Short Staten Island Half Update

WHAAAAAAAT!!!!! 1:37:38! THREE SECONDS OFF MY 2.5 years old PR!!!!! So close, but I really did not have those three seconds anywhere. I gave it my all and I am so happy about it!! And I was hoping for sub 1:40!!! Christine and I run together until about mile nine when I lost her and we kept saying how fast we were going. She was also looking to go at 1:40. I am going to blame the #rungum and Nick Symmonds! Wow. That hill at mile 9 1/2 was a killer though. And I miss coming back on the out and back where I see everybody. Great day to race today. Now I need some time off to rest my legs as they were seizing up in the last 4 miles and it hurt a lot 😣. Off to brunch at #Libertador. Great seeing you sooo many friends today!!!

More soon, I promise!

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