Your Running Descendants

We all have one, two, or a bunch of people in our lives who run because we told them to, or because we inspired them. Our running spawns.
Some move really fast onto full-on-I-am-a-runner-now mode and some need more TLC.

And like the Little Prince said, ““you are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”

Hereby adjusted to:

You are responsible, for some time, for what you have whipped into a runner.

Getting them started is the biggest single most important step, and you know you are in the way to changing their lives. There are the ones who take off at a sprint. And they do so well, maybe even better than us in no time that you get really happy for them (while you might still want to trip them!). They know their shoes, their types of run, they get a partner, finish a marathon, all within a year (like my friend Maricela). HOW did this happen?? It’s crazy when your spawns grow up so fast, but also so rewarding, and now they’re spreading the cult fast too. Mission Accomplished!

But then there is all the rest, who need more hand holding until they find their stride. Sometimes you really need to keep pushing them daily or weekly for them to keep at it. Of course everything has a limit and if it’s not their time, it’s not the right time. Still, I like to keep a list and make sure I check on them often, because, you never know what could be going on in their heads (“Would people even run when it’s this cold?” “I am so slow, what’s the point?”) and all these lame excuses could be resolved with just a two minute phone call and keep them on their way.

Don’t give up on them (unless it’s obvious they are sick of it!). Keep at it.

I think, as runners, there’s no bigger reward than that. Bigger than PRs, qualifiying times, piles  of races, awards and placings there is this; how many people you got to share this with. Keep a tally, and look at in on tired mornings when you lace up. Someone is always out there waiting to be converted.

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