2013. A LOT of stuff. Amazing Year!



The 2012 background notes and numbers:  My 2012 Best Practices Official List / my weird 2012 numbers and notes, but onto 2013, BEST YEAR EVER: Well, I met a guy in Argentina, in a race, San Silvestre 8K – a race to end 2012, in Buenos Aires (and a tour for you!), came back to the States after my holidays vacation and soon got dispatched to Bermuda, for work. I run a bit, Running in Bermuda, but mostly chronicled the Bermuda Triangle: Racing all over BermudaRacing all Over Bermuda, part deux.


I got too busy to run: LAME I’ve been a wimp! but soon had some excitement Millrose Games 2013: rain of records! where I also met Nick. Symmonds. Other: Letting Go


Well, I had to try to run and eat hot dogs, right? NY Rogue Runner’s Hot Dog Challenge Report: Don’t bite off more than you can chew… Maybe not my best moment… I also did my My first HASH RUN! Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore! Oh, and I changed jobs!!! some major news! Then onto the goal race: NYC Half 2013: Biggest “FINALLY” ever!, what a fantastic day!! I finally started this, my own blog outside of Runners World Moving on from my RW blog after over 4 years: NOT EASY and it created some backlash Social Media: how it can break your heart.  Then, on the day of my birthday,  I did a half marathon, what my new 38s looks like it wasn’t fast but it was FUN AllState13.1New York Bday Race Report! + the most RIDIC tutu pics EVER and more pics: And these are better. Other: My (Running) “Karmic” System / To practice pacing or to suicide-pace and drop, that’s the question / What’s your favorite Running Movie? You won’t guess mine / What makes you a runner?


Did a little bit of spectating A very racy weekend without racing (Scotland Run and Colon Cancer), more pics NYRR Scotland 10k in Central Park was… well… Scottish! Then Boston happened: No Fear. Wrote about my crazy food habits and MY Food Pyramid (this runner’s food pyramid) and got new shoes to review: My new pups: Mizuno Wave Sayonara. And… another race! NYRR Run as One – 4 miler – Race Report and got a Huge PR! Other: You’re a NYC runner if… / Marathon Packing List / Boston Marathon Race Strategy / What IF… / You know you are a runner when… / You know you are a runner when… part 2 / You know you are a runner when… part 3


Another month, another race, and a 1st in my AG: Race Report: Bronx Community College, 35th Annual Hall of Fame 10K & 5K Runs. Video Running Form: top 10 at Healthy Kidney’s 10k in Central Park and and then, there was Meb. Went to the Charities Appreciation Lunch and Matt Long was there. And… I am Women’s Running Blogger on the Run! Another race: Brooklyn Half done! which was a bit of a bust: Race Report: NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon. And I FELL, first time this year: Another one bites the dust, part 836283. Other: Become Your Dream  /How to piss off EVERY non-Runner! / For all of you who have dangling keys on the run… or friends with dangling keys…


Celebrated what I was happy about on National Running Day! and there were pictures of our fun outing some NRD pics. I raced the NYRR Oakley Mini 10K, and maybe Desiree Davila paced me? but mostly, it was a fun team day! Team Volunteered at the New York JPMorgan Corporate Challenge / Volunteering / what to do at a water stop. Decided to cheer in a bikini, again, plus more pictures NYRR Portugal Day – Cheering in a bikini, a year later! I wonder, Do we always need goals?  probably because of my Complete Lack of Motivation. then, boom WON MY AGE GROUP!! NYRR Giants Run of Champions 5K #runofchampions5K and the full report: Race Report: NYRR Giants Run of Champions 5K oh, and got a gift… how cool is this? – NYRR Giants Run of Champions 5K. One of my most favorite posts ever: I choose NOT to be a better runner. And then, what you all asked about: 6 months later, what you’ve been waiting for: not another running love story. A guide to train: Running Drills for Better Form, Speed, Explosiveness, and Efficiency. DO IT. Plus the funnest series ever: My Most Embarrassing Running Moment: Lauren Fleshman / My Most Embarrassing Running Moment: Bart Yasso / My Most Embarrassing Running Moment: Molly Pritz / My Most Embarrassing Running Moment: Kara Goucher


We went to Philly: and took pics on the Run. But, really I like Running in my City. Really; I like to run. Then, I stole a new motto. I cheered at the NYC Triathlon 2013 and oh the horror, I made a fool of myself at the New York Rogue Runners’ 2nd Annual Dizzy Bat Race – funniest thing you’ll see. Plus, there was a movie: WORLD PREMIERE: NY Rogue Runners’ 2nd Annual Dizzy Bat Race movie. Then, just like that, it all stopped abruptly: I went to the ER and all I got was this lousy non-running week!! which would turn into… months!


I was told it was GERD – and it was awful. I tried running on that, Twelve miles of GERD but it was also awful. Finally: I got an endoscopy and a different diagnosis: AN ULCER. Too bad also it was the best week to run through the city: Summer Streets in NYC. And, are we all ocd? running = hypochondria and a cute post: His and Hers – Running StyleOh, and I got engaged: running style: A Running Engagement


10 days after the engagement, we did nice Engagement Pictures in Central Park and a day later we would get married, pictures of the event: A PR Wedding! Signed up for in Boston! + Boston? Met up Bill Rodgers and Frank Shorter! and we got along pretty well! Tried to do what would me my only long run for NYCM on the Harlem Hills. Soon, 17 days after our City Hall day, we had our Our Central Park Wedding Ceremony. And the day after: NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile – the Wedding Version. Most Creative Wedding Present EVEROf course, there was more: NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile – The Pros, and more running: TEN loops of Harlem Hills in my long run!!


So, I got a little obsessed: Jenny Simpson’s abs. Debated about the present, The Way Things Change. Did a half, Race Report: NYRR Grete’s Great Gallop (13.1). Realized that My NYC Marathon is Always a MegaMess. And I fell AGAIN: They were right: Running IS bad for you!!!  Plus this: New York City Marathon Tips, Course Strategy and Info! Oh, and my leg was spasmodic, diagnosed as A labral tear!


I got pics at the New York City Marathon Expo and at the Media Tent, New York City Marathon Media and Elite Runners, and the Winners! Plus, I had a nasty nasty race, but lots of pictures and lessons to learn from part 1, and part 2. Met Sarah Reinersten at the NYRR Charity Breakfast. Oh, and I became a US Citizen plus the hubs run(rocked!) his first ultra, the Knickerbocker 60K. I was also chosen one of the 20 most inspirational runners in the US by dailyburn


I went to Argentina, and run around a lot in Mar del Plata. As soon as I came back I did a snowy NYRR’s Ted Corbitt 15K . Lost all running mojo Happiness is Your Biggest Enemy and did end of year NYRR Midnight Run to cap this amazing year!

and this fun video!

What were the highlights of YOUR year????  Happy 2014!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “2013. A LOT of stuff. Amazing Year!

  1. Wonderful year! So happy that life was kind to you in many NRR ways, even if some of the running-health wasn’t as good. Have a great 2014!
    Highlights of my year? Introducing my husband to racing and also getting to race with him, listening to my kindergartner read for the first time (very recently), and finishing my first marathon in December.


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