Hotel For Runners

I just came across a picture of a hotel in Vegas with all those fake buildings and weird stuff and had a great idea. I think someone with a ton of money should sponsor me and I’ll trademark it and you’ll all love it!

We’ll build a Hotel for Runners! And, how come no one thought of this? They have hotels for all kinds of types, but MY hotel is going to have:

  • A great location: close to a big forest with trails and a also a waterfront for pavement running with nice views (all with measured routes, mile markers, and Gatorade fountains)
  • A track around it to do your laps
  • A gym and a swimming pool for the cross training (with coaches for advice and yoga teachers for stretching)
  • An ICE dispenser in the tub
  • Ironman beds
  • Marathon stick, foam rollers and a mat for when you want to do the stretching in your room while you watch TV in you pajamas
  • Amenities in the bathroom: Vaseline (to avoid chafing!!), SPF and blisters protection, headbands, etc.
  • Mini fridge would have Gatorade, Muscle Milk and Sport Beans, plus all the other yummy stuff
  • A Spa with massage therapists, physical therapists, orthopedists, etc.
  • Races, every day, all the distances
  • Tons of pasta options in the menu. Plus, tons of protein too. So, basically EVERYTHING but really healthy.
  • movie theater, cause we’ll be too tired to do anything else.

I keep thinking and I keep coming up with more stuff!!! I think it’s a great idea, who’s in?

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