Runners Can Look Weird…

(And I am sure it’s not just me….)

Long weekend, woke up, saw it was 16 degrees and I decided to skip my TNT Ironman Spin Session I was going to crash, and my teams Ice Skating trip and.. who am I kidding, I’ve been going non stop since I got back from Argentina, so today I decided to hide and hibernate. Though I am REALLY looking forward to watching Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes, he’s the FUNNIEST person on earth. 

So, I was cleaning up my apartment and I had a friend hanging out, and I had a bunch of stuff out I was organizing, and I had to start answering lots of questions about the weird stuff, such as…

Why does anyone need all these different colors of duct tape?

Why is there no food in your fridge but you have all these shiny bars?

Why is there no vegetables in the drawers but more shiny stuff? And why do you need so many of these?

Why do you need all these big chuncks of ice? Why the skinny rolls of ice and so many ice pads?

Where do you get all these shiny blankets, what are they for and why do you need so many?

Sometimes it sounded like teaching new words to a 2 year old… And don’t even get me started on the Torture Chamber section, or stuff I have in the bathroom, from k-tape to phyten dots, voltaren,  and the pills… pffft.

Anyway, what was the weirdest thing you had to explain?

Runners Can Look Weird…

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