NYRR’s Run As One – My second 4-miler in 7 days…

In my last post I had shared with you my “hardly a comeback” story of the 4 miler I did last Sunday. Having done no speed in a year, I was quite happy with the results:

Finish time: 29:18. Average Pace: 7:20 
Previous PR: 28.09. From: September 2009. 
Age Grading: 66.78%
Overall Place: 1019 of 7303
Gender Place: 122 of 3468 
Age Place: 22 of 588

But there was another 4 miler 7 days later, and I signed up at the last possible second, the way I like to do things.. My goal was going to be more rested (las week had been a complete mess, sleep and rest wise) and try to top myself, as I am still really far from where I was last year. Because you can really get that much faster in a week, of course. But other than sleep, I had no idea how I was going to do it. Last week I had pushed really hard, to the point of dry heaving even before the finish..

So I rested. I rested a lot this week. I probably hadn’t gotten this much rest since I was in my mom’s womb. I did just two tiny and slow runs in between the races and Saturday I took it super easy. The way life really should be. Met Kettia at noon to pick up our bibs, got an amazing brunch and, she can tell you, I ate every single crumb in my plate, her plate, and the table. I spent the rest of the day sleeping and lounging. I had earned this.

Sunday morning, the alarm goes off and I freak out. I missed the race!!!!!!! —- I hadn’t, but it was SO sunny out that it took a bit to calm down. Still 45 degrees, so shorts, singlets and let’s wear stooopid arm warmers just because I have stored them in my apartment for a year, though they weren’t necessary (are they ever?). Had some water, put a throwaway shirt on top of it all and headed out. I like not packing a bag so I can add a few more miles after the race and then run home, and I also can leave later as I go straight to the corral. But it means I get a bit chilly before the start… so I took the bus, run into my friend Daphne and we decided she’d join our post race miles.

I get to the corral and it’s a party. I run into EVERYONE. Like, literally everyone I know. It was hugs and good lucks and let’s get a pic and see you at the finish all over the red and blue corrals. Once we get moving this girl beside me says “how come everyone knows you? are you a celebrity or something?”. Haaa, right, I LIVE in this park!

We get moving. I remembered my splits from last week. 7:21, 7:10, 7:32, and 6:55. It’s so crowded in the first mile I am always scared I am going to trip, so I just focused in not breaking my nose for the first mile.

Can I get my hot chocolate and donuts now please?

Mile 1: 7:22. Ok, might be worth going out a couple of seconds slower. Just a bit later I get surprised with this sign:

Didn’t really get to read the whole thing, but smiled and kept going.I was bored. I did this same thing last week, what am I doing here?!?!?Mile 2: 7:15. Hm, now I am 7 seconds behind last week. I felt out of energy. Apparently eating chocolate all night doesn’t do it. Why, oh why, do I ever skip my nutella ritual, huh???

Turn around the corner of the transverse, up and down a few hills, and I see this sign.

Haaaa, I laughed for half a mile. Mile 3: 7:34, got 3 seconds back!!! Kept laughing. I loved it. And I noticed I was less than half a mile from the Finish. Ooooops. And I barely cared. Ooooops too. I remembered how last week it was hard to contain my desperation to start sprinting, and I obviously had started way too early as I was dry-heaving before the finish; but this time, meh. I was totally uninspired. I had already done the hard work, why was I doing this again!?!?! 100 meter before the finish I started screaming. For some random reason, I broke out my war cry. The one I use up on a race going up a hill. It scares people. I screamed for a few seconds. A team mate started chuckling, but all of a sudden I had broken into an insane sprint and was passing people left and right. It was BRUTAL. I psyched myself out with just mind games. It was late, but it was somethingMile 4: 7:05

This was right by the finish, this is how sprinting and screaming at the same time can be amusing!

I finished in 29:20, two seconds slower than last week, same pace of 7:20 but way easier in the legs and the brain, though more boring too.

Run as One – Finish stats:
Finish time: 29:20. Average Pace: 7:20 
Previous PR: 28.09. From: September 2009. 
Age Grading: 66.73%
Overall Place: 1150 of 8349
Gender Place: 122 of 4149
Age Place: 15 of 657

After the race I was wondering why on earth did I sign up to do this race. And you know me, I always think there is a reason for everything. Besides the hot chocolate, chocolate muffins, and all the stuff I was delighted with after the race, I also got this this morning:
We all get medals from NYRR for placing in the top 3 teams. 
So, I guess I helped with that and got another medal for my collection!

Next: will hopefully be pacing a friend (you know who!) and cheering at the NJ Marathon and Half next weekend!!! Can’t wait!

NYRR’s Run As One – My second 4-miler in 7 days…

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