2016 TCS New York City Marathon: race week events!

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Monday, October 24th

  • Summit Series Launch Party with American Alpine Club
    Join The North Face as they launch our Fall 2016 Summit Series line. At 6pm, American Alpine Club will give an overivew of their organization and then detail some of the amazing spots for climbing in the Northeast. Following that, a few of the members of the local chapter will talk of their recent expeditions, with one member telling of her recent attempt at K2.
    Then, Senior Field Representative for The North Face, Stan Kosmider, will go through the Summit Series line and describe the new innovative gear that make up the full range of products At the end of the night, they will have a Q&A and raffle off some North Face gear. Refreshments will be provided by Bronx Brewery and some light snacks. More info here. (free)
  • Race IQ: New York City Marathon
    Join Tailwind Endurance and Finish Line Physical Therapy on Monday, October 24, as they welcome a panel of experts to discuss the ins, outs and secrets to success at the TCS New York City Marathon. More info here. (free)

Saturday, October 29th

  • Yoga for Runners: Pre-Marathon Yoga with Pure Yoga. Central Park Conservancy and renowned sports medicine physician, Dr. Jordan Metzl, have teamed up with Pure Yoga to offer you a special 60-minute pre-marathon yoga class. After the class, Dr. Metzl will conduct a Q&A about healthy running.
    Time: Music starts at 12:00 pm, class will be from 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
    Location: East Meadow (East Side from 97th to 100th Street). This program is FREE; pre-registration is recommended. Open to all fitness levels. More info here. (free)

Sunday, October 30th

  • Virtual Trainer/Group Training Special Course Strategy Session
    The NYRR Coaching Staff will be giving you a special course strategy session and shakeout run on October 30 at the marathon pavilion (finish line of the marathon). If you are looking for any last-minute tips on how to run your best race, come on by at 3:00 p.m. Join the NYRR Pace team at 3:00 p.m. for a 3-5 mile easy run around Central Park and get pacing event from the pro’s, Bag check will be available for all runners. At 3:45 p.m. the coaches will break down the marathon course, mile by mile, so you can run your best race! Feel free to attend one of these or both!  Shake Out run with NYRR Pace Team: 3:00 p.m. Course Strategy: 3:45 p.m. More info here. (free)

Thursday, November 3rd

  • KT Tape Champion’s Run with Meb Keflezighi and Special Guests by JackRabbit Free.
    7:00 AM – 10:00 AM EDT JackRabbit: 42 W 14th St. More info here. (free)
  • Shake It Out with Fitbit at NYRR Open Run with Dean Karnazes
    7:00 p.m. in Brooklyn Bridge Park
    Whether you’re here for the TCS New York City Marathon or just looking for a fun, active event, come get your steps in at a free shakeout run, hosted by NYRR Open Run, in partnership with Fitbit—the Official Fitness Tracker of the TCS New York City Marathon. Run alongside ultramarathon man and Fitbit Ambassador, Dean Karnazes. Hear how he’s been training with Fitbit Surge to help him conquer the city on race day, and enter to win a tracker of your own! More info here. (free)


Friday, November 4th

    On Friday, Nov. 4, ASICS will be taking over New York City’s Columbus Circle and you’re invited to run (or walk) a mile to donate shoes to Girls on the Run. Each mile ran on the ASICS Extra Mile treadmills stationed in Columbus Circle will equal a pair of shoes donated to the non-profit. Stay tuned for hours of activation closer to the event. More info here.  (donation)
  • Never Stop Exploring Speakers Series: November Project
    Run followed with a FREE party and presentation from November Project as we celebrate New York, the running community, and the launch of “Showing Up,” a film by Dooster, powered by The North Face about 8 people who’s lives have been changed by joining November Project. More info here. (free)

Saturday, November 5th

  • The NYC Run, Selfie, Repeat NYC Marathon Shakeout Fun Run!
    NYC Marathon fun shakeout run led by Run, Selfie, Repeat’s Kelly Roberts and co-hosted by Finish Line Physical Therapy! It doesn’t matter if you’re getting ready to run 26.2 in NYC or if you’re cheering, everyone and all athletic levels are welcome! More info here. (free)
  • NYC Marathon Shakeout Art Run
    Whether you’re in town for the New York City Marathon, a New Yorker running the NYC Marathon or just want to get in a beautiful tour of the world’s best street art, Join the Wolf Pack for a 5K art run through downtown NYC:  lots of incredible street art and new murals in the Lower East Side and SoHo during this relaxed pace NYC Marathon shakeout run. More info here. (not free)
  • Pre NYC Marathon Yoga for Runners!
    “Find out how I used yoga to finish my first half marathon in an 1 hour and 37 minutes!” Join “The Runners Gym at Custom Performance” for a PRE MARATHON YOGA SHAKE OUT!  Enjoy some fall “shakes” & specialized swag bag giveaways! More info here. (not free)

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Don’t forget to re-read the New York City Marathon Tips, Course Strategy and Info! post

I’ve compiled this listing off official emails I’ve received or brand/athletes/stores’s facebooks or twitter. Please review the event before making any plans: don’t blame me if any of these get cancelled, or switched, or anything. Have fun!

Verrazano Half: a tale of two halves

or more like 4 halfs! Once you see the splits, you’ll get it. It was hilarious.

This race is in Bay Ridge, organized by NYC Runs. Basically we run on the promenade, it’s all flat, and around the area where the Verrazano Bridge connects to Brooklyn, hence the name. I picked it because it was flat and it’s right by water, so if it was a hot day, there was to be a nice breeze from the ocean. I never thought about the possibility of rain, October is usually great for racing… Then, the Staten Island Half, two weekends, ago was a mess of rain and wind (check the #StatenIslandHalf on insta, it was crazy), and I was shocked. I had done that race a bunch of times and it was always great weather. And I told everybody “I totally would have been in bed if I had signed up“, and destiny decided to teach me a lesson and shut me up!

