What’s Hawaiian for Running?

I had a couple of free hours this weekend (though not much) and, instead of some very needed R&R or some waterside fun, I decided it was time to get lost! Every time!
So I grabbed my camera, my room key and my hat, sunproofed up and took off, not really knowing which way to go…
The first day on Waikiloa we had done a little run on the race course with the team and coaches for recon, so I obviously went the other way on my first solo run. Soon, I was out in the back of the resort, through a golf course, through their gorgeous “highway”, and by some of the most amazing views I’ve seen. And I’ve seen plently…
This was ridiculous.
Run 1:
The good thing is that you can take your shoes and enjoy the water anytime. Or, you can take your shoes and cool off and drinse the sweat. Any way you want to look at it, our sport is really conducive to jumping on the water at any time.
I was following a guy for a bit who started a bit more lost than I was, but I figured it’d be easier for me that he was up ahead. Soon I was waiving, and nodding, and alohaing runners everywhere. Or probably thriathlets. But… I never get to do this in NYC…! There’s just so many runners in NYC it’s impossible/impractical/exhausting to wave at people you don’t know… It was great! Three miles in I realize I am running without music, well that’s a first… I didn’t even notice!!
Run 2:
Run 3:
I saw weird squirrels that were super long (I know now they are something called mongoose, cute little yellow birds, dolphins, and the greenest/bluest ocean I’d seen… really, what else could you want from a couple of spare hours at work?

What’s Hawaiian for Running?

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