NYRR Scotland 10k in Central Park was… well… Scottish!

I really wanted to race this (and get an overdue 10k PR but decided to not be stoopid and to just keep training. Run out of bed to cheer before our long run…

Wake up and scream faces!!


The leaders


Then the fun began…









straight from the race to a nice afternoon beach stroll too outfit




my favorite! he juggles balls all throughout the race (every race!). Actually, this guy below might be my favorite for this one time…


hope you all had amazing races!! have a great weekend!


7 thoughts on “NYRR Scotland 10k in Central Park was… well… Scottish!

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  2. You got to see the “joggler”! I was running beside him for a while at the NYC Half. It was my first time in a New York race (my first time ever in New York actually) so I was unaware he was a regular until a couple of people commented on him when I mentioned him in my blog. One person said she always considers seeing him good luck, and sure enough I had my best half that day 🙂


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