Saturday had rain all morning in the forecast, but they’re always wrong, right? Well, it was crappy at 5 am when I woke up. I asked Juan what would he do. Stooopid question, he loves crazy weather, the harder the race the better… I figured a PR would be out of the question but why not try… well, it’s an hour and a half trip from the Upper East Side to Bay Ridge, so I had to make a decision. I decided I wanted to go, NOT SURE WHY.


Juan and I got there by 7:15 am. He wasn’t racing, but we met up with Andrea right by the start and Stephen. Race Starts was at 8. It was raining. It was 44 degrees. And it was SUPER CRAZY WINDY. INSANE. We lined up. There were about 300 people though the race was sold out… Hmmm, WHERE IS EVERYBODY?? HUH?


Start and Finish. 10 minutes before 8 am…

Well, we get moving. I see people take off. It always seems like I have a million people ahead of me. Then it happened.

I WAS FLYING. Half a mile in and I am running sub 7… WHAT???

If you have read just one of my posts, you KNOW I start slow. SLOW- SLOW. Then I pick it up at the end like I am running a 5K or there’s sushi at the finish line. But I don’t really ever start fast. To run a PR, which I had no clue if I could do in that weather, pace would have to be 7:19 (1:35:39 finish time); which means, in normal conditions, I would have started around 7:40, or 7:35 as the fastest..

But I was feeling AMAZING. I was literally flying. I tried really hard to slow down. Mile 1: 7:11MMMM. Am I really this fast??? if so, this is going a be crazy PR. But how…?

well, before I go on, let me tell you about the course, because I forgot, and it’ll help!

Basically, it was 2 out and backs in the same course. The first out was about 2.4 so back at the start by 4.8, then head back out again, for like 4 miles out, turnaround at mile 9, and 4 more miles back. Got it? Don’t forget, this will be important later when you are laughing at me!


Anyway, there I am, thinking how fast I am, and how great I feel, Mile 2: 7:17, then I get to the turnaround and I see that Andrea is leading the women (by a lot) and that I am 4th… What? WHERE did all the people that passed me went? There weren’t that many apparently. Or they were all men!?!?!?!

Then the TURNAROUND DISILLUSION happened. As soon as I am coming back, it hits me. HARD. The WIND. THE $%&@!@!&@@!!! WIND. What???? IT WAS INSANE. Now I understood why I felt so fast and like I was flying… it was the wind in the back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mile 3: 7:42 (half of this mile was out, half was back)

Now I had in the front. FULL FRONTAL. I also hurt a bit. UGH. I pumped up the music a bit to distract myself of my slowing down into the tornado, but it was so loud I couldn’t even hear the music!!!!! I was flapping everywhere. I wished I had all the aero stuff my triathlete husband talks about. I even felt my hat flapping. Mile 4: 8:20, all going back to the start. I am shocked it wasn’t slower. I felt like I couldn’t even walk. You know those videos of dogs you see with the faces out the car windows, with the mouth disfigured by the wind and drool everywhere: that was me. 100%. I chuckled when I thought of that, but it was only funny for a second.


Then I saw Juan again, he was by the start, I had a gel (HUMA gels have saved my life!!!!!!! I didn’t have any pain!!!! I am SO SO SO HAPPY about that!!!!!) and turned back around to get the wind in my back again. Mile 5: 7:55 (another half out half back mile!). And BACK TO FLYING AGAIN!!!!!


I made the executive decision to hit the gas. Why save it for the last miles against the wind where I could barely push forward??? I’ll just push now, and struggle all the way back again, and I had no choice about that. Unless the wind died down when I was coming back, then I’d be in serious problems. Mile 6: 7:05. I passed a LOT of people. It wasn’t even funny. Mile 7: 13. I knew, from all the turnarounds, exactly where #4 and #5 women where; they had passed me, BOTH, at mile 4/5 when I stopped to grab water and eat my gel. But I passed them right back, by the second turnaround I had put some space between us, but #3 seemed too far away, like 400 meters, or maybe a minute away. Mile 8: 7:27. This part seemed a bit long because I wasn’t sure exactly where we were turning (there were no big signage anywhere, which hey, they would have flown away and killed me!!!) and I was dreading coming back. Those last 4 miles with the wind at the front were going to HURT. I had only done 2.5 before, it was a longer stretch now… Mile 9: 7:39. On the other hand, I couldn’t feel the wind anymore… maybe the wind thing is over? It’s great how when you have the wind in the back you don’t even notice it!!!!

I see the turnaround, it feels great, there’s no wind… at the turnaround, I see #5th woman is about the same distance as #3 so I think I am safe. Which also, doesn’t motivate me to go faster… I now head back to the start, for the 2nd and last time. OH NO. THE WIND WAS WORSE. how? no clue, just got worse. ^%#@!@#!

It was insane. I actually thought about giving up. MORE music please, it was pointless, all I could hear was the wild flapping of EVERYTHING. Mile 10: 8:09. I fluctuated between leaning into the wind, and feeling defiant and straight, plus trying to be thinking I was being aero, and then just telling myself it was just 3 more miles. Of course I can do 3 more miles. But it was rough, there was nothing to look at, not one person cheering, just a highway to the right, and the FREAKING MOST AMAZING VIEW OF THE VERRAZANO AND THE CITY AND THE STATUE OF LIBERTY on the left. But I could barely see anything… ugh the wind, so I just imagined seeing it. And how amazing it’d be if I could see. And how cool that in two weeks all these thousands of people would be on that bridge for the first time to make memories for a lifetime. I just hoped they’d get nicer weather. Mile 11: 8:23. I looked down a few times and my pace looked worst than that. Then I saw a guy walking backwards… ?

