NCYM: Not quite a RR

I am alive. I am not in the hospital. No freaking out necessary.

Actually, had the best race of my life. I wrote “boston” as my mantra, to remind myself to have another Boston, a race where I was relaxed and I had fun. THAT is exactly what happened. I run with joy (as Ryan Hall would say…). I had a great time running through my city and seeing all my friends all over the course (EVERYONE came out to see me!!!!). I never saw the wall. I never felt tired. I never walked. I never wanted to quit. I smiled and was happy the whole time. I was relaxed and I never felt like I was pushing. Somehow, my ribs decided to let me be today (or maybe it was all the phyten I was wearing…), but it was fantastic. It was just one of those days. MAGIC.




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