Totals = Pathetic / Races Up Ahead

The last few days I kept seeing people totalling their April mileage.. and I thought when was the last time I looked at my monthly mileage???.

I couldn’t remember… !!

And there is a reason for that!!! Cause it’s RIDICULOUS!!!

Check out my monthly totals for this year…! (don’t laugh!)


Insane, right? This is last year (also, don’t laugh)

Yeah, I was doing well until I got injured on July 8th (yes, I had done already 36 miles in one week). And then went really downhilly from there for a bit. August it was really half a mile, but my log rounds up! Duh, it’s MY log! I still managed to do the marathon in November somehow, as slow as that was.

My new plan, starting back in January, was to keep the mileage low and work on speed. It seems to be paying off in getting me back where I was (given that I almost PRed at the NYC Half in March).

The specifics of the plan? Doing speed means just doing a few hills sprints every week, and low mileage means I have a limit of 25 a week.

My goal this year might be doing well at Berlin (in September) so I will have to start building up a base soon. Very soon. Maybe too soon for my taste. My next race is the Healthy Kidney, a 10k in Central Park in 10 days that usually kicks my butt. I am not expecting to PR. But then, I do the Brooklyn Half, in 18 days (followed by the ODDysey Half) and if all goes well, I would love to PR there. That will be the base number to base the Berlin training of. I really really want to do well. What can I do in 18 days to get super fast??!?! Is it too late? Mmmm, hand me that donut!

Totals = Pathetic / Races Up Ahead

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