Just two miles. I wished I knew the course better. I had no clue what to look for to know where I was. I was also running all alone, I had a Queens Distance runner ahead of me, like a minute out, and no one close behind. I am not used to pacing by myself!!! Mile 12: 8:26. A mess. I was so sick of the wind. I decided to take out whatever I had left, which was pointless.  I looked back once to see if there was someone close enough that would scare me into racing harder, nothing. Mile 13: 7:52. HA, slowest closing mile ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last bit: 7:30 pace.


Gosh, so happy to finally stop the wind madness!


Andrea had finished like 9 minutes earlier, emmmmm, FIRST WOMAN!


YEY US! We survived!


Heres my CRAZY splits. Check how I was working hard, by the Avg Heart Rate, on the fast AND the slow miles….

Juan was right behind the fence taking pictures, and FROZEN. Almost blue. Like everyone else.  That’s when I realized, well, I was told, that it had been raining the whole time. WHAT? I thought he was joking. I NEVER for a second felt the rain. The wind was just so ridiculous… I didn’t feel one drop. I might be crazier than I thought.

Well, my math was right, if I was 4th woman, I was bound to be 1st in my AG! HA!


Stephen and I got AG awards and Andrea got 1st woman, which was a win-win. They were both freezing, can you tell? The both had done Staten Island two weeks before and said the wind made this race a lot harder. So there, I AM CRAZIER THAN I THOUGHT!


as you can tell, I over prepare and packed a whole set of dry clothes for after, even another pair of shoes… we had brunch plans!!

I made these little videos on instagram. Not sure you can appreciate much of the wind there, but it’s something:

So, here’s the official results! This is the Top Women:


And of course… there has to be a giveaway winner!!! No one guessed 1:4X:xx which means you guys were WAY OFF. My last half was 1:4o or 1:41 something… you guys NEED TO STOP BEING NICE! Think about it, I almost had a DNS! Jeffrey, email me and pick a gift from that post!!!

CONCLUSION. Glad I showed up, because it was a great effort, mentally and physically. It WAS NOT the race I wished for at all. All the goal races I had before the marathon did not go as planned… Which makes me rethink my marathon intentions… I know I am fit, and I know that given the right situation I could have a great time, but, how good? And, when all these halfs end up being so painful, I wonder, do I want to suffer this much for 26.2? I don’t know. I don’t know yet. I have no idea. I have a month to decide. I did all the training (plus one last long 20 miler next weekend) and I know I am fit, but do I have any proof? Anything to bring to the start with me on race day? no.

All I have is my love for running and knowing that whatever happens, I am ready to tackle it. Hopefully.

Thanks for being there friends!

For your long run this weekend: Delta’s NY is GO on the Hudson River Greenway

As New York’s number one airline and as part of its latest campaign – NY is GO – Delta is supporting us New Yorkers while we train for the TCS NYC Marathon with some fun leading up to the big race day. Because so many of us are taking our last long run this weekend – Delta will surprise and delight us on the Hudson River Greenway with hydration stations, fuel packs, swag, cheering and entertainment, and at the end of the route they will offer up additional refreshments and food (all for free!).

Here are the details:

Delta’s “NY IS GO” Run

  • Sunday, October 23, 2016
  • Hudson River Greenway (Pier 96, Pier 84, Pier 64 *Chelsea Piers, Pier 51, Pier 26)
  • 7AM – 3PM

Delta will take over the Greenway using stations along the route with fuel and encouragement to ensure a rewarding landing at the finish line. The five stations include water and Powerade to hydrate on-the-go, fuel packs and other easy-to-grab snacks, and cheering fans with other fun entertainment to encourage runners to keep GOing. At the end of the route, runners are invited to Chelsea Piers with Delta for light refreshments, a premium-filled GO Bag and a crowd drawing shareable photo moment, to encourage runners to embrace their GO.

I am proud to partner with Delta, hope you get there and enjoy this event! See you there?

More info here

Guess my Finish Time at the Verrazano Half Marathon (Oct 22nd)

Did I tell  you I am doing the NYCRUNS Verrazano Festival of Races Half Marathon? I probably did!!! Less than a week to go!!!!

So, one week to go, one more race, one more contest!

Rules: pick a time and write in the comments below. Whoever gets closer, wins, If there’s two identical times, the first poster wins! Make sure if you include seconds in there too, and post before Friday, October 21st, 8 pm et. I can bet money someone will hit in the head, as usual!
Prizes... you can pick from:
  • Koss Fitbuds (purple) KEB32p, limited edition
  • Koss Fitclips (orange) KSC32C, limited edition
  • milestone pod, teal or black
  • clip-on running metronome
  • brooks flat vapur water bottle
  • pack of travel bodyglide
  • TCS NYC Marathon Shopping Bag
  • Clif Bar Branded Gear Package (aluminum water bottle, jumping rope, women’s triathlete tee medium black and silver, towel)
  • FitSok, pack of 3 (white, gray, black), CF-2 Shadow Yarn Athletic Sock, size M (mens 6-8, womens 7-9)
  • B2R Split Toe Performance Running Sock, CoolMax, EcoMode, Size M (mens 5-7, womens 6-8), white
  • Powerbar branded crossbody backpack, black
  • NYC Marathon rain (knee-length, orange and white) poncho
  • North Face arm warmers, black with red NF logo, small/med
  • Lock Laces, one size fits all, white
  • Travel Roller 4.3
the DATA
  • Last HALFS

Newport Half Marathon, September, 2016, 1:37:49
NJ Half Marathon, May, 2016: 1:36:28
Brooklyn Half Marathon, May 2016 1:39:02
NYC Half, March, 2016: 1:36:03  PR
Staten Island Half: October, 2015: 1:37:38
Airbnb Brooklyn Half: May, 2015: 1:39:10
United Airlines NYC Half, March 2015: 1:39:26

  • Last Races

August 2016, Percy Sutton 5K, 21:18, 6:52 pace.
June 2016, Achilles Hope & Possibility (4M), 28:43, 7:11 pace
May 2016, Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon, 1:39:02, 7:34 pace
April 2016, City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks (4M), 28:12, 7:03 pace
March 2016, United Airlines NYC Half, 1:36:03, 7:20 pace

My guessI have no clue…. I’d love a PR and I’ve been close all year, but 1, I’m still sick with the cold (2 weeks now!) and it seems that I don’t PR unless it’s the NYC Half. So, as much as I’d love and try to get to the 1:36:04 PR, I predict I’ll be close but not PR!
GO ON! Place your bets below!!! (I will probably not look until after, and no need to be nice!)

