Runner’s Feedback

“With running for about 5 years and racing for 3, I was thinking that I had a good background. But, I felt that I could improve to become more efficient and less injury sensitive.
Elizabeth helped me seeing my posture problems with the ‘before/after’ video. What I liked is that she explained to me why I should do this or that and what I should feel when running. She gave me a ton of easy exercises and drills to practice back home. You know what: it worked!!!
Thank you Elizabeth, I’m getting better. I PRed both half and marathon a few months after the session.”
I mean it: Thank you!” Jerome Delplanque
“Elizabeth, to be honest, i’m feeling pretty great right now. I have loved the program so far, I have never been pushed like this in a base-building phase. I’m very impressed with how every run has some kind of speed built into it and it makes so much sense, i would never have done mile repeats in the long run. 

The thing that really impressed me the most was the fact that out some basic questions you gave me, you could put together this program and pushed me without really knowing what I could really handle. I have loved the challenge. 

I’m really looking forward to continuing training with you as I’m very curious about what the training for the race will bring and what I can achieve once the holiday eating finally stops! haha. 
The only thing I miss is having that feedback you get from having group runs with your coach, but that was expected. Since this is my first time training with a remote coach overall it has been a lot better than I expected and I love the accountability of having to fill the google sheet. 
Anyway, thank you so much for helping improve my running!” Enrique Ramirez
“I really did enjoy the session. You were able to quickly digest the abundance of information I gave you and really pinpoint where I need help. Thank you!” Robin Poulos
“I finally got that BQ! I have no idea why I waited to so long to get a coach and a legit training plan. I learned a lot about how to pace each workout and how every different type of run prepares me for a different thing. I can’t thank Elizabeth enough, the racing part was the easiest!” Mark Freeman
“​I’ve ran casually for the last 2 – 3 years. My primary purpose for running was to stay in shape and keep my weight down. As I began to get in better shape, I started to run marathons and/or half-marathon 1 – 2 times per year. After every race I ran, I felt like I had more to offer, like I could have gone faster and/or trained better to run faster. I made a decision to take my training a little more seriously for this upcoming fall. With that said, I wanted to start fresh with working on my running form and started this process with a one on one biomechanics session with Elizabeth! Elizabeth exceeded my expectations! Such a great coach, great listener (which is important to me), very insightful, and to the point. She first wanted to understand what I wanted out of the session and what I wanted out of running and was thereafter able to complete her assessment which catered to what I told her. She observed me run about 50 meters 1 – 2 time and immediately had the ability to point out areas where I can improve my running form and additionally had suggested drills for me to practice on my own. Elizabeth was also very resourceful in giving me helpful tips on training programs, places in the city to run, races to sign up up for, the works! 
Additionally, Elizabeth was easily reachable, super responsive, and flexible. She was also very diligent in her follow up recap emails after our session which was very much so appreciated. I highly recommend any runner to sign-up for a one on one session, beginner runners all the way to advanced runners.” Sean Hill
“As a long time recreational runner who is just used to running whenever I want, I have been plagued by a number of injuries since hitting the big 40 a couple of years back. I found Elizabeth through the Dashing Whippets and had an intro session with her to help work out whether the problem was my home grown technique.  It was simply great – I found that she asked the “right questions” including ones I had not asked myself, very patient, a great listener and ultimately had some very practical advice. Its amazing what you can achieve in 45 minutes – small things and drills to help make me a better runner. I feel optimistic for the future and more confident in my running technique.” Kristine Benefield
“As a currently injured, former 15-20 mile per week runner, I had become discouraged with all the ups and downs of recovering from a knee injury that I had basically given up any hope on returning to running. That’s what led me to a coaching session with Elizabeth, as a last ditch effort before resigning myself to the elliptical trainer for life. That turned out to be a decision that I should have made long ago. Elizabeth is an excellent coach, and of course, she thoroughly and expertly covered the mechanics of running, what drills to work on, and how to improve my technique. But the most important thing she did was instill new confidence and hope in overcoming a knee injury and not just returning to my prior running capacity, but exceeding it. She did this by listening to my background and goals, relating her experience with injuries personally and as a coach, and creating a simple, common-sense plan for me to follow. If you’ve reached the end of your rope like I did with injuries and running, I highly recommend a session with Elizabeth. And even if you’re not injured, a session with her will benefit you and make you a better runner.” –Lucas M.
I could see the difference in one day. The comparisons you showed me really make sense and I could feel it during the race the next day! Whenever I started to feel tired I thought about the cadence and it got easier. So even after one day It worked. Now I am going to work on the drills you gave me.” –Emmanuelle Riess
