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a marathon thank you (and my marathon nails!)

I have always had someone I dedicated my marathon to. Last year I ran with a short phrase for Juan and his name on the back of my shirt, his support was key to get me back to help after the horrible ulcer, the non-training, the labral tear, and all the other crap. He’s been my stone since I met him and I always count with his support

This year, it was VERY CLEAR, very early on who’d get the dedication. I had struggled for a few months to get motivated to run. My training partners had abandoned me (one moved to Brooklyn, the other one had a baby) and though we figured out the long runs eventually this year by August, and did them all together, in July/August I was a bit blah about training. Enter Daphne: one day I run into her on the bridle path, all chirpy as usual. She’s always happy!! I’ve known her for a few years now (3?) and I had run into her in the park and races! But since that morning, I attached myself to her like a fuel belt. Seriously. Kettia and Maureen started joining and we’d meet every Tuesday for speedwork and usually Wednesday and/or Thursday for whatever. Even Yassos 800s. And Daphne would get it all organized and be the pacer. She really did pace the crap of all of us!

tcs new york city marathon Daphne Matalene central park

I think this is the day of the Yassos, as it’s the only time Patricia joined and (and kicked our butts!) From left: Patricia, Daphne (see, she’s always happy!), Maureen, me and Kettia

Daphne just did Chicago, in amazing fashion, PR and BQ, Kettia is not marathoning this fall for once and Maureen and I are doing NYCM. We had a nice little tight fun training cycle girls. I have to thank you all but mostly the blondie!

Daphne, this marathon is for you

thank you Daphne

And in case you were wondering what’s going on in my nails, there you go. I am ready people.

tcs new york city marathon nails nailart art marathon