Prizes shipped only within the US, but you can pick it up when you’re in NYC if you are abroad! Or have me send to someone in the US.  / Guesses will only count if done before Friday, October 21st, 8 pm, ET.  on the original post / Other comments anywhere else (Runners World, facebook, twitter, etc.) won’t count / If there are two guesses with the exact same time, the first one wins.

Race Report: Grete’s Great Gallop

hey hey friends! This isn’t going to be much of a race report as I didn’t really race Grete’s Great Gallop (a half marathon if you’re not from NYC!). I wasn’t sure what do make of the race, as I wasn’t tapered to race it fully so I checked with Martina what she had planned for race day. She said she’d be doing 12 miles at Marathon Goal Pace (about 7:35 for her, I think I am closer to 7:45 but how do we know MGP until Race Day, huh???) and a total of 20. That seemed like a good plan to me, and at least I’d have company!

My A goal for this race was to test out another fueling strategy. Goal B was to have a good workout. Goal C would be to have a good time…

Thinking back, two loops of Central Park at MGP doesn’t seem like a good plan. It hurt. I was almost hoping I was doing the Tune Up, as that’s an easier pace to hold in the park for THAT LONG.  But anyway, goals A, B, and C achieved and more! Let me tell you.

I started doing some major research on fueling on Wednesday. I spent 4 hours on this guys! I hadn’t had a good race where my stomach held out. Basically, I either run out of energy because I am avoiding putting stuff on my stomach, OR, I get stomach cramps for about 5 to 10 minutes anytime I put a gel or Gatorade on it. I can handle water, but not a lot. It’s a catch 22 really.

According to my gastroenterologist, I can’t handle anything with sweeteners on it (Acesulfame Potassium is everywhere guys!) ever, and gliadin (in gluten!) while I am running (which is also everywhere!). So, from that I moved onto finding out that I don’t do well with the maltodextrin/fructose combo (aka: most gels…). Anyway, if you want to read more, this is a good start about fueling with fats, but I made a list of things I should try and my plan for Sunday was:

  • Pre Race: 2 cups of white rice, with coconut oil, and salt. Water.
  • Race: 1 gel and LOTs of water

Gels I wanted to try out:

  1. Huma
  2. Vega
  3. Pocket Fuel
  4. Glukos Energy

in that order. The gel situation is complicated though, because there’s a lot of things about my stomach I still don’t understand so I have to avoid LOTS of things that might not even be a problem (like honey for example).

So, Sunday morning, I had the rice, but only 1 cup because 2 seemed like too much and I wasn’t hungry and apparently I am into boycotting my own plans… I was so not stressed out that I forgot to put my bib on and run out. Had to come back. Then, I run the 2 miles to the start. Yey, 2 miles in already.

I was supposed to meet Martina in the B corral and she wasn’t there… even though I was the first person in the corral! I waited and then the start… UGH. I figured she’d be catching up (or coming with the 1:40 pacer, 7:37 pace) soon so I took it as easy as I could in the first mile and kept my eye out for her. About a mile in, she caught up! Phew. I was running at 8:00 and already felt uncomfortable. Why is marathon pace SO uncomfortable??? It’s not SUPER EASY pace, but it’s not ALL OUT either… Plus, mentally, it’s a lot of work to balance in that middle ground. UGH. These workouts are HARD! Oh, add the Central Park course to the mix… by the time she got to me I was already sick of it!

Mile 1: 7:51 But I had Martina!!!!!  Friends are always the super powers you need in a race. Aren’t they?

So we started trying to pace ourselves around 7:40. Which wasn’t so easy. But we kept ourselves entertained. Plus, I saw Juan about 1.5 in yelling!


Photo Credit: my husband, the tallest man on earth

We kept trucking and right before Engineers Gate I see Carolina cheering and taking more pictures. How could we get bored??? Mile 2: 7:50



Photo Credit: Carolina Pena. The guy in red is just amazing.

Right after, the 1:40 pacing group catches up with us, and Stephen tells us we’re chatting up too much! Ha. We let them go! Mile 3: 7:33

There’s to letting pacers go… Up Harlem Hill at Mile 4: 7:48 So crazy to have to do this twice in a race! Somehow our pace wasn’t as awful as it felt.  Mile 5: 7:49

Right around here we had built a little pace group of our own, with this guy Tony, in orange below, the girl in the blue shirt next to him, and this guy Jeff, who’s right behind us in this picture, from GNY. So much fun to run in a group!


hey hey look at me! By then Carolina and Juan had joined forces cheering!

The Lower Loop of the park always gets to me, there’s so many turns… I don’t know but I don’t like it there (basically mile 1 and 7). Mile 6: 7:33  But we were doing fine. We were getting tired, but you know, pace was fine.

