I am Back! and…NYC Half tomorrow!!!!

I got back from Italy a few days ago and I’ve been trying to catch up with my life. I haven’t been in the Loop in TWO weeks, this feels weird…Anyway, I didn’t get any running done while away, too busy eating gelato and pizza every 2 minutes, but I still had a great time!!! I did go running as soon as I dropped my bag at home, on very tired legs and without having slept in days, but it was amazing to see how much I missed it. I was just so happy to be running again, like a kid with a new toy! Nine days of not running and I was just ecstatic, I can’t even remember how I made it through 5 months of not running earlier this year!!! Oh, and here’s a couple of pictures from the trip, there’s more to come, but it is something for now!

blog post photo

blog post photo

Now, tomorrow is the NYC Half Marathon… and I am a bit scared. It’ll also be kind of hot, around 75 degrees. I have a plan and rule 1 is to stick to it, but this race is scary to me. I’ve done it every year but last year since they created it in 2006, it’s a great race: one full loop of Central Park (and bit extra), then Times Square through 7th Avenue, 42nd Street to the West side, and then all the way down south to Battery Park where it ends, it makes for an amazing course, even for someone who lives here!! It’s an exciting race, and I am so glad to be in it. And, a lot of my favorite runners are running too!! Ryan Hall, Deena Kastor, Paula Radcliffe, and so many more. It’s amazing, but for this weekend, NY is THE place to be, hands down!!! Now, if I could only relax a little… !!

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