JFK to LAX to KONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Found a few minutes and I figured I’d write a little!
We’re on our way to Kona, Hawaii, to bring a group of around 60 Team in Training triathletes to compete in the Lavaman tri, on Sunday. There’s two coaches with us, and an unofficial one who is competing in the event. I brought a humongous bag with cheering supplies, Co2 cartridges, singlet decorating materials, and bike pumps. Everyone around me has pedals and helmets hanging from their backpacks and wetsuits in their possession, and everyone is clutching some sort of sports mix in their handhelds. We are a sight.
There’s talk of nutrition, hydration, and what’s that watch Elizabeth has. There’s another argentinian in the group. There’s the highest fundraiser in our group, also the highest fundraiser in the country! There’s lots of excitment really.
We’re getting to Hawaii tonight, after a long long day. We’re staying at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, a 25 acre complex which is kind of like a Disneyland with its own dolphin shows you can watch from your window and all. From tomorrow til race morning on Sunday, we’ll be doing runs, bike practice on the course (not me), open water swim practice (me so! there’s corals and all where the race is held, crazy right?!?!!), and Inspiration pasta party, bike unloading, transition area review, talk and tips with Dave Scott, our National Tri Head Coach (and Chrissie Wellington’s coach too!) and lots of fun events.
It’s a packed packed few days but hopefully I’ll have time to run to the beach, which is only a mile away, run all around (my motoactv has maps!) and, if not, I’ll run down to the fabulous pools we have. Not so shabby for a week of work!
I’ll still stay a couple of days after to use my comp time for the weekend. I love NYC like nothing else in the world and will miss all my loved one but… come on, it’s Hawaii. And I am hoping I get some serious sleep done, fingers crossed, it’ll definitely be at the beach. Too excited!!!

JFK to LAX to KONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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