Mile 7: 7:35 I had told Martina, we could take the first loop easy and reassess after the second Harlem Hill, so I was saving a bit for the end as usual. Then we go up Cat Hill, which was ROUGH for me Mile 8: 7:51 as you can see in the pace! But the next one is the easiest stretch so we take it easy there! Mile 9: 7:33 Martina wasn’t feeling well so she said she was going to slow down up Harlem Hill, the Sequel. We did. I was obviously happy to take it easy up the hill. Though, as in any hill, everyone would take off and I’d be left breathing like a crazy person ways back!!! Mile 10: 8:11 Then, I started to feel my legs getting super stiff. I knew I needed the %^$@#@$ fuel. What to do, what to do?? I am just so scared these days, I rather fall apart slowly because I have no energy, than cramp up and have the pain for a mile.

But the point of this “training run” was to test out my fueling!!!! So I manned up, had the Huma, STOPPED for water for about 10 seconds or whatever, and dealt with it. I figured, if it didn’t help, it’s not like I cared much about my finish time. And what was I waiting for to try it? It’s not like I can try it in a long run at 9: 30 pace!!!! Mile 11: 8:00

I actually felt better instantly…. I had to rush to catch back up to Martina, she was like 30 seconds ahead (because I stopped for the water!). I pushed and pushed and got there. And when I got there… I sort of kept going… Oooops. I felt bad. But my legs wanted to move!!

Mile 12: 7:25 and Mile 13: 7:35


Right before the finish. Photo Credit: Steve Mura

Point 1: 7:16 pace

I was done! average pace was 7:44. I wish it could have been a bit more even but between the hills and the stomach things, I had a hard time focusing this time around. I waited for Martina and the rest of the little 2nd loop group by the finish and we caught with a few team mates at the finish too.


Young (in the middle) had a 1:34 PR. We met DURING this race a few years ago (so Sat was probably our runniversary!), and we run it together. We also run the second half of the NYC Half this year together.

Stats Time!

Finish time: 1:41:12. Average Pace: 7:44

Previous PR: 1:36:03. From: March, 2016

Age Grading: 67:12%

Overall Place: 464 of 4177

Gender Place: 69 of 2015

Age Place: 5 of 258

– NYRR Grete’s Great Gallop (13.1) race results

Training run, done. New fueling protocol tested with positive results. Mission Accomplished.

Now another 20 miler (while you all race Staten Island), then a taper, and then another Half! Can’t wait!!!!

Check out this picture from a few years ago at the same race!!



September Recap

is it really almost October ALREADY??? WHAT!


actually, this is more like it:

bwqofcpl0jst21jc1ajuI am already dreading it ALREADY, though of course the running gets easier… On the other hand, I was finally adjusted to the heat. You know how it is…

September shocked me a bit. I ended up with 160 miles. Oooops.

I actually had the same reaction many Fridays or Saturdays when I had a race that weekend and realized and already had run way too many miles that week to be rested for the race. No idea how that happens!


This was probably my month with the highest mileage EVER. I say probably because I am too lazy to go check. Then I reply to myself, “what is the point of keeping track of EVERYTHING, if you are not going to use it to check on stuff?” And I just pretend I have to go to the bathroom and walk away offended. So, I am assuming there’s a 95% change this is my highest monthly mileage ever.

This month my routine was thrown off a LOT. I had a set-in-stone routine: Speedwork on Tuesdays (THE main workout); Easy or nothing on Mondays (Stairs workout for the last 4 months); November Project on Wednesdays; Easy or Tempo on Thursdays. Nothing Friday. Long or Race on the Weekend.

Then, I started coaching the NYRR Long Training Runs a few weeks ago, AT NIGHT. First of all, I hadn’t run after 7 am in AGES… 3, 4, 5 years maybe? I don’t even remember! Which is SO STRANGE. Adjusting to running at night is still a struggle. It feels weird waking up and not heading out. Do I shower? Do I just watch the news???? WHAT DO PEOPLE DO?!!?!?! Then, what’s the latest I can eat? One time, I forgot, had a snack at 3 pm and I was so uncomfortable during the workout (there’s always speed-work or some sort of speed component), I felt like I was going to throw up. Then, I get home past 8, which is usually my bed time… it’s weird to go to sleep so late, with food still in my throat, I’ve woken up early a few mornings after still full and gagging in my first few steps. There’s some major logistics mishaps that need straightening. On the other hand, SO much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do other women do about long sweaty hair when they run at night?????

What do other women do about long sweaty hair when they run at night?????

I still need to figure out how to reinstate my own speedwork instead of just doing it with the group, but running twice on Tuesdays, speedwork twice in one day, seems crazy. Still fine-tuning this. Stay tuned!

Oh and I had a few races and did many fun this, but I am SURE you’ve read my previous posts anyway!

  • Total Miles: 160. Most ever. For Sure. Almost Sure. Not 100% sure but almost really sure.
  • Races:Two. The New Balance Fifth Avenue Mile and the Newport Liberty Half. I run both quite poorly to tell you the truth, now that I have the perspective.
  • Ups: Apparently something good was happening if I was clocking this many miles.😉
  • Downs: Races and their tapering… ugh. Oh, and no PRs since MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Balance: The more I race the more I get deflated about the no PRs since March’s United NYC Half thing. But we’ll get there when we get there, right?

Some pictures from the road:

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See you next Month for the next recap!


I can’t get over how now 70 degree weather feel like Autumn… it’s amazing how fast we get used to 90s or 10s around here…. I am already missing the high temperatures and dreading the winter, but ohboyohboyohboyhowfastwearegoingtoberunningsoon!!!

