Individualized Training Programs

Since obtaining USA Track and Field, Road Runners Club of America, and Biomechanics Coaching Certifications, I’ve been proud to Head Coach a few different teams -from Girls on the Run, to Apex, to Team Up! and the Lower East Side Club Marathon Teams- to name just a few, as well as many individual athletes.

I have extensive experience working with different types of athletes, and I focus primarily in solving running biomechanical issues, runners with a history of injuries, runners looking to BQ/OTQ or get faster in the marathon and half marathons, and master runners. My specialty is adjusting a plan as precisely as possible to make sure you get to your goals while keeping the training true to who you are, using your strengths and addressing your weaknesses as an athlete but also a human being!

Given my coaching workload, I am currently only accepting new clients on an individual basis or small groups of under 50, and if you’re committed, I’d would love to work with you! Whether you are local to the NYC area or live anywhere else in the world, I can definitely help you accomplish your running goals.

Training Programs 

Every runner is different and there is not one training plan that works for all of us. If you are looking for a training plan for a specific race and you are comfortable making the necessary adjustments as your training progresses, I will develop a program that is geared towards your personal goals and unique lifestyle – designed specifically for you and you alone. 

The plans includes:

  • Assessment of current training/injuries/races/mileage/workouts
  • Goal Setting. Decide on races, methodology, workload, time availability
  • Preparation of customized training plan with details on each workout (distance, pace, intervals, workout type, etc)
  • Availability for questions, support, and weekly training adjustment.

Plan Length Options

  • Long and Steady: Just come ready to have the training period of your life.
    • 18 weeks plan: $380
    • 20 weeks plan: $420
    • 22 weeks plan: $460
    • 24 weeks plan: $500
  • Quick and Rough: I will only take runners for these plans that have raced the goal distance at least once before, and have built a base already.
    • 16 weeks plan: $340- must have a base of approx 15 miles a week for the Half and 25 miles for the Full for the last 3 weeks right before the starting week.
    • 14 weeks plan: $320 – must have a base of approx 20 miles a week for the Half and 30 miles for the Full for the last 3 weeks right before the starting week.
    • 12 weeks plan: $300 – must have a base of approx 20 miles a week for the Half and 30 miles for the Full for the last 3 weeks right before the starting week

How It All Works

    • I’ll send you an initial questionnaire to understand your current fitness level, health/injury history, schedule, and your running goals. I’ll start building your program from there based on methodology, workload, time availability, etc. Plan will include all details on each workout (distance, pace, intervals, workout type, etc).
    • I’ll send you the plan on a google sheet for review and we’ll adjust based on concerns, vacations, work, performance, and training races.
    • During the training period you’ll add feedback through each run (if you want?!) and via comments on the sheet so I can evaluate in context. I will also adjust and “tweak” the plan as necessary every week based on how you are responding to the training and am always available for advice, guidance and support.

Add On: In-person training

For my athletes already engaged in one of the programs above and living in the NYC area, I have found that one-on-one in person sessions are sometimes quite valuable. For $100/hour we can get together at a mutually convenient time in Central Park to do the following:

  • a track workout for speed work guidance and support
  • run in which I run with you, at your pace and we discuss whatever is on your mind – racing prep, strategies and tips, hydration and nutrition, recovery, core training — it is up to you.
  • a private biomechanics session in which we go over specific strengthening and flexibility exercises based on your body’s imbalances and areas of weakness
  • For other NYC areas, please contact me for location and pricing.

No matter what coaching service you choose, I will do my absolute best to help you reach your goals! I am always available to answer any questions you have and will be here to give you whatever support you need. I would be honored and excited to be a part of your running journey!
Please contact me directly via email at [email protected] if you are interested in learning more about how I can help you accomplish your running goals.