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NYC Triathlon 2013

well…. no. no. I didn’t do the NYC Tri or won’t be doing a tri. Before you say, just like the Biebs, never say never, let me clarify: NEVER. My poor Ironman bf has tried enough, and he has a crazy case of stubborness dedication, and… still nothing. Everybody should give up. For ever. Anyway.

It’s not that they don’t look like a cool challenge, but… tris just overwhelm me. There’s a LOT of gear to fuss about, too many things you can’t control, waaaay too complicated for my liking. It really seems like a lot of work and I rather go run and not worry and bop around and listen to music and not break my head because my feet are attached to a bike or something. Oh yes, it also sounds super dangerous to me. But anyway, I am a major league klutz.

Anywayx2, Autism Speaks’ Team Up! had a team of runners on the NYC Triathlon and I am the only local staff so I went cheering. I also went to the past dinner Friday night (and omg, I ended up covered in pasta sauce and eating for 5!). Back to the serious cheering: here are some pictures.., and before you start thinking how cool, keep in mind, it was NASTY HOT and HUMID. I felt REALLY bad for them all. But, the harder the race, more exciting that medal will be, riiiight?

New York City Triathlon

We got to the run portion really early, 7 am, because we didn’t want to miss anyone! Lara and I, ready to power-cowbell
Photo Credit: Lora

Jordan Jones New York City Triathlon

And we didn’t miss anyone. #1 guy, leading early on, Jordan Jones, repeat offender, I mean, winner!

NYC Triathlon

Photo Credit: Matthew Fisher


Need explanation?
Photo Credit: Matthew Fisher


Loved him!
Photo Credit: Matthew Fisher

We saw it all on the course, men in speedo, women in bathing suits with strange tan lines (bikinis!), super amazing inspiring athletes, going all out, puffing it all out, but everyone crested the hill like a winner. I spotted a few friends and got to run a little (like a block) with a few (Chris, Jason, from my Dashing Whippets!), and we were amazed (to tears sometimes) by the Achilles athletes, the para-triathletes, the first responders wave… it was all ridiculously inspiring!


Photo Credit: Matthew Fisher


Photo Credit: Matthew Fisher


We made some serious noise for everyone.
Photo Credit: Matthew Fisher

Photo Credit: Matthew Fisher


Yeah, an air conditioner!
Photo Credit: Matthew Fisher

After we saw the last racer, and our cowbells were burning hot from heavy work, we headed for the finish to catch up with everyone. I then run into Terrence, and his whippet who had won the doggy dash. Cause of course Terrence’s puppy has to be a master runner!

2013-07-14 11.01.36

The plastic fire hydrant was the 1st place prize. hilarious.

I’ve been cheering at this race for the last 3 or 4 years, and it’s always hot. I just saw they moved it to August for next year. Still, everyone looked like the heat didn’t matter. Congrats finishers!!

PS: just saw that Lora put her blog up too, so, more pictures here!

Chrissie Wellington – Be Kind To Yourself

Chrissie was doing another talk yesterday and a lot of my friends were attending so I decided I hadn’t heard enough of her. The questions and answers were pretty much the same I heard the day before at the Harvard Club only in this occasion there was more time to go into the answers. I wanted to share some things she said, as I thought there were a key to how she does what she does, and you would enjoy them!

  • You have to find your passion. This is key, but do we all do it? When she had to decide between keeping her career in international development, which she loved, and being a pro triathlete, that was how she figured out which way to go. Find your passion. Think about it. Today. 
  • Best advice you ever got? Be Kind to Yourself. As athlete we sometimes focus and worry about the things we didn’t do during training, about how far we are from our goals, about how so many others might be stronger/faster/etc. Focus on what you did do, on what you do have, be nice to yourself. 
  • It’s gonna hurt. Really hurt. Don’t fear it, embrace it. 
  • Enjoy it. If you are not going to enjoy it, then why do it? (Really, why!??!) 
  • What does she think about when she’s in a race and the pain takes over? When she starts getting tired, down and all that fun stuff, she looks back to other races where she did well, workouts she completed she didn’t think she could do, things she achieved that seemed unobtainable and they give her confidence. We all have our fears and insecurities, but we have to find ways to push through them. 
  • Above all, ignore what you think are your limits. Your limits are not where you think they are. You really don’t know where they are until you go for it. 

(I have Italian parents… I have to do that thing with the hands…!!!)

Chrissie Wellington – Be Kind To Yourself