August was insane. I don’t know if I ever run 149 miles in one month and I am too lazy to look it up. I know that’s weekly mileage for some of you, but whatever, we all have our limits! I love sharing my training month once in a while because no one believes me I run this little/much or at this pace or whatever. And we’re all nosy, aren’t we? You’re welcome. So here’s the naked August truth:

august runs

I did 3 long runs, all in Summer Streets, one better than the last one. I felt great, fast and powerful, even with awful heat and humidity, go figure. I am still cross-training a lot more than usual, and I totally felt the difference in the long runs. The 4th week I was supposed to be off so I raced a 5K. I didn’t PR but I was 9 seconds away! It was hard, but I was just so happy with the race, the fun, and my negative splits! This past month was interesting as my gastroenterologist put me on a no-dairy, no-gluten, no-artificial sweeteners diet. Quite messy at first, because, is there anything left? But once the 16Handles cravings subsided, I got used to it. This past month was one of the funnest ever, and I am so happy I decided to sign up for a marathon: I found out I could rally the troops to have great long runs with great company and have been having the best time! September, and all is racing is just so close I can smell it!

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  • Total Miles: 149. Most ever? Let’s assume so!
  • Races: one!!!! Not a PR but a great effort! Still, that’s race 7 this year, I am waaay behind!
  • Ups: The miles flew by and have been getting in quality workouts with QUALITY PEOPLE!
  • Downs: Tapering for races annoys me. And the easy weeks. UGH. But I know they’re needed.
  • Balance: best month ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So, last month I finally STOPPED. I had been running crazy for years and never ocurred to me to rest. There. One week. Ugh. It was tough. I finally decided to maybe do another marathon this year, and scheduled a few halfs. I got on a groove with the stairs workouts and the cross training at November Project, so all seems to be going in the right direction. I’ll share my training for all July as I know you’re all curious, but there was nothing groundbreaking. Not even a lot of miles!

july training

  • Total Miles: 109. Shit
  • Races: zero. ooops. forgot
  • Ups: LOTS of stairs and running and cross training. AND SWEATING.
  • Downs: the easy week!!!! I am scared about the marathon training plan I put together.
  • Balance: It’s great. Though  I am a bit anxious about how this marathon season is going to play out.


did I forget to write about June??? I guess SO! Oooops, what a mess. Well, my parents were visiting for a month if that is a good excuse! It was BU-SY!


what happened in June..?? well, I we took my parents everywhere. a month is like, 4 weeks, so we had tons of time to do stuff, and they’d done all the touristy stuff all the other times, so this time we did local’s stuff stuff, you know? like they’d walk to Randall’s Island everyday, or go to the GW, or go to November Project, or volunteer at a water table (for the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge). fun part is this is the first year in like 15 years, that my parents and I spend my birthday and my dad’s bday and father’s day  in the same place! So cool right? Little things you get used to not having… oh well. We did do a couple of touristy things, like the Freedom Tour Observatory (meh), the NY Philarmonic in Central Park, and the Intrepid. But it stops there! Juan had a half Ironman so we went to Maryland or somewhere for the weekend. He did amazing. But he has been training like a maniac, twice a day, hours and hours in the indoor trainer, so I was happy he could get some good results! Me? I’ve been running and workout as usual. I finally managed to make cross-training part of my routine, which I talked about here, and I am SO excited about it!

  • Total Miles: 137. YES!!
  • Races: Just one, the NYRR Achilles Hope and Possibility
  • Ups: LOTS of running and cross training. And we starting doing stairs workouts. AND IT’S HOT OUT
  • Downs: that this weather can’t last forever??? nothing!
  • Balance: I feel amazing. As fit as I’ve ever been. I have no interest in racing because I don’t want to taper. I just want to train and train and train!!!! that’s crazy right?

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Flowers Month started with the NJ Half, which now seems like aaaaages ago. Maybe because I did the Brooklyn Half and that also seems like aaaaaages ago!!! Well, it was only 10 days ago. Wow, I am aging fast! New Jersey was a meh race, I got bored, my heart rate was spiking and I wasn’t even sure why, missed a PR by 20 something seconds. I spent the whole month trying to lower it and find the culprit. Then I did the Newport 10K, which was fun but super hot so I missed a PR by a whole minute. A minute in a 10K is like a minute waiting for your Shake Shack buzzer to go off: e-t-e-r-n-i-t-yyyyy. A week later, and still tired, was the Brooklyn Half. I knew I didn’t have it so took it easy there and had a great fun (though slow) race. Best decision evah. Why try when you can just give up? ;-) Overall, I had a fun month, I did a million workouts and runs with lots of friends, I went out a lot, I looked for many races to do as soon as I recovered from Brooklyn then was happy that I didn’t sign up for anything, as it’s SO HOT out. Speedwork Tuesday was not just hot, it was HUMID and awful. Need to make sure I adjust to this crap ASAP. If you need a read on how to adjust to the heat and a lesson on how to over-hydrate, check this (skip to the bottom if you’re not into sciency/nerdy stuff). And you better be ready for the summer runs/racing. It’s happening whether you like it or not! What’s happening in June…? I’d like to say I have x race and x race but…. I do have a bunch of races in my calendar, but nothing I am 100% on. I think I need a liiiiiitle break from racing. Usually in May/June I have a race every weekend, sometimes 3 races in a week! I am just going to go with my heart this time, and see where the wind blows!

  • Total Miles: 120. Ok with me!
  • Races: Three. The NJ Half, the Newport 10K, and the Brooklyn Half.
  • Ups: solid workouts, not just running, all sorts of stuff. I went up LOTs of stairs and bridges too.
  • Downs: my races sorta sucked. BK was fun but nothing fast.
  • Balance: Still in building mode for the Fall, I guess?. And having fun with it. May was fun but not the usual May where I score a bunch of awesome PRs! Oh well. Healthy and Fun wins over FAST. Actually, looking at the pictures in the slideshow, I have proof that I had all sorts of fun!

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I am ready… feeling ready to say hello to May and a NEW HALF PR, whether that’s New Jersey (May 1, this Sunday!!!!!) or the Brooklyn Half, well, that… I still don’t know, but I’ll be trying at both. Or I’ll be trying at NJ this weekend and then we’ll see about the other one!