“I found Elizabeth through the NY Running Store and in less than 24hrs mentioning my upcoming session to friends, a respected friend who has raced in many marathons coincidently worked with Elizabeth. I was thrilled because I was silently suffering with plantar fasciitis and discouraged by this injury before the upcoming marathon so finding a biomechanic solution was my only hope after all the physical therapy, meds, new shoes, running hiatus etc. In less than an hour with Elizabeth I learned drills, technique and immediately saw before and after results. Specifically-  relaxed/proper form, better center of gravity and speed and hope/ confidence my running days weren’t over. The next day I got a copy of my before and after videos, summarized assessment and homework. It’s been less than a week and with my doctor’s guidance I have increased my training and hopeful I can still achieve running this year’s NYC marathon. If you are an expert runner or novice, I highly recommend sessions with Elizabeth. The experience literally was transformational!” –Valerie Bugtai-Elias
“I signed up for a one-on-one biomechanics coaching session with the hopes of tweaking those little things in my form that are holding me back from being a more efficient, faster, and injury-free runner.  Well, the biomechanics coaching session showed me right off the bat that there was more than a little tweaking that needed to be done, apparently this is common, after all, who knows how they look when they run? I expected that it would take some time before I would see any improvements in my running form, but with Elizabeth’s coaching, by the end of my biomechanics session, my form had already noticeably improved. With the “homework” assigned to me at the end of my session, I’m confident that I will continue to make further improvements and become a better runner.”  —Linda Chan
“I loved the session! I love my new method of running… just practicing a few of the things I learned during my run in Central Park I noticed not only was my cadence higher with the same amount of exertion but my heart rate remained about the same as before even with the higher cadence…a true win-win outcome!!!” —Erik Malone
“I was trying to change my running biomechanics on my own but was not making any legitimate progress—which is why I consulted Elizabeth. Right away she was able to assess my weaknesses and what I was doing wrong. In just an hour she helped me gain a greater cognizance of proprioception and cadence while helping me rid my overstriding and heel striking and land more naturally under my center of gravity. I still have a lot of work to do, but Elizabeth provided a solid and incredibly helpful blueprint for my transition into natural running. I’m excited to implement the drills and exercises she provided and see my form and efficiency continue to improve. Highly recommended.” –David Gettis
“Changing running form can be tricky to do on your own without an expert eye to coach you along. Running form isn’t one size fits all and it’s amazing to have someone look at your individual body mechanics and make personalized recommendations just for you. Elizabeth’s coaching tips are simple but very effective — they’ve helped improve my running in a short time. Best of all, Elizabeth is just a nice fun person to work with. Biomechanics may not sound like a fun thing to work on, but Elizabeth’s sense of humor (coupled with her obvious passion for helping her clients make great strides in their running technique) makes the session at once challenging, rewarding and, yes, fun.” –Ian Landau
“Prior to meeting with Elizabeth, the last time I had anyone review my running technique was grade 12 gym, and that was 20 years ago (I will let you do the math). And what I found after a 60 minute review with Elizabeth is I should have done this sooner. I have been plagued with lower back and upper glute issues for the last seven or eight years and have tried a number things to figure out what is wrong how to fix it. After hearing what Elizabeth had to say and seeing on camera what I was actually doing, I better understand the issues with my technique and the physiological causes of the issues. After only one hour of drills, Elizabeth was able to help pinpoint weakness in my hamstrings, feet, quads and core. I have a lot of work to do but with Elizabeth’s help I believe I will finally be able to achieve level of fitness I have been looking for.” –Amir Sharif
“As a physician myself I have exhausted many paths to avoid the plague of running injuries.  Barefoot running with Elizabeth’s method just makes sense.  When I run barefoot and forefoot I feel so much less impact on my knees and back which have been weak points for me for years. I’m in.” –Sara Medunick
“Instant results! I was guessing around at how to change my running form and was still feeling pain. In one session with Elizabeth, she pinpointed my weaknesses and helped me understand what the proper form feels like so I’ll never forget it. Thanks for the training!” –Sean Rosenberg
“The session was very informative. The videos were great in highlighting the differences between before and after the drills. As for recommending Elizabeth, I’d say “Just do it”, she paid close attention to my form and was very good and thorough. The videos was my favorite part, they highlight the progress using simple exercises and barefoot running.” –Suchit Kaul
