NYCRuns Brooklyn Half Marathon – Course Guide and Tips

Well, well, well, and that is totally how you start a post. Let’s try again: before I forget, there is a 55 seconds video here where you can see a lot the course looks like.

The NYC Runs Brooklyn Half Marathon is around the corner and given it’s the same exact course I run last year, let’s just put the basics on the motherfucking table. Lessssgo.

This is the official course information, with my directions in traffic lights colors:


Beautifuuuuuul, amirite??

and here is the elevation:

Here is the quick description:

Starts up with a half mile about 30 feet uphill, so let the crowded start help you hold back the excitement.

Pretty flat all the way to Mile 4

At about 4.3 you have a little bump of 20 feet, done by 4.5.

At 5.1 you climb about 90 feet, shouldn’t be a big deal either, it’s short. Then you have a bit longer downhill to enjoy.

You cruise and then you find the biggest hill of the course, starts around 7.1 and it’s about 120 feet up, you’ll feel this one.

After that, you have a few very little or very short climbs that, because of where they are on the course, you might not even notice. Basically, make sure you are ready for miles 7 to 8, so have a gel at 5 or 6. There is a hydration post at the 10K mark, which is a good place to reload and have time to process before the hill. The next hydration situation in ON the hill, and for some people like me (terrible stomachs and mouth breathers) that might be too late.

Other notes, with GORGEOUS visuals of last year’s course:

Questions? Who is racing it this year?

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