I did one fun race in April, the Run for the Parks 4Miler, that went a bit (12 seconds) too slow and two IronStrength workouts that zapped my legs. Like OUCH. Or more like this feels worse that my first marathon (walking backwards downstairs and all). I also did a lot of coaching, I went to cheer on my athletes, team, and friends at the Boston Marathon, and last week I participated the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay. A busy month at work, lots of coaching, and quality runs. Plus some cross-training, which you know I hate! I am getting over it though, I think, we’ll see.

  • Total Miles: 90 (ooops)
  • Races: One, Run for the Parks 4Miler, not a PR by a bit.
  • Ups: I got back on the horse about the #!*$! cross-training with some November Project and some Ironstrength. Each time I was out for days. I am not built for burpees. at all.
  • Downs: same as above, cross-training kills me. I’d do it and then not be able to walk normally or run for days!!!! And… where did my mileage go? Even last Saturday I tried to run (3 days past Ironstrength!!) and I couldn’t, UGH.
  • Balance: Building, building, waiting for my chance to ATTACK. Stay tuned. May should be my chance!
  • Good news: not to be braggy but I noticed how all my races lately have been over 70% Age Grading, which had always been my goal. So, happy (very happy) about that. Also noticed, that I have no need to do the 9+1 now as I qualify for the marathon (with my NYC Half time) , if I ever decided to do it. Whaaaaat? yeah, it’s a bit braggy but hey, it took YEARS! And lots and lots of sweat and early mornings!

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Ah it was a roller coaster!!!!! It was cold, it was hot, it was cold, you get it. I did some amazing workouts, some confidence-boosters, and lots of junk miles. It took a bit to psych myself up that I could do a sub 1:37 half. I did it. And then, the same day, I left for Argentina for two weeks, so it’s like it almost didn’t happen (it was funny when I got back home last week and my apartment looked like I just had done the half: pace bracelet, Gatorade, extra layers, mylar blanket, and stuff everywhere!!!). Remind me not to do that again! I barely run when in Argentina; maybe about 30 miles in two weeks. But had such a relaxing time!

  • Total Miles: 110
  • Races: ONE. The NYC Half! with a PR!!! the PR I had been chasing for THREE YEARS
  • Ups: I got a lot of fun easy runs, slow runs, fun runs
  • Downs: where did my mileage go? I had no interest in running while I was on vacation.  Or workout. Or anything, as usual.
  • Balance: Overall good. I still need to figure out a thing or two about the half, and how to drink while running and why I sometimes, after a hard effort, have no interest in any of it, but overall good.

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confirmed that this would be the most confusing and best winter ever. One day you have low temperature records and the next day you’re in shorts. A Blizzard, then 60 degrees. Still a lot better than just straight out freezing for the whole month (like last year). Somehow, I have still been able to train a lot this month, which is strange as I haven’t really taken a break since last March… So weird. I did quite good mileage, once short race, 6 interval workouts, three runs over 15 miles, ooops no tempo! Forgot about the tempo. Though I should probably count every time I run with Patricia as a tempo!!! 76% of my miles were on the briddle path, maybe that’s why I have been able to do all this mileage?

  • Total Miles: 137.
  • Races: one 4 Miler, not a PR (by 3 seconds) but placed 2nd in my Age Group
  • Ups: the weather was awesome for February. Lots of miles. Lots of fast miles! I love that we’re back in the briddle path for the speedwork!! Got a lot of new Under Armour gear and shoes. Managed to survive a long run with Patricia.
  • Downs: I am tired and we are 2.5 weeks from the NYC Half: I am starting to get nervous!
  • Balance: Great, ready to pounce!!

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was a solid month. I got 132 miles… how? Apparently I started doing longish runs again without noticing!!! I got five of them in the log: 12.5, 12.5, 15, 11, and 15.5, not sure what distance is “long” anymore but I guess if I am training for a half, anything over 8 miles is LONG. Right? Anyone knows?

I also did 5 speedwork sessions: Mile Repeats, 6x400s + 3x800s, 5x1K, 5 Cath Hill Sprints, and 6x800s. Plus a stoopid-hard workout at Orange Theory I had no idea how to include in my spreadsheet😛

Weather has been ok so far, nothing like last year. We did have a rough day, when it was 17 (feels like 5) and we were doing intervals. It was BRUTAL. but you know, those are the days you go out because after that 20s and 30s feel like Summer. We had a little blizzard (22 inches of snow in 1 day) but I was able to run the day before and the day after so no biggie. And the briddle path was back in just 10 days!

I have now 6 weeks to the United NYC Half Marathon and I am super pumped. I need a Half PR this year guys, it’s been 3 years! I am desperate. I also signed up for the New Jersey Half. Oh, and Brooklyn Half too. It’s coming. I promise. I can see it. I can almost taste it! I am sure it tastes like unicorns, and victory and clouds, and sunny and yes, pizza from Rome.

  • Total Miles: 132.
  • Races: Zero (unless you count the times I need to race to be on time to meet running friends!)
  • Ups: the weather is not 100% miserable. Lots of consistent training and cross training.
  • Downs: I am sick of wearing layers. My legs and my bun want out!
  • Balance: Good, on a patient waiting mode.

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Newport Liberty Half Marathon Race Report

Sunday I ran the Newport Liberty Half Marathon.

I didn’t win. If you’re still interested in reading, there’ll be a few “oh!”, “ah”, “wow” and “what?” in store. Obviously, let me backtrack first.


These past 3 weeks have been insane. Like, so busy, I have been barely able to shut my brain down to get some rest. I’ll share a lot of it soon, but it’s basically like having 4 full time jobs, and add the couple of health hicccups I have going on (my stomach is a problem, my gastroenterologist has me in a no-dairy, no-gluten diet and it hasn’t helped, plus the IDU is still giving me daily cramps and stuff) and you’d be exhausted. It’d take a week to tell you all that’s happened in the last 3! soon!

