FEAR (or the lack of)

I don’t usually get scared. And I am now, finally, realizing this is a problem.

You know how there are people who feel no pain so they go about life injuring themselves constantly because they don’t get any warning signs that they’re about to get hurt badly?

Congenital insensitivity to pain, is a very rare condition and the few people who have this condition cannot feel any sort of pain. Sounds good, right? Wrong. What many people don’t realize is that this can be extremely dangerous.

I do feel pain. But by then it’s too late. The problem is, I get into too many of these situations because my issue is that I have no FEAR. None. I jump in if I want to. I never look to see if there is water.

And through all my life I thought it was a great thing. I was able to be relaxed and never stress. It makes you very fun. And it takes you to a lot places… I started running out of not wanting to be a heart patient; other people would have been scared. Not me!

When you’re not afraid of anything, you jump into all sorts of adventures, you don’t say no to anything, you are ready for anything… I’ve found myself in amazing places, just because I always followed my dreams and jumped in and never considered any risks.
Sounds good, right?
I’ve gotten in SO much trouble though… I’ve been in situations that would make you faint, or scream, or have your heart stop for a bit. 
Still, because I’ve been through ALL that, I always felt I could be ok doing more… I survived so far…
Still sounds good, right?
In the last week I found myself in two situations where I actually thought “what on earth was I thinking?” or “this was not a good idea”. 
Having no fear puts you in scary situations sometimes, even if still within my comfort zone. 
I am not saying I can or will change, but I notice now how some things should be thought through before jumping in. Being that I am a black or white type of person, I can’t imagine doing that though.
Still, zero regrets, and zero fear. Right?

FEAR (or the lack of)

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