“As someone new to running, one of my main concerns was keeping injuries at bay because I knew how this would easily set me back from making running a regular part of my routine and from reaching my fitness goals. After a bit of research, the thought that proper running form doesn’t come as easily to people like myself who never ran for recreation, but actually had to be taught like any other sport or skill, resonated with me: running may be natural, but for many – it doesn’t always come naturally. I was unsure of whether I was actually running correctly. I was fortunate enough to come across Elizabeth’s website and took the plunge thinking that I better make sure I do this right, before I get stuck with bad habits. A personal session with Elizabeth is the best investment I’ve made in this sport thus far. She is a very warm, concerned, and experienced coach who made it very easy for me to improve my form, which has helped me run smoother and in a way that does keep injuries at bay. I would highly recommend her to both new and experienced runners!” –Patricia Borlongan
“Elizabeth was great! First, on the logistics: She was easy to reach, responsive, and flexible. On what matters most: the running advice was very helpful, practical, and made a direct difference on my form. The recommendations were shared in a way that allows for easy review with video and commentary. Now all I need to do is practice. I’ll be back to see how my work has paid off.” —Troy E.
“As a new runner, I have been suffering from aching knees after only running a couple of miles and that is when I decided to seek help. Taking the time to meet with Elizabeth was a great decision and immensely helped in improving my running technique.  She analysed my natural form using a camera and was able to break down my movements frame by frame to show me how and why I was heel striking. After this she taught me some exercises and techniques to shorten my stride and alter my gait so that I would not heel strike. I was then filmed again and the improvement was astounding despite the simple changes Elizabeth suggested I make. The session was fun and informative and Elizabeth is both friendly and smart and most importantly, genuinely interested in improving my level of comfort and health. She has a wealth of knowledge and regularly checks up on her clients to assess their progress after the session and answer any questions. Both my knees and I are grateful for Elizabeth and will be consulting her again in the future.” —Sara P.
“I had no idea how much I was missing on my runs after I had my session with Elizabeth. She helped me with my form and pace. Now, my shoulders feel more relaxed and my pace got significantly faster. I discovered that what works for others doesn’t necessarily work for me. And after researching online what I should or shouldn’t do, it just wasn’t working. Having Elizabeth evaluate me and tweak my running technique was the best thing I ever did to prevent injury and to improve runs for PRs! Elizabeth is very knowledgeable and so much fun to be around. She makes it look very easy and has a lot of patience, and the results were instant.” –Maricela GreaneyI highly recommend Elizabeth. I still practice the drills and lessons I learned from her. I used to be a heel striker but going through the analysis with her and seeing my form before and after on camera was a real eye opener. After going through some drills with her I could see almost instant improvement in form and speed. To me, Elizabeth is a runner’s dream coach as someone who runs a lot and is focused on improving like the rest of us. She is patient and encouraging and super inspiring. She is passionate about running but she is just as passionate in her desire to enhance everybody’s running. I am really looking forward to seeing progress in my form. —Kettia Ming.
“Elizabeth’s coaching was eye-opening and very easy to incorporate into my cross-training routine. Her tips and cues were very insightful and practical; because she’s a runner doing many miles and races a week, she has tried it all herself and knows how to apply it to a daily runner’s routine! I went from a heavy foot striking and overstriding pattern to a light and faster cadence in just a couple of sessions! I would recommend her (and have done so already!) to anyone who wants to stop the injuries, change their form, be more efficient and find a way to enjoy running more (oh, and get speedier!). The one-on-one attention I got was perfect as Elizabeth was very thorough and detailed on what I needed to do to run pain-free. The on-the-spot video analysis doesn’t lie, and you can see changes right away! She even demonstrated the drills herself and left me with no doubts on what I had to do next to perfect my form. It sounds magical, but it was really game-changing for me! ” — Florencia Duran Wald.
“I still refer back to the video Liz took of my running.  While analyzing the video, she gave me subtle but important tips on how to become more efficient and stay injury free. Knock on wood, I’m still injury free a year later, and I believe Liz has helped keep me this way.  At any age, injury prevention and biomechanics efficiency is what it’s all about!  It has been a very good ride since the session!” — Blaise Chow

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  5. Liz was amazing, as I knew she would be because I know her as an energetic, honest, warm, inspiring lady from my running team! On this front, she was super helpful and professional. First, she got back to me right away and was flexible with appointment times. Second, she eased my nerves from the beginning (and I was really nervous about being filmed)! Third, her “diagnosis” of the root of my issues was spot on… much better than any orthopedist or PT I have been to. The drills she gave me to do seemed intimating at first but when she broke them down to just 5-10 minutes at the end of the run, it made them seem less daunting. I am overeager to see an abrupt change in my form, stride, cadence, etc but she encouraged me that it takes time and that I would do harm by trying to change everything all at once. She obviously knows her biomechanics and is an inspiring and wise coach! I can’t wait to schedule more sessions!


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