Are we all this OCD about Running? (Maurizio Cattelan at the Guggenheim)

I had Monday off work so one of my best friends and I decided to hit the Maurizio Cattelan’s “ALL” exhibit at the Guggenheim’s. (How convenient, that’s my block!!!). Keep in mind, she’s a runner too.  

If you’ve been to the Guggenheim (or seen the building), you know you go up the sides of the spirals

As soon as we walk in, crazy convo #1.

– Would this count as cross training?

– Totally, it’s ALL uphill and because we’re walking so slow up for so long, we’re obviously burning the upcoming cupcake

People coming down are clogging the stairs. That inspired, crazy convo#2. 

– You know what’s wrong with this gym?

– This what?

– This, this… museum!

– HA. ok, what?

She went onto explain where a separate exit was needed… for strides maybe? for warm up?

A bit later, inspired by the art… crazy convo #3.

– You know what’d be OSOM???

– What? 

– If we could do hill work here! It’d be a bit slippery but it’d also be great to do downill practice to increase turnaround!! And it”s inside, which is fabulous on days like today! When there’s no people obviously!!

– There’s always people here!

– No, like, at night. They should have a runner’s night, twice a week. For hillwork.

I could keep listing these forever on an on…

Are we all like that? Do you also see ANYTHING and you can relate it to running?

I think sometimes I repress it a bit during the rest of the day (with the “normal” people) so I don’t look weird, so when my running friends and I get together we need to get it all out… Are we all OCD about your sport too? 

Oh, and there was the exhibit too, Enjoy!


Are we all this OCD about Running? (Maurizio Cattelan at the Guggenheim)

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