Anyway, to recap: I was exhausted, I overdid it on my mileage this past week (I also started coaching for NYRR a few nights a week and didn’t pay attention… it all adds up really quickly!!!), I barely had time to sleep and I couldn’t remember this week I had MY GOAL RACE.



Up at 5:30, leave the apt at 6:15 with Juan, my hot husband and Race Partner Extraordinaire, and meet Courtney by the 86th Street 4-5-6 train stop. ]

We saw a lot of Tune Up runners getting off the train. So funny to be going in the opposite direction.

Funnier, to see some people getting off the train at 86th and get on a cab to the start… when they’re about to run 18 miles. Early in the morning, everything is funny to me. Yes, I am one of those annoying people that don’t need coffee (but I do pass out at 8 pm!). Took the 4 (or 5) to Fulton, then the Path into NJ for two stops. We were there in no time. Too easy. Plus we got to walk through the Oculus, which is EMPTY on a Sunday at 6:45 am.


The path is about 1.5 blocks from the start and also race bib pick up. And there’s portapotties right in the middle, wohoooo! So in about 20 minutes we had peed, picked up our bibs, pinned them, peed again, and dropped our bag.


Don’t we look so friendly in the morning?

Soon we caught up with Hannah (another team mate) and JJ, and we headed for the start. We peed again, that’s THREE TIMES. Such a luxury. There was something special about those portapotties that didn’t smell bad (though they were SO dark!!!).

Juan left us, he had about an hour and half to run so he took of early, in the north direction, towards Hoboken, so I never saw him on his run! We had a little pow wow at the start, a guitar version of the Start Spangled Banner and we were off.


A note of the weather because everybody said it was really hot. I only remember that humidity was 84 or 85% but the weather wasn’t my biggest concern. Don’t ask me why.

7:20 was a PR pace for me. And I was going to try. Why NOT? So I told Courtney I’d start slower (Mile 1 was 7:30) Courtney was behind me for a bit but by the half mile we were running together. So happy about it.  The first few miles we had people around, and most of them kept passing me, actually. I made a mental note of most of them, because I know how this works…


Mile 2 or 3, where I saw Elaine Acosta and she snapped this one! Thanks Elaine. I see the clock behind us, that’s mile 2!! (no way I can run 3 miles in 14:58!)

The miles kept clicking and by mile 3 or 4, I had lost Courtney and my pace was back in the 7:20s. The crowds had also dissapeared. I’d have people here and there but we were all mostly in packs of 2 or 3 runners. By Mile 6 or 7 I felt like I needed a sugar pick me up so I took out m Gu and that didn’t work out well. My stomach became all knots and it wasn’t happy. I was having some weird cramping. Mile 7 and 8s were in the 8s, I felt myself slowing down and eventually my stomach stopped hurting. And of course, I then felt like I needed more energy. I decided I wasn’t going to have another gels as my stomach was not having them. I pulled out my caffeine kicker (two chocolate-covered espresso beans) thinking that’d be better than nothing, because you can’t really swallow those, so it wouldn’t upset my stomach more. Oh well. Not a good idea either.

My stomach was not having it. Even water was upsetting it. UGH.

The second half of the race (actually, miles 5 thru 9) goes through Liberty State Park, and at about 6.5 we turn a corner and the Statue of Liberty was right there!!! Like, so close I could touch it. Mile 11 and a half all the way to the finish are right on the water, with amazing views of Downtown Manhattan. The sights are incredible.

I kept trucking, I made a friend on the road who decided to keep me company (or pace me!?!?!?) for the last 5 miles. Anton (who I had never met before) and I run the whole last portion together, which I think saved me. It was very lonely at times, and it gets hard to keep the pace honest when you’re hurting. By mile 9 I knew I wasn’t going to PR but decided it’d be a good workout anyway, so why not fight hard til the end?

I was suffering and it wasn’t pretty but, did we really expect it not to hurt?


My new friend Anton and I on the last two miles. Thanks Elaine for cheering and the pics!

On the last half mile, Anton left, I saw Juan, and I knew I had to book it!


I don’t remember passing this fella at all. See how how spread out it was? Hi Juan! 300 meters to go!

We go around the bend, I see the finish line, 1:37 something, I cross the finish line, and I knew I needed water asap!


I am DONE for today! WHERE are my eggs????

I looked around for Courtney. No luck. I saw Juan, he snapped the pic above, we walk about 50 meters back to grab my bag while we keep an eye on the finish line for Courtney. I see her coming around the bend, Juan and I start cheering for her and she looks at me and goes “did you PR??”….!!!…!!!! WHAT! Girl is running her last 100 meters and asking ME if I PRed!??!? OMG< TOO CUTE!


Whippets Finish Line Reunion! From left, me, Courtney, Hannah, and Stephen! At least Stephen had a great race!


Stats Time!

Finish time: 1:37:49 Average Pace: 7:27

Previous PR: 1:36:03. From: March 2016

Age Grading:69.42%

Overall Place: 163 of 2548

Gender Place: 23 of 1149

Age Place: 5 of 146


Meanwhile, Juan had gone north to run his 12 miles

The post race spread was fantastic. they had these square bagels (are those really bagels????) and I NEVER touch a bagel but I ended up eating a whole one. They were delicious. Or I was ravenous. Or delirious. Who knows. I don’t even remember. I know I had about 5 cups of Gatorade (even though I also can’t stomach Gatorade) and chips. And a banana. They really had lots of delicious options.

newport10K newport jersey city 10K (10)Views by the finish line… not bad huh?
newport10K newport jersey city 10K (7)

oh, we went back through the Oculus again. It’s actually REALLY NICE, if this shaded NYorker can say so…




rdr, email me and pick a gift from that post!!!

Who raced this weekend???? Can’t wait to hear from you all!!!