always the Wanamaker Mile. I get so tense I was in threads, shaking and spent after the mile, as if I had run it myself, There is this big thing between Centro and Lagat and it’s always amazing to see them compete. But like I said, there was a lot to see that night and after the mile I was a tense mess.

We decide I need to get out and get food. We say goodbye to all our friends and start heading out, when… I spot Nick Symmonds!! You know how I feel about Nick Symmonds right? If not, hello:

Nick and Nutella

And, of course, he’s a tremendous runner.

Anyway, I spot Nick. Juan suggests we go and say hi, there’s a door we walk through, though we shouldn’t have and two seconds later I am talking to Nick. Symmonds.

I have no idea what he was saying. Pretty pathetic of me to get stoooopid like that. I really had no clue. He was super sweet and telling me tons of things. Some things about races and the Armory and NYC… no clue. I wanted to die, I don’t get flustered like that a lot. Or ever. Seriously, this is NYC and there’s celebrities and runners all over the place; it’s an every day thing… But this was Nick Symmonds. I felt like and idiot so I headed out soon. Got a picture first of course, but please don’t laugh at how stoopid I look, though it totally represents me on that moment:

Nick and Me

I am quite happy that, after all this time, some things (runners!) still throw me off as violently as that.

__More on Millrose soon! I promise!