The weirdest weekend

Where is everybody??!?!
Oh, so apparently this weekend was the “weekendwhereeveryoneandtheirmotherisracingandjeeezIamnot” boringness. Seriously, you all. Seriously. Luckily, I have a few non-runner friends who kept me entertained but, seriously… It’s like you all got together and dissapeared…
It was a bit awful, I am not gonna lie. You know how it is, once you’ve had an amazing marathon, or any race, and you just want to go out and keep running??
Well, I had the 5 weeks between Berlin and NYC planned: rest + base + hard + peak + rest…
And then I had the BRILLIANT THOUGHT on Friday: this might be my best NYCM EVER. Why you say?
1- I am great shape
2- My other NYCMs were kinda crappy:
2008. First marathon ever: went great, but positive splitted and it hurt
2009. Piriformis syndrome set in a week before the event. Couldn’t even walk that morning.
2010. Broken arm, torn rotator and two broken ribs two weeks before.
2011. 2 stress fractures kept me off running for 3 months until 3 weeks before the race.
So, in comparison to THAT, and if I play my cards right and rest and all that, it’d be BRILLIANT.don’t you think? I just have to figure out a way to not break/fracture any bones in the next 4 weeks… how do people do that? Ideas?!?!?!
Then, there went the planning. Friday I started having some chest pain, I got a bit scared, I am not gonna lie. Then the stoopid cough appeared. I think my immune system caught up with me… a beast of a marathon where I threw all I had, and then I waltzed around all Berlin for days and then the long flights and straight to work! Eventually, it all catches up with you…
Haven’t run this weekend, haven’t run since the marathon. It’s been a week. I feel strange.
And apparently. it’s 4 weeks to NYCM… FOUR! Every year, in October, I am finishing up my long runs, peaking, starting the taper, freaking out, getting excited, all that. This time… I am kinda done. All I gotta do is not mess up.

LESS is MORE post-its are up. 

The weirdest weekend

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