Coaching Services

Why do you need a coach?

There’s so much confusing information out there, and not all of it applies to YOU… We are all an experiment of one: I can help you avoid injuries or months doing workouts that might not get you to your goals.
Now, how do you find the right coach? Not all coaches have the same principles and areas of expertise, so make sure you look for an experienced coach that fits your personality and goals. It’s very easy to get a coaching certification these days so please go beyond that; look for referrals from friends or do some investigation, ask what methodology they use or what are their main areas of expertise (no one can be great at everything, right?). If, for example, you are looking to do a Couchto5K, or want to train for an ultra-marathon, I am not your Coach -but I can recommend you someone else!

My areas of expertise:

  • Running Biomechanics
  • Athletes looking to BQ
  • Runners who tend to get injured
  • Master Runners

My Philosophy:

  • Number one priority is to get to get to the start line injury free
  • Consistency and Smart Adaptations are the most important principles
  • Mileage will be based on your base training
  • Let’s work on your weaknesses. Whatever those are
  • Tough love. I can be supportive, but we have to jump over the fears and obstacles if we want to see progress.
  • We will work hard but running needs to be a source of joy and accomplishments. We don’t want to get you overworked and risk burnout

As a Biomechanics Coach, I can help you:

  • Have a more efficient stride
  • Get faster
  • Address motor issues
  • Avoid Injuries/Speed up recovery from past injuries
  • Feel more comfortable when running

As a Running Coach, I can help you:

  • Figure out the right schedule and mileage to fit your lifestyle
  • Find the perfect workouts to get you faster and on top of your goals
  • Address training weaknesses
  • Incorporate the right interval training and tempo runs to work on your form and speed
  • Adjust the pace and duration of your long runs to better fit your needs

Thank you so much for your interest in my Coaching Services! Please email [email protected] if you are interested in learning more.