Adidas Grand Prix, Icahn Stadium

Last Friday I had a very busy day at work where I didn’t even remember to eat, even when I was racing a 10K the day after… and I get an email from the boyfriend “want to go to a track meet tomorrow?”. He was working too so brevity and lack of details is expected and normal. 

My thought process always goes something like this my life is busy and chaotic already that whatever it is I PROBABLY rather sleep. Still, despite my better judgement I always end up saying yes to a lot of stuff. Crazy, I know, It’s just that NYC is pretty fun…

I was getting up early Saturday to race, then I was coaching, then we’d have to stretch, eat, all that and be ready very early Sunday (4:30 am) for a 5K he wanted to place in. 

So I replied “let’s decide tomorrow”.

As soon as I saw the ticket on Saturday, I screamed. It is the freaking Adidas Grand Prix!!! NOT just some track meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, we’re SO going.

After the 10K, going to Team in Training’s victory party, shower, no rest or stretching, coaching, I was ready for a BIG nap, Headed to Icahn’s stadium in Randalls Island instead… 

OMG. SO much fun. This reinforces my (and Bieber’s) “Never Say Never” life motto. 

Kip, or Bernard Lagat as everyone seems to like to call him, doing his victory lap. I missed a bit of the race but he is always phenomenal!

Then the women’s 800!

Men 400, ooops, missed the race,I blinked… but here is the winner

And the women’s 200. DON’T BLINK!!!

the men’s 100

Then my favorite event, the Women’s 5000. AAAHHH

Scream with me, will you??!?!?!

And… we breathe… 

I still had to eat (had two powerbars during the races), stretch, recover a little and get ready for an early/busy/exciting Sunday. But just like the Bieber, remember, Never Say Never.

One exception: I’ll NEVER be as fast as these people. Needed to get that out of the way to avoid some more dissapointment.

Adidas Grand Prix, Icahn Stadium

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