New York City Marathon, ferry or bus?

If you still have a to decide, here’s how:

Short answer (if you’re lazy): FERRY.

Long answer (you can figure this out): below


Leaves from: Staten Island Ferry Terminal in battery park, you can take a few train lines there. Do not worry about having to take take train there. just buy a 2.75 metrocard the day before, and head out, you’ll see TONS of runners you can just follow, I swear.

How it works: the terminal gets crowded, but most people will fit on the next ferry, they’re big. Not much stress.

Fun: the views are amazing, staten island liberty and downtown manhatttan. the energy on the ferry is AMAZING.

Toilets/food on board: yes toilets, no food, but there’s a few little stands in the terminal. Toilets in the terminal on the NYC side will have lines. Get to the ones on the SI side as soon as you off board (a right, and another right

Extra: it’s easier to meet friends, at each of the two terminals, or even on the ferry. Has outdoor and indoor. Can walk around. No traffic. There’ll be a very short bus ride from the ferry to the start, like under 2 miles. tons of seating.


Leaves from: NYC Public Library on 5th Avenue and 42nd st, so close to a lot of midtown hotels.

How it works: long lines, can be chaotic. very hard to find people.

Fun: meh, but you get to ride on the Verrazano!

Toilets/food on board: one toilet in the back (if it’s working), it’s like a regular greyhound, no food, can get warm (and stinky).

Extra: traffic can really mess you up and drive you insane (if you’re anxious like me). If the one bathroom is not working, you can get screwed. People are super close to you, might annoy you or if you want to sleep or just chill. No walking around. you might not get to sit with your friend if it gets full, and/or you might have to sit with someone with smelly food. might be worth it if you’re staying very close to 42nd.


For a LOT more info, check the New York City Marathon Tips, Course Strategy and Info! post


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