Who Will Win? Guess my Finish Time in Berlin!

I promise I will bring something back for the Winner!
Whoever gets closer, wins, If there’s two identical times, the first poster wins! So it’d be better if you include seconds in there too.
Ok, some data…
Last 2 marathons:
– National Marathon, March 2011: 3:37:5something.
– NYCM, November, 2011: 3:59:something, didn’t train for it, just run the month before.
– Before that, most marathons I did were 3:42, 3:45, 3:45, 3:51 (my first one).
This year, 2 halfs, one in March in around 1:42, and one in May in around 1:43. Last race was the Mile at 6:02 this past weekend. And a 4 miler the weekend before at average pace 7:06.
And these are calculations I did before the mile, a week ago, to estimate the mile and the marathon time.
Mile and Marathon Finish Prediction Times based on Recent Races
4 Miler: 28:24, 7:06 pace
5K: 21:09, 6:49 pace
Mc Millan says:
Based on the 4 miler (28:24): Mile 6:16 – marathon: 3:33
Based on the 5K (21:09): Mile 6:04 – Marathon: 3:26
RunnersWorld says:
Based on the 4 miler (28:24): Mile 6:32 – marathon: 3:28
Based on the 5K (21:09): Mile 6:21 – Marathon: 3:22
GO ON! And make sure you post before race day or it won’t count!!!!

Who Will Win? Guess my Finish Time in Berlin!

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